Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 923

Chapter 923: I even dared to come to the Hongmen Banquet

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Gong Qing's expression changed, and she remembered that she had deceived the lord this time.

She hurriedly said: "I didn't mean to lie to you, just to break the situation."

"However, I still disagree with your decision!"

There was a touch of inherent stubborn persistence on her face.

"With all due respect, this is unwise, and it will even accelerate our defeat in advance!"


The corner of Brother Cheng's mouth curled slightly.

"What if I succeed in getting rid of those enemies this time?"

Gong Qing was startled, she carefully analyzed the strength gap between the two sides again.

Then he shook his head heavily.

"That is impossible!"

"is it?"

Brother Cheng smiled strangely: "Then we'll make a bet."

"Bet?" Gong Qing looked puzzled.


Jiang Cheng's face turned straight: "If I didn't use your plan this time, but instead used my method to destroy those enemies, then you can no longer deceive me. You must get my consent before making major decisions!"

In fact, he doesn't care much about deceiving people around him.

Even if there is a betrayal, it is nothing more than one death and one more hang-up.

Besides, Gong Qing came up with that strategy this time, isn't it to help him?

The main thing he cares about is that his chance of acting is taken away by this super capable woman without realizing it.

So take insurance in advance.

Gong Qing was a little surprised.

She didn't expect Jiang Cheng to have such low demands on herself.

In fact, if you change to another lord, you can just warn and give orders, right?

She couldn't help asking curiously: "Then what if you didn't do it?"

Lord Jiang laughed: "If I didn't do it this time, then what you say from now on, I will do what you say, I will completely obey your opinion!"


Gong Qing was really shocked this time.

Because this promise is incredible.

Isn't this that all future actions must be based on her words?

The strength of the cultivation world is respected, Jiang Cheng is more than a hundred times stronger than her, and there is a natural gap between the status of the two.

As long as she wins this time, even though Jiang Cheng can't talk about becoming her subordinate, he is basically controlled by her.

How could there be such a good-speaking lord in the world?

"What you said is true?"

Her breathing became trembling, and she couldn't believe it was true.

"Of course, my promises are always counted."

Seeing her extremely serious expression, Brother Cheng couldn't laugh or cry.

"Did you really start to think about it? I have to lose it!"

The news that Jiang Cheng was going to be a guest soon spread throughout the city.

The outside masters who rushed over during this period of time have all received invitations from the Lord's Mansion.

This makes everyone feel confused.

"What medicine does he sell in this gourd?"

"There must be a conspiracy!"

"Yes, this kind of abnormal behavior must be tricky!"

"Could it be that there was some big formation and arrangement in ambush, planning to kill us all at once?"

"Just rely on him?"

"What can his strength do?"

"That is, in front of absolute strength, all conspiracies are clouds..."

If Gong Qing hears this sentence, she might shake her head, so don't say it too much.

"Will he be unable to bear our pressure, so he intends to surrender?"

"Yes, it should be so, he can't hold it anymore."

"He'd better be aware of him, and take the initiative to hand over the lord mark, maybe he can save a dog's life!"

With this idea, masters from other lands and outland came to the lord's mansion one after another.

"Red Star brings Master Yuan Xi here!"

As the guards sang loudly, an old man in the middle stage of the fourth stage of the imperial realm flew in blankly.

Beside him, there were several other masters of the late Emperor Realm triple stage as his company.

This is Yuan Xi's companion, and can be regarded as a helper in this fight for the mark.

"Mist Zen leads Master Gan Qing to come!"

"Liu Sheng leads Master Candlesong!"

One after another masters entered the arena one after another.

After receiving the invitation, no matter who had any thoughts, they all chose to attend the meeting.

What if at this banquet, the ownership of the lord mark is settled?

Wouldn't it be a big loss if you didn't catch up?

"Lord Di Yong, Jue Lingyu is here!"

The arrival of the late masters of the four-layer imperial realm made the voice of the guards at the gate several degrees louder.

And beside this master from Outland, he also followed two other followers of the early stage of the quadruple of the Emperor Realm.

Speaking of the lineup, it can be regarded as the strongest of all forces.

No wonder Gong Qing chose him as the first calculation target.

Listening to the familiar names one by one, the hearts of the four deputy lords and other elders trembled.

Sitting in the table, they were completely on pins and needles, and they were all uncomfortable.

Among these people, there are too many who have the strength to kill the four of them.

No sense of security!

They can only pin their hopes on Lord Jiang, hoping that he really has any follow-up tricks.

But looking at Jiang Cheng now, he couldn't see anything.

The new lord was sitting on his head like an old god, with a contented smile on his face.

I didn't see him getting up to greet anyone, and he didn't mean to greet a "guest".

In this posture, let alone the masters who were present, even the four deputy lords could not stand it.

They kept using their eyes to suggest Lord Jiang, you have a few words with them.

At least it's a familiar face, so let's relax the relationship!

Just when they couldn't help but want to stand up and say something by themselves, Brother Cheng finally spoke.

"It looks like they are all here."

"There is nothing left out, right? If there is any, please send someone to urge you!"

This makes everyone wonder whether he is diligent or indifferent.


There was a heavy smashing of the table in the field, which attracted everyone's attention.

"Huh, what is it?"

But seeing the irritation on the face of Candle Song from Liu Sheng collar.

"Since you are a banquet, what about the banquet?"

The table in front of him was slick, not to mention the delicacies, not even a glass of ice water was prepared.

Not just him, but the table in front of the others is also clean and slick.

"Jiang Cheng, what do you mean?"

"Is this provoking us?"

"Are you Tianhongling looking for death?"

"Want to be wiped out?"

Several other leaders of the Imperial Realm Quadruple Master also slapped the table~www.wuxiaworld~ felt that they were underestimated.

The four deputy lords looked helpless and aggrieved.

They were originally prepared, but before entering the field, they were all ordered to withdraw by Jiang Cheng.

The reason for the use is still a clever plan, which is also a special arrangement.

The four believed in his evil.

Don't know, this brother's original intention is not to waste food.

Anyway, these visitors will soon become dead. Is it necessary to entertain?

"Everyone, stay safe and restless."

Lord Jiang smiled and pressed his hands to the outside masters on the left and right.

"Actually I admire you very much."

"You know that this is a Hongmen banquet, and you dare to come and participate in it. It's commendable!"

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