Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 836

Chapter 836: It's Better Than 1

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Being possessed by someone else's fairy soul is a very dangerous thing.

If the other party is unpredictable, it is likely to lose ownership of the body forever.

But for the idol's proposal, the little sparrow has no doubts.

She immediately took the initiative to cooperate, and the demon soul withdrew from the center of the soul sea and gave up its position.

Immediately afterwards, Jiang Zhangmen separated a trace of fairy soul.

No way, his fairy soul is too strong.

If all were stationed, Caiying's monster body would not be able to carry it at all and would collapse instantly.

After officially stationing in Caiying's soul sea, he quickly took over this weak body.

The whole process went smoothly. The cultivation base of the two demon kings on the opposite side was too far away, and Jiang Zhangmen was too far away to notice his immortal soul action.

Just inexplicably feel that the aura of this little **** has changed.

It seemed... suddenly became very strange and dangerous.

But then the two shook their heads secretly, taking this as an illusion.

What a joke, it's just a mere celestial being.

After taking over the body, Brother Cheng stretched out his hand, kicked his legs, and got acquainted.

This was a long sigh of relief, and recalled the massive refining knowledge gained by the system.

"Why don't you dare to start yet?"

On the opposite side, Master Qi Wei shouted loudly: "You can't make a first-order immortal weapon at all, you are here to make trouble!"

"For such people, we must severely punish and uphold the rules of the evangelistic conference!"

The reason why he is so aggressive is also deliberately aggravating Caiying's psychological pressure.

For immortal artifact masters below Rank 3, there is a failure rate in refining Tier 1 immortal artifacts.

Psychological pressure often leads to various mistakes.

When refining the equipment, even the slightest flaw may be used up.

If it were Zhen Cai Ying, she must be dull now and let others be humiliated.

But now it's Brother Cheng who is leading the body, so naturally he won't be able to bear it.

He tilted his little head with a smile, and looked up and down the Seventh-Rank Immortal Device Master.

There was a hint of sympathy in the eyes.

"Ignorance is really blissful, half a bucket of water is always so lively and so energetic."

With this look, this tone, let alone Master Qi Wei, even the Demon King and the Demon Lords on the side were speechless.

This is so old-fashioned, people who don't know think you are an eighth-grade immortal device master who is commenting on the younger generation.

"what did you say?"

Master Qi Wei was furious. If it wasn't for the inconvenience to shoot and hurt people, he would have to take down this little fairy directly.

Then she made her blood sacrifices into the immortal utensils, which caused her to be tortured day and night.

"you wanna die"

"It's alright, we are a craftsman, not a mouth-splitting one."

Brother Cheng waved his hand: "Well, I think you are very dissatisfied with the refining technique of this seat, then it's better to compare."

At this moment, regardless of the Demon King Demon on the altar, even the fairy masters floating outside were speechless.

This little fairy actually wants to compare with Master Qi Wei?

In the Linming War Zone, Master Qi Wei's crafting technique can be firmly ranked in the top three, okay?

There were more than two hundred immortal masters present, and no one dared to say that he could be compared with him.

"You... want to compare with me?"

Qi Wei himself almost doubted whether he had heard it wrong.


Brother Cheng shrugged: "Compared to you, I can refine the first-order fairy tools needed for the test faster than anyone else..."

Before his words fell, Master Qi Kui turned his back and laughed.


At the same time, the demon king on the altar and the immortal masters on the periphery all burst into laughter.

Because this is so ridiculous.

"It doesn't matter if you are better than others."

"You want to compare the refining speed with me?"

"The ignorant is fearless!"

The demon king who was in charge of signing up couldn't help but stand up and finish the game.

"Okay, okay, don't mess around, this is a registration test, not a competition."

Before the start of the conference, the safety of this little deity must be guaranteed, and he did not want to make extravagances.

However, at this time, Master Qi Wei was not happy anymore.

"No, I have to compare with her!"

He stood in front of the demon king, staring at Cai Ying.

"She proposed this by herself. If I don't pick it up, wouldn't everyone in the world laugh at it?"


That demon king was not easy to refute the face of the seventh-rank immortal implement master, and it was really difficult to stop him for a while.

"If she loses, this seat will break her to pieces!"


The demon lord smiled and stopped him.

"Master Qi Wei, you can compete with her, but you can't hurt your life!"

Qi Wei's old face sank: "What did you say?"

The demon king refused to give up: "This is the bottom line!"

Qi Wei was almost out of anger.

Lao Zi Tangtang Demon King wants to kill a god, is so strenuous?

You actually rebelled against me as a master in order to maintain a god?

I don't want face?

Is it tolerable or unbearable!

"Too much deception, the old man is not attending the conference!"

The Demon King was also anxious, "Master Qi Kui...this and this, think twice..."

Others do not participate, and some of the temple is ruled by law.

But for a precious Seventh-Rank Immortal Master like Qi Wei, that's really not to be offended.

If he didn't participate, Zhundi Lieyu could only watch him leave.

At the critical moment, it was Brother Cheng'kindly' who stood up and relieved him.

"Then bet on fate, whoever is slow will lose, the loser must dictate himself, but also form a gambling contract under the witness of heaven." He smiled.

"Hahahaha, you guys heard it too, but she asked for it herself!"

Master Qi Wei laughed so arrogantly that even the magic repairs of many other groups in the distance were attracted.

"Come on, make a bet quickly!"

He couldn't wait any longer.

The demon king who was in charge of signing up was too anxious, but couldn't stop it.

Of these two people, one is a model model for propaganda instructed by Emperor Zhun, and the other is a well-known Seventh-Rank Immortal Master.

He had no choice but to send someone to quickly notify Zhun Emperor Lie Yu.

However, it is obviously too late.

Brother Cheng did not hesitate to swear an oath in the name of heaven at the same time as Master Na Qiwei, and made a bet.

The two meet, whoever abandons, will be killed.

In fact, this bet is not much binding, and it is no different from making an oath.

God didn't take care of such trivial matters, if he really wanted to violate it, he wouldn't punish anyone.

At most, there may be some magic when breaking through in the future.

But this is enough for Brother Cheng.

And those onlookers who gathered more and more outside, seeing this scene, were even more buzzing.

Master Qi Wei, even if they hadn't seen him before, would have long since been thunderous!

Such a master, UU reading www.uukanshu.com actually competed with a little fairy?

This is too ridiculous, right?

"Master, what is this going to do?"

"Has he been stimulated by anything?"

"Who knows, that **** is really bold!"

"It's just a dead end."

"How can the evangelistic conference be so low?"

"Isn't this celestial being in the Xuanxian group just now?"

Many demons recognized it.

Especially those Xuanxians who were itchy with anger before, are now even more gloating.

"She kicked the iron this time. Master Qi Kui is not annoying, she is dead!"

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