Online Game: The King Of The New World Chapter 782

Chapter 782: Finale Final

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On January 1, 2229, Worry-Free Villa.

In an instant it was another year, and it was a whole year. On this day, Wuyou Villa was dressed up very festively, because this was the first wedding anniversary of Xu You and his wife. If there are many wives, they get married on the same day. The advantage is here. Anniversaries can be celebrated together, and this day has also become a special holiday for the Xu family. No matter how busy it is, everyone will come back to meet.

On the second floor of the villa, the rooms of Qing Wu and Zhao Chen opened at the same time, and the two girls, Qing Wu and Zhao Chen, walked out of the room when they just met Bing Ying who called them.

"Sister Ying, why are you here? By the way, is Sister Ruoxin back?" The net did not jump. Seeing Zhang Meisha, Qing Wu quickly took Bing Ying's hand and asked happily.

"It's almost done. You two just got out of the game, right? You guys have a lot of words on the Internet. After playing time, you don't even eat lunch. Be careful, sister Xueer knows that she is going to scold you again. Go eat. I help you warm up." Bing Ying said with a smile.

"Okay, thank Sister Xiaoying, right, what about the other sisters?" Zhao Chen stuck his tongue out. She and Qing Wu just went to play a 120-level OSS with Bauhinia Rose. It was very difficult, so the time was delayed.

"They are all playing with Xiaozhi and Feifei on the top floor? There are a lot of words on the Internet." Bingying was not sure, and the Worry-Free Villa was too big.

"Oh! Then we will go upstairs after we have eaten." Zhao Chen excitedly pulled Qing Wu downstairs to solve the food and clothing problem. Seeing how the two women were up and down, Bing Ying couldn't help but shook her head, thinking about these two. The girl is like Xu You back then, a game mad.

But when Zhao Chen and Qing Wu were going to eat, Zhao Xi ran into Mu Yurou's room. Zhao Xi asked for leave from school the day before yesterday, both for her birthday and her wedding anniversary.

"Xiao Xi? Do you have anything to do with me?" The net did not jump. Mu Yurou couldn't help but smile when she saw Zhao Xi. She was about to run to the top floor to join everyone, but Zhao Xi came.

"It's something." Zhao Xi nodded sheepishly, a pair of eyes wandering around Mu Yurou's body. At this time, Mu Yurou was wearing a cute brown bear hat, her upper body was wearing a pink sweater, and her lower body was White five-point pants, flesh-colored pantyhose and white fashion warm snow boots, without losing temperature and grace.

"Oh, then Xiaoxi, please tell me, Sister Yurou will help you if you have anything...what, is there a problem with me?" The net did not jump. After Mu Yurou heard that Zhao Xi said something had happened, she pulled Zhao Xi to sit by the bed, only to find that Zhao Xi had been looking at her up and down.

"No." Zhao Xi shook her head first, and then intermittently said: "Sister Yurou, can you...can, uh, can you teach me... how to dress up?"

"Dress up?" Mu Yurou didn't understand when she heard it, Zhao Xi had to blush and add, "It's how to match clothes."

"Oh!" When Mu Yurou heard it, she immediately understood what Zhao Xi meant, and couldn't help but ask narrowly: "Of course it's okay, but Xiao Xi, please answer my two questions first. One is that you are so beautiful. Sister, why do you want me to teach you? Second, why do you learn to dress up?"

When Zhao Xi heard Mu Yurou's willingness to teach her, she was happy and forgot to be shy: "Because Sister Yurou, you are the best at dressing up. Even in winter, you can wear sexy. I just want to talk to Sister Yurou. Ask about this, so that Brother Xu You likes me more." Even if he gets married, most of Xu You's women don't change their words very much. How Xu You was called before is still the same now.

"So that's the case." Mu Yurou was very happy to get Zhao Xi's approval in terms of dressing taste, but after hearing Zhao Xi's answer to the second question, Mu Yurou smiled, and it seems that Zhao Xi has also learned." Fight for favor".

"Then Sister Yurou, come to my room. I brought back a lot of clothes, but I don't know which one to wear. I will go to the top floor later. The weather is so cold. I have to change my clothes." Zhao Xi quickly pulled Mu Yurou towards Ran to her room.

On the way to Zhao Xis room, Mu Yurou looked at Zhao Xi, who was wearing a light green dress in front of him, and thought: "Silly Xiaoxi, do you know that in the eyes of your brother Xu You, the most pure and natural dress , Is the sexiest, no matter how we wear it, it cant match your youthful vigor."


There is still 10 kilometers away from Wuyou Villa, a sports car is speeding.

"Sister Bauhinia, do you want me to drive? There are a lot of words on the Internet." Dongxia retracted her upper body from the sunroof of the car, and asked anxiously. The window was open and the messy wind made her short hair messy. But it does not reduce the "handsome" of winter and summer.

