Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 835

Chapter 835: Registration Test

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Isn't it true that Cai Ying has a look?

Master Qi Wei laughed loudly.

"So this is ah!"

"Yes, yes, everyone remembers you, obviously they treat you as a friend."

"I can rest assured that."

She patted her heart, and sweetly added: "Trash, I'm going to sign up, have you signed up yet?"

"I haven't... Bah, what waste?"

"Aren't you just a waste, shall we report it together?"

It was the first time Master Qi Wei heard such a natural fairy speech.

His sneer grew stronger with anger.

"You, you... OK, this seat is a trash, you are so amazing, you have such a big tone?"

"I'll sign up for this seat now. You'd better pray not to compete with this seat on the same stage in the future!"

The other refiners on the side couldn't help laughing.

"This celestial being is too tough."

"They have been targeted, and they continue to provoke Master Qi Wei without knowing it."

"Doesn't you die fast enough?"

"I suddenly looked forward to her joining this group of competitions."

"But with her way, she can't pass the test before signing up, right?"

Not everyone can register for the refining group.

In any case, at least it must be a fairy master.

The test item is also very simple, just use the materials on the altar to make a first-order immortal artifact.

The two flew onto the altar at the same time, and the immortal masters couldn't help raising their curiosity.

"Hahaha, is this little fairy really going up?"

"She won't delay this test for dozens of days, will she?"

It takes time to refine fairy artifacts.

Immortal artifacts similar to the sixth and seventh orders sometimes even take tens of thousands of years to take shape.

And the first-order immortal artifacts are countless times simpler, usually just over a dozen days to make them.

For their sixth or seventh grade immortal artifact masters, refining low-end immortal artifacts at this level is like making toys, which is naturally easier.

They usually only need more than half a day to get it done.

"Not necessarily, the layman might fail in the first place."

"Yes, laymen don't know where to start."

"Guess how long Master Qiwei will take?"

"Not more than five hours."

"Then you underestimate him. Master Qi Kui has always been known for his fast refining speed. Although his blood refining method is fierce, it takes shape very quickly. I guess it's at most an hour."

"So fast?"


"Of course, when he refined the seventh-order Sky Crow Longlin Crossbow, it only took eight thousand years!"

"Fuck, this is too fast, right?"

"What do you think?"

"That's really going to be a good observation."

Although the test is only the first level of refining, but it can also see some special techniques.

Seeing that many refiners flew to the sky around the altar one after another, wanting to pay homage to and learn from themselves, Master Qi Wei, who was nearly blown up just now, overflowed with a sneer from the corner of his mouth.

Is this something you can learn if you want to?

He boarded the altar, and the temple demon king who was in charge of signing up on the stage couldn't help standing up, arching his hands at him with a smile on his face.

"Hahaha, Daoist Qi Wei is here."

The fairy master is very popular everywhere.

The temple demon even took the initiative to apologize to him.

"Please forgive me. Although you all know that you are the master of the refining world, you still have to go through the testing process. This is the rule of the competition, and I have no right to make the decision to exempt."

Although both are Demon Kings, the Seventh Stage Immortal Tool Master can often be the guest of the Zhun Emperor.

If it weren't for this sermon meeting, it would not be easy for him to say a few words to Master Qi Wei.


Master Qi Wei snorted lightly.

At this time, the demon king finally noticed Cai Ying behind him.

"Here, Caiying, what are you doing here?"

He also knows this little star who has recently risen.

"I'm here to sign up!"

"Naughty! You are only in the realm of heavenly immortals, what refining group you report to, will you refining?"

Of course the little sparrow will not.

She didn't know until then that this group was better than a refiner.

Feeling unsure, she hurriedly transmitted the sound towards her scabbard: "I don't understand the refining equipment at all. Let's switch to another set, right?"

"You don't know what I will."

Brother Cheng is not worried at all.

"But, this is clearly cheating, isn't it a bit inappropriate..."

The little sparrow is still a bit resistant.

Brother Cheng is speechless.

What's so special, you still have a mental cleanliness?

The Demon Realm is our enemy. To put it bluntly, the evangelistic meeting is to conscript troops to deal with the Demon Realm!

Do you still care about cheating?

My demon world is sturdy and sturdy, and your sparrow clan is also famous for its yin and yang strange auras, how can it be out of your gentle, kind-hearted wonderful flower.

He had forgotten that if it hadn't had these qualities, Caiying wouldn't have been the first sparrow demon willing to take the initiative to die at that time.

"What is inappropriate, how good the refining tool is, and you don't need to fight."

When he said this, the little sparrow was immediately persuaded.

Oh, too, how safe the refining device is, it doesn't require dead people.

As a result, the expression on her pretty face became determined.

"I know how to refine!"

"What a mess!"

The demon king was a bit displeased, but thinking that this was a typical example of Zhunyu Lieyu's selection, he couldn't tell from it when she signed up.

In the end, he waved his hand and said angrily: "If it fails the test, just report it to the Xuanxian team for me!"

He didn't know that this little sparrow had already reported to the Chaos Group.

And Master Qi Wei couldn't wait any longer.

"Hurry up, I want to let this ignorant junior know what real waste is!"

Above the altar, two immortal arrays of refining tools rose slowly.

Then a series of dazzling materials floated in front of the two.

Master Qi Wei put his arms around his chest, but did not start immediately.

Instead, she sneered at Cai Ying.

"You're starting!"

"If you can't even make a Tier 1 fairy tool, then I have reason to believe that you deliberately made trouble!"

"To make trouble on such a sacred occasion as the evangelistic conference, guess what it will end up, Jie Jie Jie..."

Caiying was a little panicked by what he said intimidating.

"What to do, Demon Lord, what should we do now?"

"Let go of your soul sea, I am going to be possessed. UU reading www.uukanshu.com"

This test requires refining on the spot, and he can't use the system refining technique.

It was a whimsical thing to count on Caiying, a pure layman, to secretly point Caiying on such things as the refining device on the spot.

The only way is to possess the fairy soul and replace her to operate.

"Huh? Possession?" The little bird demon looked dumbfounded.

"Otherwise, can you refine tools?"


"That's it, it's my turn to perform next."

In fact, Brother Cheng's powerful fairy soul could not say hello and forcibly occupy Caiying's soul sea and directly gain control of her body.

In front of him, Caiying's fairy-level demon soul had no resistance at all.

But that would damage the demon soul and body of this little sparrow demon, Brother Cheng was not so indifferent yet.

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