Online Game: The King Of The New World Chapter 781

Chapter 781: Finale 9

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"You... why are you here?" Xu You, who was dressed in red, and his women were shocked.

"Sister Ruohua, Xiao Xia!" Yu Ling yelled in surprise, and ran to the two of them. Bauhinia hurried over when they saw this. They never thought that they would meet Ruohua and Dongxia again. Look like.

Seeing this scene, Xu You's mother Li Yun frowned fnn and asked: "They are shme people, how did they crash the villa door? The security guards in the villa area are doing shme?"

Xue Wuhen of pngbin replied with a weird look: "Mom, these two women are your son's old lovers. I'm afraid this time I am here to grab a marriage." "The novel chapter is updated fastest."

"Shme?" Li Yun was stunned. He scanned the daughter-in-laws who were all wearing red traditional skirts, and found that their expressions were different, but they were all very weird. Is that really going to happen?

But Xu You calmly said: "Nonsense, you are waiting here, I will deal with this matter." After that, Xu You went out.

Hua Ruoxin and Dongxia, who had chatted with Bauhinia and Yu Ling a little later, saw Xu You approaching, and they all set their eyes on Xu You, her body tightened slightly, but Xu You met their gazes and went straight from the two women. Passing by, the two women trembled.

"You You (Brother Xu You)..." Bauhinia and Yu Ling both yelled anxiously, but Xu Youtang, if unheard of, went all the way to the policemen who followed Hua Ruoxin into the worry-free villa.

"You can withdraw." Xu You raised his brows and said lightly.

"Mr. Xu..." The leading middle-aged police officer couldn't help but become anxious. The Mercedes-Benz started racing after entering W city, speeding by more than 200%. Although it did not cause a major traffic accident, there were still local small-scale accidents and chaos. Quite a few, and these two dangerous elements directly broke into Xu You's villa, rgu just evacuated, and the blame came on him, and he had to take off his police uniform.

"No gunx, I will explain this to your boss. Today is a very important day for me. Please leave quickly." Middle-aged police officer Xu You zhdo was scrupulous about shme, his tone became impatient stand up.

The middle-aged police officer heard Xu Yous displeasure, and his heart trembled, and mshng greeted his subordinates to evacuate. In fact, he received Xu Yous assurance that he could leave with peace of mind. As for that Mercedes-Benz, forget it, listen. In the case of the younger brother, zhdo is not an easy master, and he seems to know Xu You, so he should leave quickly, otherwise Xu You, who is wearing a red festive costume, will be furious and he will also be dismissed.

So, within 1 minute, the door of Wuyou Villa returned to calm. Xu You called the temporarily hired housekeeper and told him to fix the door as soon as possible, and then walked back to Hua Ruoxin and Dongxia. Scan the two women.

Usually at home, or with zj women's relatives and friends, Xu You is very approachable. However, once Xu You becomes serious and serious, the majesty and imposing manner that ordinary people have cultivated as a dream boss for 3 years is not comparable to ordinary people. , Even the well-informed Hua Ruoxin felt the pressure from Xu You, let alone younger Dong Xia.

"You two get in the car, I will take you to the garage and park your car, Bauhinia, Xiaoling, you go back to the house first." Xu You trn ordered.

Hearing this, Bauhinia and Yu Ling glanced at each other, then looked at Hua Ruoxin and Dongxia, then nodded and returned to the house obediently, but Hua Ruoxin and Dongxia had to return to the Mercedes-Benz and let Xu You drive. Take them to the garage.

Xu Yous garage was not big, but not too small. There were all kinds of famous cars. After Hua Ruoxins Mercedes-Benz was parked in one of the vacant spaces, Xu You got out of the car without saying a word, and then signaled the two women to also get off. .

At this time, Xu You, a miyu in the garage, can have a good talk with the two women. Hua Ruoxin and Dongxia also zhdo Xu You want to talk to them in private, so they obeyed and got off the car, looking at Xu You a little nervously. The momentum to kill has completely disappeared.

