Opening The Ground Stall To Sell Vigorously Chapter 1066

Chapter 1065: Three Day War Mother Vine

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Shoot? Still shooting?

No matter how I say it, I'm still famous, and I don't want face?

And there are so many juniors watching?

Then turned to look at Ye Zhenguo's wrinkled old face!

Li Mingshan vomited with a puff of sour water, spraying Ye Zhenguo's face!


"No way, Lao Ye, broad daylight, brilliant, I really can't talk about it!"

"I can't get past the hurdle in my heart. Once you have done something, you can't look back!"

Ye Zhenguo wiped off the acid on his face!

"Still vomiting on horseback? Is Lao Tzu so disgusting? Are you kissing?"

"If you don't kiss me, I will shake all those things you did!" The starting website htt

Li Mingshan was shocked, does he really know about the matter between me and Shengxing?

So he asked tentatively: "What...what's the matter?"

Ye Zhenguo stared, "Don't think I didn't know that you teleported to the locker room of the women's bathhouse to peek!"

Li Mingshan:! ! !

"Hidden the young girl's vest... Um!"

Before he finished speaking, Li Mingshan exploded. Without saying anything, he got up and held Ye Zhenguo's old face, and he was a kiss to his mouth!


Just let him shut up!

At this moment, the two old men just got together!

There were bursts of exclamation from the audience, the flashlights burst, and many young girls made "~" with a look of disgust!


Time and space seem to have stopped!

After taking a sip, Li Mingshan's face turned black: "Shut up! I'm dear! Is it all right this time?"

At this moment, Ye Zhenguo's brain is a little confused, I asked you to kiss, but didn't let you kiss?

Recalling the feeling just now, Ye Zhenguo was in a daze, his eyes dodged, and his old face turned red!


Li Mingshan exploded: "You stepped on a horse and blushed a bubble teapot? You let Lao Tzu kiss you!"

Ye Zhenguo looked ruthless, and it was all like this, Lao Tzu gave it up!

"Kiss a few more kisses and print my face all over, or I'll expose your bottom line!"

Li Mingshan grinds his teeth, you old man threatening me?

Kiss it!

So a dozen lip prints were printed on Ye Zhenguo's face!

At this moment, the eyes of those people looking at Li Mingshan are all wrong!

Old Li looks serious, but he is not a good bird!

Is the space system all like this?

"Xiao Nan? You haven't done something like this before, have you?"

Jiang Nan sneered: "Heh~ how is it possible? I want to see it directly, or become a young girl and mix in with it!"

Everyone stroked their foreheads with their hands. You seem to be a little bit too much?

Li Mingshan's expression stiffened when he gave Ye Zhen Guo's lip prints all over his face!

At this moment, there was already a long line up behind Ye Zhenguo, all waiting for him to kiss him with all their faces looking forward to it!


Li Mingshan is dumbfounded. Is it because I can't keep up with the times, or are you too perverted?

Wang Dalei leaned forward expectantly: "It's me! Uncle Li kissed me!"

Li Mingshan's face was black: "Are you all crazy? You still have to pay?"

Wang Dalei looked straight, "Uncle Li! Although he only kissed a few people, he was making contributions to the country?"

Li Mingshan stared! fart! Do you want to rise to this height?

The gaze fell on Yang Jian, only to find that Yang Jian was also lining up, and nodded expectantly!

Li Mingshan let out a long sigh, then just make a contribution. Anyway, he won't lose anything in person?

Lao Tzu is fighting!

So began to stamp on everyone's faces madly!

One person's face was printed seven or eight times, and finally his mouth hurt!

"By the way, why are all the big men in the line? How about the little girl? Why don't you come to the line? Grandpa Li doesn't dislike you!"

Ye Zhenguo pouted!

() "What you think is pretty? You don't dislike others, they dislike you!"

"The little girl let my brother Jiang finish the kiss, this is all left for you!"

Li Mingshan:? ? ?

You especially kissed the little girls, leaving a bunch of old men for me to kiss?

Didn't you do that?

[The grievance value from Li Mingshan +1000! ]

[From Li Mingshan...]

"Fuck away, hurry up! I'm not kissing anymore!"

