Opening The Ground Stall To Sell Vigorously Chapter 1065

Chapter 1064: Are you all so perverted? (Plus more)

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Looking at the lip prints all over Jiangnan, Zhang Sanlisi Liu Mang looked ferocious!


Sad tears were shed one after another!

Why? Dont you carry someone on your back?

Didn't even wear clothes, and even showed off his achievements?

Is this shameless?

Just looking at the lip print on this body, Liu Mang has already automatically made up the picture?

You have taken it all, we all have it!

At the moment everyone looked at Jiangnan and looked weird!

After all, the lip print on this body is a bit too glamorous!

Chen Daoyi smiled with emotion: "It's nice to be young!" Remember the website m.42zw.\\ncom

Zhong Yingxue blushed with shame, bowed her head and buttoned her clothes!

Xia Yao is full of expression, what do you know? Not everyone can have this whole body enchantment!

Yang Jian lightly coughed: "Cough~ You still have to pay attention to the influence, although you are young, you still have to pay attention to your body!"

"How can you wash your face when you come out in the morning?"

Jiang Nan was confused: () What are you talking about?

Bo Bo can still exhaust your body?

"Wash your face? It doesn't exist! I'm shameless!"

If you wash your face, won't the lip marks be washed off?

Isn't that a white kiss?

Because of the shock of Jiang Nan's lip print, Yang realized the problem!

Hurriedly said: "You... how could you use teleport just now?"

Mira raised her little hand and said excitedly!

() "As long as you are kissed by Jiangnan brother, you can use it! A lip print can take ten minutes~"

When these words came out, everyone's eyes widened, looking at Jiangnan like a hungry wolf!


You know, teleport is a magical skill!

May I ask which people in the world teleport if they don't want it?

Now you can have it as long as you are kissed by Jiangnan?

The crowd exploded in an instant, and hula la la slammed up!

() "Southern God! Will you give me a kiss? I want to try teleporting too?"

(.) "Kiss me, kiss me! I'd better kiss, my cheeks are softer! Please kiss! Please kiss me!"

() "Everyone grabs it, I'm here first, Nanshen, you kiss me? I will give you 10,000 yuan for a kiss!"

Jiangnan was surrounded by the crowd in an instant, and I don't know how many people put their faces in front of Jiangnan!

The scene instantly got out of control!

Jiangnan sweats violently on his forehead, is this thing so powerful?

A group of elders in their 30s and 40s squeezed in front of them, begging?

Can there be more ghosts in this scene?

"Who wants to kiss you? I won't kiss you!"

Li Bing jumped into the crowd and snatched Jiang Nan out!

Eyes full of excitement: "I kiss you so much, how many times have I saved you? You have to pay me back now, isn't that too much?"

Jiang Nan swallowed, with a weak expression on his face!

(`) "Okay then~"

Speaking of putting on lipstick on his lips, he took a sip on Li Bing's forehead, leaving a lip print!

"Oh, hurry up! When I kissed you, I didn't deduct so much!"

Everyone listened, good fellow! It's not your limit at all to work with one to pick three?

Jiang Nan stared, I'm still afraid you won't make it?

So I turned on the woodpecker mode and printed a dozen times on Li Bing's face!

Give her a full face lip print!

Seeing Li Bing teleported to the top of the building, his body flashed continuously in the air, so excited!


"Teleport! Hiss~ This is absolutely amazing!"

Where can everyone stand it?

"Hurry up! Kiss me! I beg you!"

"Print every corner of my body, I won't take a shower in my life!"

The eyes of a group of people are green, chasing Jiangnan to bang bang!

Liu Mang hit the wall with a fist, his steel teeth clenched!

Why didn't Lao Tzu encounter such a situation? Has Nanshen evolved?

From the dream of 900 million girls to the ultimate southern **** of blue star creatures?

Jiang Nan is going crazy, if I kiss each other, will I still be alive?

I feel like I came from a seal now?

Suddenly, Jiang Nan saw a bobcat in the crowd, but she didn't follow the crowd around!

Instead, he looked at himself secretly with a look of eagerness, but he was embarrassed to speak!

I saw Jiang Nan teleporting to the bobcat, hanging on her like a koala!

He pursed his lips and kissed her on the cheek a dozen!


The Lynx was taken aback: "Ah! You, you, you..."

The touch of the lips on her face made her face flushed, standing still at a loss!

Jiang Nan said loudly: "Stop! No more! I've got five! Sister Shanmiao is the last one!"

"The teleportation consumes my spiritual power. If you kiss me again, it will be dry!"

Yang Jian is full of excitement at the moment, if this thing is used well, it will be extremely valuable!

Ye Zhenguo came over, with a kind smile on his face, took Jiang Nan off the bobcat and put his arms around his shoulders!


"Ah~ Brother Jiang! It's just the relationship between us! You can't kiss me too much, right?"

"If I could teleport! That would be awesome!"

Jiang Nan looked at the pleats on Ye Zhenguo's face. They were all blackheads and shaggy beards, and almost didn't vomit directly!

"Even if I die, I will never kiss an old man if I jump from here!"

Ye Zhenguo's mouth twitched slightly: "Ah~ I won't let you white kiss, you kiss me, I will let my granddaughter pay you back ten!"

"This is a trade that makes a profit without losing money, don't you think about it?"

Jiangnan almost didn't spit out a mouthful of old blood!

