Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 922

Chapter 922: Brother Cheng's changes

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Both sides have already hit the fire, and the others have been busy for a long time. How can they be reconciled to seeing Wei Chang finally succeed?

In addition, the locals suddenly isolated Wei Chang and stood opposite him, and the balance immediately tilted.

At this time, they will regard Wei Chang as a new attack target, and the war will break out again!

"Wei Chang will also be hit hard, even killed!"

"After these two battles, there are very few masters left..."

"But what if the mark is not obtained by Wei Chang after Di Yong's death, but by someone else?"

Gong Qing said without hesitation: "That's easier, how can Wei Chang let that person go?"

When everyone thought about it, it was true that Wei Chang was the strongest and would definitely continue to fight.

The situation is even more favorable.

They even learned to draw inferences from one another.

"In fact, we can secretly tell Yuan Xi, Gan Qing, Zhusong, and Gu Shan these mid-term imperial realms that we originally wanted them to be lords."

"Yes, each of them thinks that they have our full support, so they will never give up!"

"Their fight will reach the point of heavy casualties."

"We just need to keep fanning the flames!"

"Miao, Miao, first retreat to advance, then to instigate the discord, isolate Wei Chang, the whole process is to shift the target, use the mark as the bait to let them fight by themselves..."

"When they are dead and injured, we will come out to clean up the mess, and the mark will remain ours!"

"Hahaha, great!"

"Lord Jiang is too clever!"

They served.

Brother Cheng outside also took it.

Soon after this brother flew out, the more he thought about it, the more things went wrong.

How could Gong Qing give herself a holiday?

There must be some hidden secret in her abnormal state.

With curiosity, he quietly flew back to take a look.

As a result, I heard such a vicious and complicated plan.

Stepping on horses, this woman is too capable, right?

Obviously it was just a small second-tier emperor realm, but it played a group of quadruple-emperor realm between the palms.

This is completely turning your hands into clouds and covering your hands as rain!

Di Yong, Wei Chang, the other four tiers of the emperor realm, and even the four deputy lords present here, were all treated as chess pieces by her.

She was manipulated either intentionally or unintentionally.

No, no, she counts herself in it.

What will help you keep the mark for a few days? How many days do you feel relieved to go out to play?

To put it bluntly, it was just to deceive the bait used to provoke the bite of the pack of wolves.

I still underestimated the palace army master.

Her cultivation talent is hard to say, but her talent alone can be regarded as one of the most precious people in this realm of ice.

Can't let her go on like this.

Originally, Jiang Cheng was quite excited when he heard that many experts came out to kill him this time.

Its another moving loot delivered to the door!

He couldn't wait any longer, so he waited for everyone to come and open the table.

It turned out to be good, this woman was hiding from herself, she was about to get all the masters in private.

Is this a fart?

Knowing that it is dangerous to bring such a capable person around, she will take away the opportunity to pretend to be unknowingly!

Seeing that the four lieutenants inside were about to act according to plan, he hurried in.

"Wait a minute!"

With his appearance, Gong Qing's eyes flowed with a trace of panic.

She obviously didn't expect Brother Cheng to come back suddenly.

As soon as the lord arrived, the four deputy lords hurriedly greeted him.

"Lord Jiang is brilliant!"

"Take it!"

"Lord Jiang's plan is too subtle, I'll wait to obey..."

They thought that the strategy just came up by Jiang Cheng, and they still admire him here.

This caused Brother Cheng to blurt out the words, but he abruptly held back.

He wanted to say, I don't agree with this plan, let it go.

But now... everyone is complimenting him.

With this brother's level of pomp, he never refuses to praise anyone who comes.

Think back then, in order to pretend to be coercion, even deliberately turning back time to steal Miao Yu's wisdom...

What's more, Gong Qing took the initiative to borrow his name this time, and couldn't blame him.

Then of course he would laugh at this compliment without blushing or breathing.

Then he smiled again.

"Hahaha, praised!"

"It's just a little immature idea. I didn't expect your reaction to be so big. In fact, Gong Qing also made a little effort."

He finally had a little conscience, and he didn't forget to mention Gong Qing.

Not surprisingly, the four deputy lords offered fresh flattery one by one.

"The lord is too humble!"

"This plan is so subtle, where is it immature?"

"Faced with such a dangerous situation, you can think of a way to break the game, you deserve to be the lord!"

"Lord Jiang is great!"


Brother Cheng was in a daze for a while before he remembered what was going on.

It was forced to pretend, but he would definitely not agree to that plan.

The enemy must be solved by himself, how can he rely on conspiracy?

That is too inconsistent with his protagonist.

"This plan is not perfect yet, there are some areas that need to be fine-tuned." He said.

Where can the other four lieutenants have any opinions?

Hastily made a respectful appearance one by one.

However, Gong Qing's complexion changed, and she felt a little bad.

She faintly felt that the clever plan she had come up with was about to be destroyed.

Sure enough, Brother Cheng's next sentence was to directly order.

"Take out the invitation from the Lord's Mansion, and go and get the broilers that rushed over recently...Ah no, all those foreign masters are invited over, just say I have important things to discuss."


Everyone was puzzled.

The essence of Gong Qing's plan just now was to transfer firepower so that everyone could gather fire for Di Yong and Wei Chang.

The essence of this plan is to dilute the presence of the Lord's Mansion as much as possible.

Try to let the Lord's Mansion be ignored by the outside world so that the enemies will bite each other.

As for Brother Cheng's proposal of a treat, he immediately pushed the Lord's Mansion into the spotlight, and outsiders couldn't pay attention to it.

Several lieutenants frowned.

"Is this something wrong?"

"Yeah, it doesn't seem reasonable."

Gong Qing even expressed his opposition directly: "It is very unwise to do this. The other party will guess our intentions in the end, and will keep all eyes on here..."

"Okay, it's my final decision."

Brother Cheng interrupted her directly~www.wuxiaworld~ Just do as I say. "


Several deputy lords also resisted a bit.

"Don't worry, I have a lot of meaning in this move, and there are a lot of follow-up moves arranged later."

"Shen Yi? Is there a later move?"

Brother Cheng had a deep meaning from Mao, but he said so deliberately to let them cooperate.

"It won't work if you say it in advance, you can do it soon!"

Several deputy lords had never seen his acting style, only when he was really hiding an endless follow-up coup, so they took orders to do it.

After they left, Brother Cheng turned and looked at Gong Qing who was unacceptable.

"You are really amazing!"

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