Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 1067

Chapter 1067: Leave the dojo

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Chapter 1067 Leaving the Dojo

For other newly promoted Tianzun, it is very complicated and difficult to borrow a trace of origin.

The first thing is to communicate with the source.

However, they cannot directly contact the source at all.

Even if it can survive in the source, it is resisted by the law space, not real contact.

It is a long water milling work, and the time unit is calculated in hundreds of millions of years.

But Jiang Cheng obviously doesn't need to be so troublesome.

He has been recognized by the origin of ice.

Just take it directly from there.

Any trace of origin contains extremely majestic power.

Tianzun is also difficult to control easily, so you need to have a strong cultivation realm.

Only in this way can we carry the boundless power of the origin.

If you change to the nine layers of the Emperor Realm, even if you give them a trace of origin, it will directly crush them.

Jiang Cheng was able to withstand this origin in the eighth stage of the Emperor Realm, all because the origin did not resist him at all, and even actively cooperated with him.

Above the palm of the hand, a crystal-clear silk thread hovered and floated.

With his mind, the silk thread sometimes straightens and sometimes wraps around.

He kept playing and gradually became more proficient.

Outside the cave, some heavenly and supreme lords from the Jiawang Daochang flew out by coincidence.

Perceives the surroundings curiously.

"Which Venerable Master made the Heavenly Venerable?"

"Ice type, there doesn't seem to be an ice type Venerable in my King Ga Dojo, right?"

"Weird and weird!"

"Where is the Taoist fellow breaking through, can you show up for a while?"

The origin is misty and mysterious, they really can't perceive the specific location, only know that there is a strong aura of the origin of ice nearby.

Unfortunately, the sound insulation effect of Dongfu is too good. Brother Cheng didn't know that many people outside were calling himself.

Otherwise, based on his level of harassment, he would surely fly out excitedly and pretend to be aggressive in the crowd.

As for revealing the hole cards, others will be prepared for it in the future?

What does this matter?

Except for the system, he never mind exposing the other cards, as long as he can usher in shock and admiration.

In addition to the elixir, Tiangong also issued a new set of Taoist tools and armor.

The Dao artifact he got was a fifth-order Dao Sword Bing Cheng, whose main attribute was the rule of ice, and the secondary attribute was the rule of sword and the rule of water.

is supplemented by a series of magic circles and inscriptions as blessings.

Jiang Cheng felt it a little bit. Compared with the real weapon of the same level, this weapon had the same material and not much power.

But the key is that the real device can only bless one rule, and the Dao device, as the real advanced version of the former immortal device, has more than one blessing rule.

For him, the effect of this weapon is much better than the real weapon of rank six and seven.

In the Yuanxian Realm, those who can use the fifth-order Taoist tools are at least the venerable, and the process will never be simple.

If he is not a disciple in court, it is impossible to get it in advance.

"The attributes are quite suitable for brother."

Before the Dao artifacts of the disciples in the court are issued, the master of the dojo must report the attributes.

Ji Tuan chose the main attribute of the ice system for him, which is very hard.

After trying this sword, he refined at the speed of light.

Then, without even thinking about it, he turned that piece of Tier 5 Dao Armor into an immortal point.

It is impossible for him to wear any armor.

The realm of has been improved, and the weapon has been replaced with shotguns. This brother has completely unable to restrain his own pretense.

"The King Ga Dojo is calm and there are no enemies. The stage is too small!"

Knowing that he was leaving the dojo to go out and explore, Hong Qing Tianzun hurriedly came to stay.

"Friend Jiang, you have only been to the dojo for a few months, why do you want to leave?"

He also expected to ask Jiang Cheng about alchemy, but he didn't want him to leave.

"It's better to settle here for 100 million years, and then consider something out in the future..."

The corners of Brother Chengs mouth twitched, old man, you said so lightly, as if a hundred million years were just a flick of a finger, which is also outrageous.

"That won't work. Reading thousands of books will travel thousands of miles. I have to go out and practice. I can't be a flower in a greenhouse..."

Everyone listened to him, and it made sense inexplicably.

But when you hear the next sentence, its not like that.

"Brother such a big Buddha, you can't waste time in such a small temple."

If it hadnt been for him to stand on the left and right sides of Xiwu Zhizun and Hongqing Tianzun, the two people in the dojo would spit on him.

You are really awesome!

Listen to what you mean, the king-level dojo has delayed you, right?

is nothing like human words!

And Xiwu Zhizun is quite supportive of him.

"If Lord Jiang wants to go out and wander around, I would like to follow the left and right..."

"do not!"

Cheng hurriedly waved his hand and refused.

"You should stay in the dojo, here you need to continue to shine."

He doesn't want to take a supreme with him.

Is there still a chance to perform on his own? All the enemies he encountered were killed by him.

Xiwu Zhizun still wanted to fight for it, but Cheng Ge was determined.

He must focus on the overall situation and he cannot abandon the curiosity of the atrium and lower court immortals in the dojo for himself alone.

The only person Jiang Cheng is willing to take is Qiu Yuxuan.

Because this girl is weaker than herself, and she is less trouble-free.

But unfortunately, the goddess of autumn has been busy refining the medicine pill from Wenrenba, preparing to break through the seven layers of the emperor realm, and has been in retreat for a while.

In the end, Jiang Zhangmen embarked on a new journey alone under the wave goodbye of the high-level officials in the dojo.

After leaving the dojo, the surrounding fairy aura and original aura dropped several levels.


"This is the real Yuanxian Realm!"

The spirits show, they can't touch the boundary at all.

The world is boundless, you can gallop freely!

But after regaining the perception of the soul, several question marks appeared on his head.

Because this is a bit different from what he imagined.

Just now, the soul has perceived an extremely wide range. In addition to some fairy cities, there are also many immortals seeking opportunities in the wild.

According to the customs of the fairy world and ice world, disputes in the wild at UU reading www.uukanshu.com, killing people and winning treasures are very common.

He had sensed such a large area just now, but he didn't even see a conflict.

Sometimes I can see a group of weak immortals encountering a powerful immortal, and the two sides actually crossed each other, without any twists and turns.

And among those fairy cities, there is even more order.

Don't talk about fighting, there is no small friction.

Some immortals even salute each other before they meet and speak.


"This Yuanxian world, is it so peaceful and loving?"

"Looking at it this way, Tiangong is actually okay."

Before, because many immortals were driven into the deserted land, he was a little disgusted with the Tiangong, and felt that they had too much control.

Now seeing this happy scene, he felt that such a heavenly palace was not without its merits.

And his thoughts stopped abruptly in the next moment.

(End of this chapter)

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