Good guy, in order to be able to use Teleport, Brother Ye even started selling his granddaughter?

Are you such a grandfather? Where's the face?

Chen Dao raised his hand!

()"I! I have granddaughters too! I am getting older! You kiss me, and I will let my granddaughters pay you back one by one!"

Wang Dalei is in a hurry!

() "Uncle! I am your elder nephew! As an elder! You can't kiss the younger generation too much, right?"

Yang Jian covered his face, why are these Daotians shameless one by one?

What the **** is this transaction content?

Do you know if you stepped on a horse and broke the law?

Jiang Nan's mouth twitched: "Aren't you guys?"

Ye Zhenguo stared: "That's teleporting, hey, how many people have been dreaming about it for a long time?"

"Hurry up! Take a bite with your brother, or you'll break up!"

Jiangnan grinds my teeth, you are forcing me to betray my soul!

However, Jiang Nan, who was concentrated on his wisdom, said quickly: "My teleport is only three kilometers, and it's very rubbish!"

"Isn't Brother Li in Xijiang? Let him kiss you? His teleport is 100,000 meters!"

At this moment, Ye Zhenguo's eyes brightened, yes!

Why did you forget this?

While talking, Jiangnan stuffed Ye Zhenguo with lipstick!

Where can everyone stand it? The original plan was to go directly to Tu Teng!

When this happened, I decided to find Lao Li to enchant it first!

To slaughter the vines is more sure!

So the group of people headed towards the Void Sea in a soupy way!


At the gate of the void sea!

Li Mingshan is sitting on a chair at the moment, with a tea table in front of him, steaming from the teapot, leisurely savoring a bubble of gold Pu'er!

The boundary is still blocked at the door!

At this moment, Tu Teng's army headed by Ye Zhenguo rushed over with red eyes!

Li Mingshan's eyes widened, his face was stunned!

"What are you doing here? Clean up the void sea? It's useless, just give up, the space spirit beast is not so easy to deal with!"

Ye Zhenguo shook his head, his eyes looked down on Li Mingshan, and finally fell on his lips!

"No! We are going to Tuteng!"

Li Mingshan looked at everyone's gazes and gave a fierce hit. How did they feel like they were looking at this Chi Guoguo little lamb?

"I...I can't go, I can't go away here in Void Sea!"

Just smashed Igor, and then help kill the mother vine? Don't even think about it, Lao Tzu!

Ye Zhenguo hugged Li Mingshan's shoulders extremely intimately, grinning!

"Ah~ Lao Li, we are all brothers. After so many years of ups and downs, I don't need to say more about friendship, right?"

Li Mingshan frowned, why did he mention this suddenly? Do they suspect that I am from the Holy Star? otherwise

Wang Dalei said distressed: "The wind and sand on the west side, look at Uncle Li? My lips are cracked by the wind, come! I'll moisturize your lips!"

Speaking, he took out Bo Bo lipstick and applied it on Li Mingshan's mouth for a while!

At this moment, Jiangnan Yang Jian and the others are suffocating crazy!

I'm all very old, with gray hair and wrinkled face, but I put lipstick on my lips?

Is this too weird?

Flaming red lips from an old man?

Li Mingshan:? ? ?

"You...what are you doing? It's all lords, are you disgusting?"

"Go and go! Slaughter your vines, hold back and bother me!"

However, Ye Zhenguo's expression was straightforward: "Since I'm a brother! Then you can't kiss me too much, right?"

Li Mingshan: (lll)! ! !

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

Wang Dalei looked serious: "Uncle Li! Hold back and kiss me!"

Chen Dao coughed slightly, "Also... take me too? I want you to kiss too!"

Li Mingshan sprayed all the Pu'er tea on Wang Dalei's face!


Came all the way here just to ask for my kiss? What is the lack of love?

"Are you all so perverted now? Fart? Fuck off! I'm not good at this!"

Ye Zhenguo was angry: "Lao Li! You white-eyed wolf, thinking that you were seriously injured and dying in the Tianshan Lingxu back then, and there is no support!"

"Who carried you on the horse for three days and three nights? Now you let you kiss me and you won't kiss me?"

"Are you still a person? I think I misunderstood you! Bah!"

Li Mingshan exploded: "Will it be the same when riding a horse? It has half a dime relationship with me kissing you?"

"Which one of your heads is wrong, right?"

Ye Zhenguo's eyes were red: "Just ask if you kiss? Otherwise, I won't recognize you as a brother!"

Li Mingshan grinds his teeth for a while, he's Lailai, what a thing is this!

"Dear! Isn't it okay for me to kiss?"

Ye Zhenguo's eyes were bright, and he really had to play the emotional card!

So he moved his face quickly!

Li Mingshan closed his eyes, pursed his mouth with disgust, and moved towards Ye Zhenguo's cheek!

Cold sweat rushed on his forehead!


At this moment, Yang Jian Nightingale and their eyes were almost blinded!

An old man with gray hair and wrinkled face, pouting red lips and kissing another old man?

The one who was kissed is still looking forward to it?

At this moment, Li Mingshan seemed to feel light dazzling his eyes!

So I glanced to the side!

I saw Jiang Nan and others take out their mobile phones. At this moment, they have been adjusted to 30 continuous shooting, the flash flickered frantically, and their faces were whistling as if nothing had happened!

[](`) shh~

Li Mingshan:! ! !

[The grievance value from Li Mingshan +1000! ]

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