Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 924

Chapter 924: Send 1 die

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Chapter 924

Hongmen Banquet?

what is that?

No one in the real world of ice has heard of this term, and I really dont know what it means.

However, everyone heard the ridicule in Jiang Zhangmen's words.

Why is this?

Fat Sheep still dare to laugh at others?

boom! boom! boom!

The sound of beating the table one after another sounded.


"What did you just say?"

"Speak clearly!"

"Are you looking for death?"

Wow! Wow!

The tables made of ice shattered into powder.

It made Brother Cheng feel distressed. He had known that he hadnt even prepared the table case. What a waste.

"Dont everyone be so excited..."

He thinks it's better to change the battle location elsewhere.

Otherwise, there will be fights, wouldnt it even destroy the lords mansion?

"Actually, I called everyone to discuss something important."

The group of people below can't wait a long time.

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted loudly by the group of foreign masters.

"what's up?"

"Do you want to hand over the lord mark?"

"Say, who are you going to give to?"

"Hurry up, hand it over to me, or wait for revenge!"

"You dare to give it to him, I will never let you go!"

In this scene, the four lieutenants shook their heads and sighed again and again.

Alas, it's too difficult.

This group of people is too arrogant, they are completely robbers.

But the strength is strong, it is not reasonable at all.

I knew it, its better to use the previous strategy.

Now I have recruited people, and its hard to end it without giving them an explanation.

"That's it, besides the lord mark, I have another treasure to give to everyone."

"There is another treasure?"

"What treasure?"

"Get it out!"

"That treasure is inconvenient to see here. Please follow me, everyone."

After finishing speaking, Jiang Zhangmen took the lead and flew over the lords mansion.

Immediately afterwards, went straight out of the city.

"Is he trying to escape?"

"Catch up!"

"Look at what tricks he is going to play!"

Everyone huffed around and a large group followed.

They are not afraid of any ambush.

After all, in their eyes, Jiang Cheng couldn't arrange any decent ambush, and couldn't shake them at all.

Although the entire Ice Realm is an incredible iceberg, the terrain is not smooth everywhere.

Everyone flew all the way, and finally flew out of the city and came to an iceberg.

Under the light of the sky, the iceberg exudes a crystal clear light, which is bright and magnificent.

But no one is in the mood to watch any scenery at this time.

As soon as Jiang Cheng stopped, they all scattered their spirits and looked around.

Although I am not worried about ambush, it is better to be cautious.

But to their surprise, this place is really an extremely ordinary iceberg.

"Where are the treasures you are talking about?"

"If you dare to lie to us, don't want to leave alive!"

"Hurry up and hand over the marks and treasures!"

"You guys are really too anxious!"

The head of Jiang sighed. If it wasn't for avoiding damage to the lord's mansion, he didn't need to come here specially.

Before everyone could continue to question, he drew out the fairy sword and swung it quickly towards one of the icebergs.

But I saw countless ice and snow powders, which were blown away by the wind in the sky.

Everyone looked intently and saw a huge death carved out on the iceberg.

For a time, I was a bit daunted.

"This is the treasure I gave you, and I will give you a death!"

"Hahahaha, are you still satisfied?"

Everyone was furious, and Candle Song was the first to yell: "Are you special..."

The boundless sword light greeted him!

At this point, the head of Jiang wouldn't talk nonsense with them, so he just killed him.

The imprint of ice and the fifty profound patterns blessed the twelfth-order Immortal Qianhua Sword Scripture, displaying fifteen sword hearts!

A figure was shot down directly from high altitude.

A huge pit was smashed below!


The mountains roared, and countless icebergs collapsed at this moment, like a natural disaster.

The ground formed by the ice layer, because of this smash, directly cracked numerous cracks!

In the depths of the huge pit, a broken body of true ice was torn apart, and there was no more sound.

Candle Pine-death!

Yao thinks about the first battle in the realm of Ice. Faced with Jin Chong, Jiang Zhangmen tried his best, but was eventually killed by the opponent.

It has only been less than a month, facing the candle pine, which is also in the fourth stage of the Emperor Realm, with only one blow!

Compared to that time, his strength has improved too much.

The twelfth-level swordsmanship, the ninth level of the mysterious pattern of ice, and the mysterious soul that has been promoted from the early stage of the first stage of the imperial state to the late stage of the second stage of the imperial state.

This made his combat effectiveness at this time no less than that of the late four-layer imperial realm.

But the candle pine is unprepared.

When Jiang Cheng suddenly killed him, he didn't even have time to sacrifice the real weapon.

Even if this kind of person is alive, in the eyes of Brother Cheng, it is just a dead body.

When the body of Candlesong fell down, many people didn't even know what happened.

They thought it was Jiang Cheng who was killed by Candle Pine.

When they saw the goal clearly, everyone was in shock.

how can that be?

Candle Song is dead?

He is the strength of the four-tier mid-term of the Emperor Realm!

what happened?

He was killed by Jiang Cheng?

Everyone is blinded...

However, Jiang Cheng was not blinded.

He always goes all out in battle.

After the second hit of Candlesong, he quickly flashed in front of Gan Qing, another blow!


Gan Qing, who was stunned, was devastated!

His ice burst in the air.

turned into countless fragments, lasing out.

Another mid-level quadruple emperor master was killed instantly!

Not far away, Wei Chang and Di Yong let out angry roars.


"kill him!"

They are not angry for Gan Qing, but angry because of being tricked.

Others finally reacted.

One after another, they presented real tools, shaking the earth for a while.

The countless rules of ice above turned into a horizontal river, while the collapsed icebergs and cracked ground below were still roaring.

The ice crystal fragments all over the sky are very bright ~www.wuxiaworld~ and Jiang Cheng's figure disappeared in place after killing Gan Qing.

He turned on stealth directly!

In a flash, everyone lost their goal.

Countless attacks hit the empty space, setting off a wave of destruction.

In that dark place, Jiang Cheng directly clicked the system teleport technique.

The location of teleportation is above Yuan Xi's head.

The biggest difference between system transmission and space conversion is that there is no fluctuation in space rules.

When Jiang Cheng appeared above Yuan Xi, he was completely unaware of it.

And when he noticed it, the broken glass sword had penetrated his Tianling Gai!


A crisp cracking sound came out quietly.

Immediately afterwards, his ice-body head shattered into countless ice flowers.

The third mid-level quadruple master of the Imperial Realm has fallen!

At this time, many people have just accepted the fact that the war has started.

(End of this chapter)

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