Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 1066

Chapter 1066: So beg

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Chapter 1066

Hearing that the chance of the Ascending Secret Realm's fall is so outrageous, Jiang Cheng almost couldn't help laughing.

If you want to engage in mysterious and weird tests, then you cant pack your tickets.

What if you get lost in it?

But this kind of secret realm that will be killed, then there is no problem.

It's just a matter of reviving the system.

"Well, such a difficult test, it seems that only real heroes can pass."

"This is the real one to become famous all over the world!"

"It's really annoying..."

He patted his chest, and he almost said, Yes, Im right here.

Cangluo Supreme was very speechless.

You are too confident, right?

"I know you must be lucky, but climbing to the secret realm is really not worth it."

"The Ten Heavenly Emperors are the sons of heaven, and their luck is unmatched, and the secret realm they have joined together can be imagined..."

Cheng didnt care about this: Dont worry, the Ten Heavenly Emperor is just a piece of cake in my eyes.

In fact, he never paid attention to the ten emperors.

If he had chosen Hedao, then he is now the incarnation of Heaven.

Think about it carefully. If he chooses that path, Fairy Mother will not have to distribute the ten treasures, and there will be no ten heavenly emperors behind.

From this point of view, the Ten Heavenly Emperor can also be considered to have risen because of him.

But Cangluo Devil Emperor's complexion changed drastically.

"You can just relax, in front of others, you must not slander the Ten Heavenly Emperor, otherwise there will be catastrophe..."

Qiu Yuxuan beside suddenly cut in again.

"Are there any conditions for entering the Ascendant Secret Realm?"

"No conditions, as long as Tianxin reaches the top level, you can make it."

In the eyes of Cangluo Supreme, this is really not a condition.

Except for those people in Abandoned Land, everyone outside the Yuanxian Realm is a superior Tianxin.

However, after hearing this condition, Qiu Yuxuan could not help but gloat.

"Gluck, it seems that even if someone wants to be the hero who became famous in one fell swoop, he has no chance..."

Cheng suddenly collapsed.

I need Tianxin to get everywhere?

Still let people live?

This secret realm doesn't need a gatekeeper, he can't get through if he wants to be fooled.

It seems that this road is still nowhere!

"That's it!"

He sighed, then patted Cangluo Supreme on the shoulder.

"Although I really want to pass the secrets easily, but that would be exhausted by fame and it would be too eye-catching."

"This is not in line with my purpose of being a low-key person."

"Forget it, in order to take care of everyone's mood in Yuanxian Realm, I still bear the pain not to break into the secret realm."

As soon as he said these words, Qiu Yuxuan next to him directly wrote all the contempt on his face.

Are you still a low-key person?

For a while, I dont know who is showing off with Xiwu Supreme every day.

After following Jiang Cheng for so long, she had already discovered the essence of his sorrow.

She deliberately broke him: "I can't get in..."

Cheng immediately interrupted her displeasedly.

"Master speaks, what is the little maid interjecting indiscriminately? I really don't know what to do!"

Then he looked at Cangluo Supreme again.

"I will leave it to you to be a fairy official."

"I will give you three more years to do it, is it okay?"

Cangluo Supremes mouth was crooked and his eyes slanted, and he almost couldnt help cursing.

This guy still plans to rely on his relationship to become a fairy official!

What does he think?

Is everything I just said in vain?

Does even listen to it?

Three more years, what is your role as a fairy official?

"I really don't have that permission, and I don't have that way..."

"I know you are humble, but humility makes people fat, don't be arrogant, understand?"

Brother Cheng held him by the shoulders and led him outside the cave, while speaking words that he didn't understand.

He never gave Cangluo Supreme a chance to refuse.

"Don't say you can't, I believe you can."

Cangluo Supremes face was turned into bitter gourd.

He is now extremely regretful that he has taken the visit to King Gaya Dojo in person.

"Really can't do it..."

"Look at you, isn't this forcing me to go crazy in the future? Why bother?"


What are you going to do?

Supreme Cangluo thought of the things that this guy did when he was called the first demon of the Six Realms.

Suddenly felt that his entire head was about to explode.

"Okay, well, you can go back."

"Farewell, goodbye, I am waiting for the good news of your victory!"

After finishing talking, Brother Cheng pushed him into the air and waved goodbye forcibly.

Cangluo Supreme, who was driving on the cloud head, almost cried.

Qiu Yuxuan beside was also eye-opening.

I have never seen you begging for help like this in my life.

After Supreme Cangluo left, she couldn't help but ridicule: "You really are not ordinary ignorant, you actually want to become a fairy official by your relationship?"

Cheng said disapprovingly: "What's the matter, isn't it OK?"

Qiu Yuxuan smiled coldly like looking at a fool.

"You dont want to think about it. If this road works, why should Wenren Sihai come to King Jias dojo to have a mixed experience? Wouldnt it be enough to let Wenren Dao Zun directly arrange for him a fairy official?"

"Obviously, even the Wenren family who owns a second-rank immortal official can't do this kind of thing."

"And you actually expect a sixth-rank immortal official to do it for you."

"Should I say that you are ignorant and fearless, or should I say that you like dreaming?"

"What if he can succeed?"

Brother Cheng was overwhelmed by her, this momentum can't be defeated.

"If he can successfully help me become a fairy official, what will you do? Dare to gamble?"

Qiu Yuxuan's expression changed as soon as he heard the word gambling.

Although it is impossible to succeed in this matter no matter how you look at it, this is also the case for the previous two betting appointments, and he was cheated by him in the end.

Eating one ditch gains a sense of wisdom, not to mention that she has eaten two ditches, and she has a lingering fear.

"Huh, do you think I'm as naive as you? Do you gamble?"

After finishing speaking, she shook her head pretentiously and left Jiang Cheng with a distant back.

"Cut, dare to laugh at me if you don't have the guts?"

In fact, Jiang Cheng is really not sure this time. UU reading www.uukANAnshu.com

The main hope this time is Cangluo Supreme, not himself.

Hearing what Qiu Yuxuan said, he also felt that the road was hopeless.

"It seems that we still have to find a way by ourselves!"

One month later, his long-awaited disciple Xian Pian finally arrived.

Although there are not many emperor pills this time, because of the last time he heard about Sihais giving too much, Jiang Cheng's realm has already loosened, and the eighth stage of the emperor realm is just about to come.

After eating all the pills, he finally improved a lot of realm.

Although is only a small state, it has changed him greatly.

Because he found that he seemed to be able to extract a trace of the source of ice from the source of ice and use it.

If other people knew about this, they might directly suspect that there was a disorder in the way of heaven.

Because Jiang Cheng is currently in the eighth stage of the Emperor Realm.

And mobilizing a trace of origin is a means only available to the gods!

(End of this chapter)

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