Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 837

Chapter 837: What Speed Is This

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Zhundi Lieyu, who was on the other side, also quickly got news.

Hearing that Caiying was going to compete with Master Qi Kui and even the two of them were betting their lives, this quasi-emperor was still a little dazed.

He is such a big person, nobles forget things.

One month later, I almost forgot the name Caiying.

After remembering it easily, I suddenly became a little unhappy.

What is that little fairy going to do?

She is also worthy to challenge Master Qi Wei?

Really knowing how to live and die!

Such nonsense, consumed the little bit of goodwill he had for her.

"How to do?"

The Demon Lord who reported it carefully asked for instructions: "If she loses, Master Qi Wei will not give up, she will definitely take her life!"

"Then die."

Zhundi Lieyu said indifferently: "This is because she herself does not cherish the opportunity and is seeking her own death."

"But our propaganda..."

"I'm dying in a gambling covenant, I can't blame our temple, and it won't have any negative effects when it is spread."

Anyway, the propaganda has been going on for a month, and the effect is already there.

"Go down."

He waved his hand.

The Demon Lord bowed his body and walked out.

Deep down, he secretly sighed.

I thought Zhundi Lieyu cared a little about that little Tianxian, but after doing it for a long time, he was also an abandoned son that he could just throw away.

At this time, the periphery of the altar of the refining group was already crowded with people.

Many magic repairs from other groups also rushed to watch the excitement.

Master Qi Wei is very famous, and almost all of these people come here admiring his name.

After inquiring that the little Tianxian had reported to the Chaos Group, everyone was even more ridiculous.

"This is obviously here to make trouble."

"I don't know how to write dead words!"

"It's hard for Master Qi Kui. He actually wants to compete with such a layman with respect and dignity."

"After losing, will that little Tianxian concede the bet?"

"Dare she deny it?"

"It is said that there is someone behind this little fairy..."

"So what? Everyone has sharp eyes, and we are all here to testify!"

"Yes, everyone helps Master Qi Wei testify!"

Hearing their discussion, Brother Cheng almost laughed.

Thank you for your help in witnessing!

With the two immortal formations lit up, the test with the gambling agreement officially began.

However, after the opening, neither of them took the first shot.

Master Qi Wei put his hands on his chest deliberately, and looked at Cai Ying sarcastically at the opposite side.

"This seat allows you to start first."

"Give you a quarter of an hour."

Those refiners and magic repairers outside cheered and applauded.

"Look at what is meant by a real master style?"

"Is this the confidence of the master, I have learned it!"

"Hahaha, let alone letting a quarter of an hour, letting an hour and a day, in the end, Master Qi Wei will win!"

"Yes, neither is comparable."

"Master, this is to let the juniors, behave..."

Brother Cheng was also happy.

He originally planned to let the other party start first.

But since this Master Qi Wei is so confident, he naturally wants to give the opponent a chance to recognize reality.

"Let's do it, you just look to the side and study hard."

Master you!

At this moment, these four words appeared in everyone's mind.

This immortal is too weak, but no one can match his tone.

The key is that he took it for granted.

Are you still letting Master Qi Wei study hard?

Then, the eyes of the group of refiners in front of the crowd began to become surprised.

Because Brother Cheng had already manipulated Caiying's body and started the process of refining tools.


"This woman's method of mobilizing materials in the formation was done in one go, it seems that she is not a layman!"

Some people disagree: "It's not weird, is it?"

"Everyone who enters the door knows to do so."

Their discussion just started, and their mouths couldn't close together.

For a Ninth-Rank Immortal Tool Master, refining a Tier 1 Immortal Tool is not even a toy.

What's more, Brother Cheng also chose the fastest method among those refining knowledge he knew.

Everyone soon discovered that their eyes could clearly see every movement, but they couldn't keep up with the rhythm, let alone remember them.

The ten fingers of those hands seemed to have become ten different creatures.

Manipulating the fairy formations and dazzling materials, there was no stopping or repetition for a moment.

Clouds and flowing water, it's natural!

A series of special tactics and mysterious handprints kept shining like stars in the sky.

"How is this possible?"

Many immortal masters have fallen into a state of doubting their lives.

"What kind of refining technique is this?"

"Why can't the old man see it?"

"The refining tool is extremely error-prone, and requires special care and meticulousness. How can she quickly become like this?"

"How can there be no mistakes so quickly?"

"Yet she hasn't failed yet, she is even perfect!"

Everyone was shocked, no matter the group of demons watching outside or Master Qi Wei standing by.

He was still waiting to watch this **** fail and make a fool of himself.

However, the more I look at it, the more scared it becomes!

The first-order fairy artifact is very simple to him, but the embryo forming speed of the fairy artifact in front of him is far beyond his cognition.

It takes at least half an hour for the embryo to take shape, even for him.

And now, only two minutes have passed.

That fairy artifact is like a bright flower that grows and blooms quickly in front of everyone after accelerating countless times.

How could there be such a thing in the world?

He couldn't stand anymore.

If this goes on, he hasn't started yet, others have already ended.

Is this better than a fart?

However, the previous big talk has been released, and he has to wait a quarter of an hour before starting.

Wouldn't it be laughable and generous if I repented now?

So he could only pray, praying that Brother Cheng was wrong.

However, he was destined to be disappointed.

For a Ninth-Rank Immortal Tool Master, the refining area could do the first-order Immortal Tool with his eyes closed. How could it fail?

After just five minutes, a Tier 1 fairy sword completely appeared in front of everyone.

"That's it."

Brother Cheng received magical powers.

At this time, the audience was silent.

The first-order fairy artifact is not surprising, but combined with the incredible refining process just now, it is very amazing.

The more than two hundred refiners present did not even know how to evaluate them.

And the devil who was in charge of signing up didn't know how to end it. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

Although he is not a refiner, he has always seen a refiner.

He had never heard of this kind of speed, let alone refining tools, even refining first-grade elixir could not be so fast.

After passing the test, Cheng Ge naturally got the registration mark of the refining group.

Since Caiying's body was dominated by his fairy soul this time, the stone ball of the altar still did not find the identity of the demon clan.

Only this time, the mark fell on Caiying's body, not on the scabbard.

After enjoying the attention of everyone, Brother Cheng turned around contentedly and looked at Master Qi Wei.

"Now it is your turn."

"I am too lazy to bully the scum, and give you a chance to re-time."


Master Qi Wei's face almost rose to the color of pig liver.

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