"No, it's not far, Xiaoxia, don't worry, it's only halfway through today. It's not late. We all know that you and Ruoxin are busy." Zijing, who was driving, shook his head and did not agree to Dongxia's request.

"Yeah, you two have a good rest now, and you have to hurry back tomorrow. It's too hard." Yu Ling said softly, and the girl looked more hydrated after getting enough moisture after marriage.

"Xia Xia, don't worry, cousin and Xiao Ling are right, we are not far from home." Hua Ruoxin, who had been closing her eyes and rested, also interjected to persuade him, but Dongxia was quiet, and listened to Hua Ruoxin's words. It feels warm in winter and summer that its nice to have a home to go back to.

10 kilometers is actually very close. Even if Bauhinia didnt drive fast, she rushed back to the Worry-Free Villa a few minutes later. Zhang Meisha still fulfilled her duties as a "big housekeeper" and greeted her at the gate in person, and then brought all the women to Worry-Free Villa. The top floor.

Due to the large area of Wuyou Villa, its top floor is naturally not too small. For the two princesses of the Xu family, and of course for the future young masters and young ladies of the Xu family, Xu You built a small house on the spacious top floor. The childrens playground in China has all kinds of appliances that children like to play in this era. Usually Zhang Meisha and Xu Youshengs eldest daughter "Xu Zhi", Bing Ying and Xu Youshengs second daughter "Xu Feifei" are here to play, even today The same goes for Xu You and his womens wedding anniversary.

Now the "babies" of the Xu family are these two little princesses.

Before Hua Ruoxin and the others went upstairs, Scarlet Rose and Xue Wuhen had been on the top floor. Now that both women are pregnant, there is no trouble going up and down.

"Sister Xue, do you think it's better to have a boy or a girl?" Scarlet Rose and Xue Wuhen sat on the chair side by side, looking into the distance. Because the two women agreed not to check the baby's gender in advance, Scarlet Both Rose and Xue Wuhen didn't know whether they had a boy or a girl.

"It's good to be healthy, men and women don't care." Xue Wuhen touched her stomach, with a maternal glow on her face.

"I hope to have a boy." Scarlet Rose made no secret of her idea of "giving a child". Born in a big family, she knew that "mothers depend on their children", and Zhang Meisha and Bingying both gave birth to daughters. The boy is the most favored.

"It depends on your stomach being unable to live up to it." Xue Wuhen teased.

At this time, the noise came, Xue Wuhen and Scarlet Rose knew that the other sisters had gone upstairs, and could not help standing up. They had already learned that Hua Ruoxin and Dongxia had also returned, so the "Mrs. Xu Family" were all It's all here.

Sure enough, Qing Wu and Zhao Chen, who had just finished eating, and Zhao Xi and Mu Yurou, who had just selected their clothes, all four golden flowers of the original Bauhinia were on the top floor, and of course there were Zhang Meisha and Bingying. "Mrs. Butler" all climbed to the top floor because the main celebration place for the wedding anniversary is on the top floor, not the back garden.

"Sister Xue (sister) okay, Sister Mei (sister) okay!" Seeing Xue Wuhen and **** roses standing up to greet them with their big bellies, these beautifully dressed Yingyings and Yanyans only reached the top floor. Say hello actively.

"Hello, please sit down." Xue Wuhen nodded and said with a smile. As the lord of the harem, her majesty is second only to Xu You. Of course, Xue Wuhen has never been arrogant, sisters and sisters. Also respect her, the Xu family's harem is very harmonious because of the existence of Xue Wuhen.

"Where is my husband?" Zhao Chen and the others asked without seeing Xu You. At this time, everyone's titles were unexpectedly unified.

"Playing behind the slide, yoyo, Ruoxin and the others are back, don't play anymore, one morning, Xiaozhi and Feifei should have fun too." Xue Wuhen answered Zhao Chen and the others, and they faced him not far. The slide at the place called out.

"Come here, I think my two little princesses haven't played enough yet." Xu You's strange voice came first, and then the talent appeared.

When everyone saw Xu You, they couldnt help but laugh. It turned out that Xu Yous voice was a little strange because there were two pink jade girls who were so cute as porcelain dolls who were pinching Xu Yous face. Of course, the girls are Xu Zhi and Xu Feifei, the big and small princesses of the Xu family. They are both under one year old. They are held by Xu You one by one, but the sisters seem to be angry with their father for not letting them continue to play. Grabbing Xu You's face.

Xu You was liberated after Zhang Meisha and Bingying each carried their daughter over. In fact, the child was still young and didn't understand the concept of "playing". Naturally, he would not "punish" his father for it, but just didn't know the "pinching face". Which mother taught her behavior?