"I said, you two came in this way, shouldn't it be to congratulate Bauhinia and Xiao Ling on my marriage?" Xu You asked calmly.

"...Yes." After a long pause, Hua Ruoxin replied.

"Then your purpose is shme?"

"You! Are you really or not?" Dongxia asked angrily.

Hearing that, Xu You looked at Dongxia and said with a faint smile: "You still have this temperament, you ask me if I understand, sorry, I really dont understand, I dont zhdo you smashed my door, privately Do you want to be shme after breaking in?"

"I, I..." Dongxia suddenly lost his temper when she heard it. She drove the car. At that time, she wanted to hurry to Xu You's villa. The behavior of "breaking into residential houses" also destroyed the door of Xu You's house. Judging from this, Dongxia and Xia are the ones who are in the wrong anyway.

But Dongxia couldn't speak, but Hua Ruoxin stepped forward and said to Xu You: "We are here to ask for an answer."

"Answer? Shme's answer?" Xu You asked coldly, holding his arms.

Seeing Xu You's indifferent appearance, Hua Ruoxin's plain temper couldn't help feeling a little sullen, and her tone became heavier and asked: "Would you like to run away after eating? I hope you can be responsible to us. "

"Star Hua, what are you talking about shme? Did I do anything shme to you?" Xu You laughed playfully, making Hua Ruoxin and Dongxia both fnn.

But Dongxia retorted silently. Xu You really didnt do shme things to her. At most, his eyes took advantage of it. But Hua Ruoxin was different. The big star said coldly, "Xu You, more than 3 years ago. Its yours, do you want to deny it?"

"Oh? Are you saying that Bauhinia and I were rescued after being designed by the inscription of the holy light? You saved me?" Xu You heard the expression of miyushme, as if he had expected yyng, and asked playfully.

Hua Ruoxin frowned, and finally nodded. It's useless to be shy now. It was her who saved Xu You back then, but she only admitted it at the time.

"But, before I left the game 3 years ago, I asked you if it was you and your answer was no. Why do you say yes now?" Xu You asked amusedly.

"I..." This time it was Hua Ruoxin's turn to be speechless. Xu You did find her alone and asked her directly about it. But Xu You trn asked her, how could she admit it embarrassingly? She was shy and denied it. As a result, Xu You disappeared since then, and it was too late to regret. After three years of calm and thinking, Hua Ruoxin finally figured out that happiness needs to be striving for and grasping, so she didnt find it. Come here with the Dongxia that Xu You forgot.

"Xu You, why are you nme stupid? You asked nme directly at the time, and no one would admit it." Dongxia couldn't stand it, and then interrupted. She had zhdo Hua Ruoxin and Xu You a long time ago. .

However, Xu You looked directly at Hua Ruoxin and said: "I asked you that question very seriously at the time. I hope you can answer me truthfully. But you miyu, shhu can change many things from the heart, but some things Once you miss it, you will miss it forever and you can't recover it."

After Hua Ruoxin heard this, she shook her whole body and took two steps back unconsciously. Her expression became depressed. Dongxia was anxious when she saw it, and wanted to question Xu You, but Xu You turned her head and said to Dongxia, "You too, I also talked to you at that time, and I asked if you would like to come to Dream and work with me. I dont know what I mean, but in the end your choice is rejection."

"I...I only got mngbi later." Dongxia also became depressed. Her shhu saw that Yu Ling was getting better with Xu You, and she felt a very tasty and uncomfortable gnjio in her heart, so Xu You asked her to talk to shhu. , Her attitude was very bad, and she didn't think carefully about the meaning of Xu You's invitation to work with her in Dream, so she refused. In fact, it was Xu You's willingness to get along with her to cultivate feelings.

Looking at the two women, Xu You said with emotion: "So, I gave you a chance, and I also gave you a chance. At that time, I had a certain affection for you, rgu can get along well... Oh, in this world, miyurgu, Three years have passed, how much do you think I have left for your gnjio?"

