Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 1068

Chapter 1068: Tiandao point ranking

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Chapter 1068 Ranking of Heavenly Dao Points

saw him opposite, suddenly three people flew up quickly.

The three of them wore standard robes, all of them were handymen in the heavenly palace, not informal immortal officials.

"Sir, wait a minute!"

"Just now, did you use the spirit to look around?"

Jiang Cheng nodded very honestly.

"Yes, it's me, what's the matter?"

led the famous Emperor Realm Kunou immediately said: According to the law of the heavenly palace, no one is allowed to visit the surroundings with the spirit without permission.

"Oh oh, then what?"

Is it about to go to war?

Jiang Cheng hadn't encountered this kind of thing before, and he was looking forward to it.

However, this time he did not follow the script he expected.

The other party just took out a small stone plate and shook it in front of him, and a beam of golden light flashed across it.

After that, the three of them were surprised.

"Jiang Cheng, is he still the fairy of King Jia's dojo?"

"Disrespect and disrespect!"

As Tiangong handymen, their status is actually not as good as the Shang court immortals of the king-level dojo.

Brother Cheng was also surprised.

"How do you see who I am?"

"Friends of Daoist are really joking."

The three of them laughed and said: "Every fairy who comes out of the deserted land has been registered in the Tiangong, and you can know your identity with just one photo."


Feeling that when he sent himself out of the abandoned land with stone pens and slates, it has already appeared in the records of Tiangong?

He thought about it carefully, and felt that it didnt seem to do any harm to him.

The three people on the opposite side clasped their fists with regret.

"Friend Jiang, although you are a genius in King Jia's dojo, we still have to do business if you violate the law."

After speaking, the three of them also called up a slate, took out a stone pen and added it.

"What is this doing?"

This operation made Brother Cheng look bewildered.

The three put away the stone slabs, only then apologetically arched their hands at him.

"You also know that for violating the law, you will be deducted from Heavenly Dao points. You just deducted two Heavenly Dao points because of your wanton release of your soul."

"Huh? What kind of point?"

Regarding this thing, Jiang Zhangmen was completely at a loss.

In fact, the point of heaven is well known in the Yuanxian realm, because that is one of the ways to enter the heavenly palace that Cangluo Supreme said.

Contribute to Tiangong, you can get Tiandao points.

Violation of the law will result in deduction of Tiandao points.

Tiandao points can ask the Heavenly Palace to exchange some resources, and if it reaches a certain level, you will have the opportunity to enter the Heavenly Palace and become an immortal official.

Everyone in the Yuanxian world knows what it means to be an official immortal official.

Because of this reason, within the range of Jiang Cheng's spirit perception, there is such a strange peace and love in the city and in the wild.

No one wants to be deducted because of a small mistake, right?

These common senses are explained in detail in the jade amulet that Ji Yan threw to him when he entered King Jias dojo.

Its just that Brother Cheng is not interested in watching that stuff at all, so he still doesnt know anything.

"The Taoists really love to talk and laugh."

How can those three people know that he would be so ignorant.

"Your Tiandao points are currently 98 points, and I hope you will not be deducted anymore."

98 points?

"That means I was 100 points before?"

The three nodded.

"Yes, you are the upper court immortal of the king-level dojo, so you have 100 points of heaven at the beginning."

"You can find this from the identity jade charm of the dojo."

After the three of them finished speaking, they arched their hands again, and then disappeared in place.

The Cheng brother who stayed in the same place touched his chin, he actually got 100 points initially?

Full marks?

There is such a row?

Thinking about it this way, he still feels a little proud of not knowing anything.

Thinking of the identity jade charms mentioned by the three people just now, he quickly took it out and clicked on it to see that there was indeed a lot of information.

His name, realm, talent, Tianxin, etc. are all on it.

It's just that the talent and Tianxin were all made up for him by Ji Yan because they were totally untested.

And the most eye-catching thing above is the point of heaven: 98.

"Not bad!"

This brother looked at this number with a moment of complacency.

Although he still doesn't know the usefulness of Taoism on this day, what he wants is just a platitude.

Below the dots that day, there are three more wordsranking lists.

"Ha, brother was deducted two points, he should have fallen from the top of the list to a dozen, right?"

Then, he clicked to open the list.

Immediately afterwards, his eyes gradually became dull.

The first name that came into view was Guxing Dao Zun.

And the number of Heavenly Dao points behind this name is as much as 3,637,850!

And the second place behind him is the Taoist Wushang, and the value of Tiandao points is 3015506.

The top ten Tiandao points all reached more than 2.7 million.

On this list, there are only 500 people. Jiang Cheng pulled to the bottom and couldn't find his name.

Because of the 500th supreme, Heavenly Dao points have reached as many as 980,000.

Exactly ten thousand times more than him!


Just now, he felt that he was very arrogant, and once again was able to rank a dozen or so, Jiang Zhangmen fell into a state of doubting his life.

"So this is not a 100-point perfect score?"

"That's a fart?"

"Yi brother's coffee position, initially only gave 100 points?"

"Are the people in Tiangong blind?"

As the protagonist, shouldnt it be easy to put up any ranking list and easily rank in the top three or even the first?

The result list didn't even have his own name, which made him suffer a heavy blow.

He was very dissatisfied and very upset.

But it's useless.

He didn't even know how to get the heavenly points.

In this way, he continued to fly all the way, and soon entered a fairy city.

Three days later, this brother was completely plunged into despair.

"This world is too peaceful, right?"

"Don't talk about fighting, there is no small friction, brother has no chance to fight at all!"

"Not to mention getting loot."

In the past three days, he has gone to hundreds of places, all beyond the teleportation range of the Yuhu.

Wherever you go, there is always an orderly appearance, and everyone looks in love with each other.

Occasionally someone makes an extraordinary move, and immediately there will be Tiangong handymen on the scene.

Brother Cheng is not stupid. It can be seen that most of these people are for the sake of heaven, and deliberately pretend to be so peaceful.

This looks very beautiful. UU reading www. uukanshu.cOM

But the problem is that he doesn't get any chance to pretend in this Yuanxian world.

I cant just grab those unrelated fairies, right?

He is not so indifferent yet.

As for his heavenly point, it still remained at 98, without moving.


"Does this make people live?"

"I thought there was a bird coming out of the dojo, but now I realize that the outside is even more boring."

There are still three in the dojo that can't afford to provoke, anyhow there is another second generation ancestor who gave it away.

At this moment, a conversation drifted into his ears.

"That group of evil immortals have appeared again, let's go together to earn points!"

"Destroy an evil immortal, a few steps away from the Tiangong!"

"Yes, yeah, a rare opportunity!"

"The battle is too dangerous, I don't want to die..."

(End of this chapter)

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