After the liberation, Xu Youcai said with concern to Hua Ruoxin and Dongxia who had just returned: "Thanks for your hard work, are you going to leave tomorrow?" Baixiaosheng did not skip the word.

"Well, I'm sorry, husband." Hua Ruoxin said in a low voice. Her fans would never think that she was the shyest woman at home.

"But after the movie is over, we won't be so busy. We will be at home obediently at that time." Dongxia quickly added that after marriage, the two of them did not go home more than 5 times a year. Dongxia was afraid that she and Xu You Feelings will fade.

But Xu You came over, wrapped Dongxia with one hand, and Hua Ruoxin with the other, and said softly: "Needless to say, I'm sorry, I am not the kind of man who must have his own woman as a housewife at home, you have your own Career, I am proud of you."

Hua Ruoxin and Dongxia were very satisfied and excited about Xu You's actions, and they couldn't help but take turns kissing Xu You, causing the women around them to make fun of them.

Among them, Mu Yurou said pretentiously: "Really? How do I think that you are a traditional man who wants your woman to stay at home. You are so partial." The reason why she resigned was Xu You's request. Of course, she I don't want to do it anymore.

"You are in a special situation, not the same." Xu You glared at Mu Yurou.

"Different is different, huh!" Mu Yurou made a grimace at Xu You.

"Well, stop making trouble, the wine is here, let's have a drink." Xue Wuhen said with a smile.

"Okay!" everyone agreed, so everyone picked up a glass of red wine from the table and lifted it into the air.

Standing among the women, Xu You said affectionately: "Time flies quickly, and another year has passed. This means that we have been married for a year. I am very happy and lucky to be able to live with you. And I hope that year after year in the future, we can live happily as every day in this year. To a better future, cheers!"

"Cheers!" Each of the women beside Xu You flashed with moving tears. They firmly believed that every day in the future could be so beautiful.

"Brother Xu You, am I not beautiful today?" After drinking, Zhao Xi finally found the opportunity to squeeze in front of Xu You, looked at Xu You with a look of expectation, and asked, under the guidance of Mu Yurou Next, she put on a light makeup, changed into a gray woolen gown that reached the middle of her thigh, wearing only a pair of thick black pantyhose on her lower body, and a pair of white cotton boots on her feet, which looked extra sexy.

"Xiao Xi is beautiful every day." Xu You replied with a smile. He found that Zhao Xi's dress seemed to have changed a different style. He was originally on a pure and cute route, but now he is a bit **** and beautiful. This kind of thing happened in the past. On Qing Wu, Xu You knew what the girl was thinking at a glance.

Zhao Xi seemed very happy after hearing this, so she put her arms around Xu You's neck and asked in Xu You's ear: "Then Brother Xu You will come to my room tonight, I want to have a baby."

"Xiao Xi, you're still studying..." Xu You knew he had to coax another round.

But Zhao Xi got excited when he heard it. He didn't lower his voice, and said loudly, "You can also have a baby by reading! What do I want, Brother Xu You!"

As a result, everyone around heard it. After Zhao Chen heard it, he was terrible. He hurriedly said: "No, no, Xiao Xi, you are too young. If you want to have a baby, I will come!" In fact, the last sentence is What Zhao Chen really wanted to say is that now Zhang Meisha and Bingying both have love crystallization with Xu You, and Xue Wuhen and Scarlet Rose are also pregnant. Then, why should it be her Miss Zhao's turn? Many words on Baixiaosheng.com

"Sister! I'm not young anymore!" Zhao Xi was dissatisfied.

"In order of age, Xiao Xi, you have to be last." Zhao Chen laughed, obviously bullying his sister.

"I don't want it!" Zhao Xi hugged Xu You tightly, and said a little.

At this time, a voice came: "Ahem, I said your sisters seem to have forgotten something? Many words on Baixiaosheng.com."

Sister Chenxi was taken aback after hearing it~wuxiaworld.online~ and found out that it was their sister Bauhinia who was talking. At the same time, many sisters next to her looked strange and wanted to have a baby? There are many competitors!

At this time, Xu You said triumphantly: "Hey, have you forgotten who is the most important person to give birth? There are many words on Baixiaosheng.com. Well, who served me comfortably today, let me If I feel most satisfied, I will consider whose room I will go to tonight."

"Ah!" The girls screamed when they heard it.

"I have to give birth as soon as possible, my lovely women..." Xu You made the final declaration, not knowing who fell to the ground.

Life has been in a hurry for decades. Don't let yourself leave regrets. If you have goals and dreams, you don't hesitate to take action and move towards your goals. As long as you have worked hard, you will not regret it!

End of Book

The seventh chapter finale (final)

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