After hearing Xu You's words, Hua Ruoxin and Dongxia were deeply desperate. Could it be that they really have no relationship with Xu You? They obviously worked hard and took the initiative, why is Xu You still so unfeeling?

Can't help it anymore, the two women closed their eyes, but crystal tears flashed at the corners of their eyes. How not sad to get such an ending.

Suddenly, they found that the tears she shed were wiped away, and they opened their eyes abruptly. What they saw was Xu You's gentle smiling face, and it was Xu You who wiped the tears for them.

"I haven't finished my words yet, why do you put on a heartbroken expression?" Xu You blinked at the two women and asked narrowly.

"Huh?" The two women looked at them, suddenly lost.

Upon seeing this, Xu Youcai said seriously: "You didn't answer my question, then I will tell you the answer. It has been three years, and my gnjio to you has not decreased but increased. I often think of the fact that I am not surprised. Ruohua, who is very indifferent to everyone and things, also thinks of that spicy gdng, the little pepper that often quarrels with me..."

"Ah!!!" Hua Ruoxin and Dongxia couldn't help covering their mouths, dare to feel that Xu You was playing tricks on them?

"Maybe you will ask me, I will not find you for shme, because I am zhdo, you will definitely come to me today... Well, about this matter, I must mention, Miss Hua, you have been'buying "My Xiao Wu, thinking I am not zhdo? Don't hide, come in, my good Xiao Wu." At the end, Xu You's tone became mocking.

The situation suddenly changed. Hearing Xu You's "calling the name", Qing Wu walked in from the garage with a sad face, and said apologetically to Xu You: "I zhdo is wrong, Brother Xu You, can you forgive me?"

It turns out that Qingwu has always been in contact with Hua Ruoxin. The so-called day-to-day defense is difficult to prevent against house thief. With the "internal response" of Qingwu, it is no wonder that Hua Ruoxin will zhdo today is a happy day for Xu You and his women.

Of course, the courageous Qing Wu seldom helped Hua Ruoxin talk to Dongxia, for fear of showing off her feet. What was unexpected was that Xu You understood all this, which made Qing Wu frightened.

Seeing Qing Wu in a red wedding dress, Hua Ruoxin was envious in her heart, but now she is not the envious shhu, and quickly said to Xu You who seemed to be angry: "Xu You, don't blame Xiao Wu, this is all mine. Mind, Xiao Wu was forced by me, don't blame her."

"After today, Xiao Wu will be my wife, and naturally I will not blame her." Xu You said lightly, making Qing Wu relieved, but then looked at Xu with an anxious and worried expression. You, Hua Ruoxin, and Dong Xia, things are over, she cant help shme anymore.

And Hua Ruoxin and Dongxia also heard the overtones in Xu You's words, and Dongxia couldn't help asking, "What about us?"

The atmosphere was good just now~wuxiaworld.online~ Dongxia thought that Xu You was going to accept the two of them, but she did not expect her sister Ruohua to collude with Qingwu. This hoxing made Xu You very angry, and everything was hard to say about nme. Although she is not zhdo in this matter, she and Hua Ruoxin are grasshoppers on the same rope, rgu Xu You will not accept Hua Ruoxin, nor will she accept her.

"As for you..." Xu You paused for a long time, causing Hua Ruoxin and Dongxia to lift their hearts into their throats, and even the nearby Qing Wu clenched their fists nervously.

As a result, Xu You suddenly turned his head and shouted to the outside of the garage: "Come in."

Hearing Xu You's voice, another person walked in outside the garage, a maid, and the maid was holding a wedding dress in each hand, exactly the kind that Qing Wu and all the women of Xu You wear today.

"I changed it all, you wasted 3 years, so you will be fined to spend the next 3 years with me, okay?" Xu You took the wedding dress from the servant, and walked to Hua Ruoxin and Dongxia , Asked softly.

"Okay!" At this moment, Hua Ruoxin and Dongxia finally couldn't help crying, but their cries were full of surprise and happiness, Xu You accepted them!

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