Jiangnan Hehe Zhile, stepped forward and stuffed Li Mingshan with a basket of durian pulp!

"Brother Li is really strong, dare to support so many people? Tsk tusk~"

At this moment, Li Mingshan still looks unclear, so!

I saw Ye Zhenguo roar: "Sky Cong Action Team! Let's go!"

In the next instant, violent spatial fluctuations came, and the whole team disappeared directly in front of Li Mingshan!

Li Mingshan himself was the only one left in the vast wasteland, as if he had never appeared before!

Li Mingshan's eyeballs burst out and he was silly!


This...what's the situation?

How can they teleport?

And Li Mingshan's spiritual power disappeared in an instant!

It dries up in the next second, and even the cheeks are sunken down!


Li Mingshan was shocked for an instant, his eyes fell on the basket of durian pulp!

Although I don't know what's going on, I seem to have been pitted!

I quickly opened a can of durian pulp, but the goose was stinky in an instant!

Smoked tears flow!

But seeing that the boundary of the void sea was about to dissipate, Li Mingshan gritted his teeth and stuffed the durian pulp!

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, is this baba? Hhhhhhhhhh

But the aura is also full, used to maintain the boundary, but the next moment, the aura that has just returned to full is drained!

All Li Mingshan's relatives use his spiritual power!

Even eating durian pulp can't bear such a disaster!

[The grievance value from Li Mingshan +1000! ]

Although it smells amazing, but in order to maintain the boundary, I have to eat it!

This girl is forcing Lao Tzu to eat Shete!

Li Mingshan's heart is broken at this moment, I will never mess with relatives anymore!

[From Li Mingshan...]


In the Tiancong Force Field, after a few days of free time, Thirty Thousand Dragon Yuan was fattened in the dark night!

I saw the Tian Cong Action Team headed by Yang Jian suddenly appear under the Tian Cong Ivy, and their faces were filled with excitement!

"Hahaha! Shouldn't you say it, it's really exciting!"

"Isn't it? You don't have to move by yourself at all. If I want to move, it will move by itself!"

"It's really amazing, I feel like I'm so immersed in it that I can't help myself out!"

"I'll look for him next time! I just have no abilities to say!"

But Wei Dabeard who stayed in the Tian Cong force field looked at Ye Zhenguo, Yang Jian and the others, who were full of lip marks, and they were directly stupid!

Hiss~ Is this... so wonderful?

Are you a collective one-stop?

Is the arrangement so appropriate? Don't carry someone on your back?

The head of Brother Jian?

Others can understand, saying Ye Daotian, Chen Daotian! You two are both so old and still alive?

This is giving people money for nothing, right?

Yang Jian greeted: "Let's go! Enter the Vatican and go to Tuteng! This time, it's too much to return!"

Wei Dabei and the others were full of excitement and hurried to keep up. Seeing that Tiancong Qingteng had relied on, they were excited!

The huge master plant over 500 meters roared and followed Jiangnan behind them!

But Wei Da Huo swallowed and leaned forward to Liu Mang!

(..) "Hey Mang? I heard that it is amazing? Can't help it out?"

Liu Mang was startled, then he laughed: "You don't know if you don't try it, Bo Bo, that's really wonderful!"

Wei Dabeard's eyes brightened: "Where? Introduce your brother?"

Liu Mang looked weird, and then he smirked!

() "Go to Li Mingshan and ask Li Daotian! He knows!"

Wei Dabeard gasped, even Li Daotian?

Tut tut~

As soon as they entered the Vaticans no mans land, everyone was shocked by the scene in front of them!

There was also a great explosion in the spirit market here, but no spirit beast was seen!

There are corpses everywhere, and the blood red vine roots 100 meters thick are everywhere on the ground!

Even some of the spirit ruins were filled with vine roots!

As soon as I noticed that everyone had entered his territory, countless vines swept toward this side!

Ye Zhenguo stared: "Pickup...Bah! Long Wei!"

Suddenly, a strong repulsive force was released centered on Ye Zhenguo, and the vine roots that swept over were directly disintegrated!

Always excluded from 10,000 meters away!

I saw a female vine in the distance as high as a thousand meters, like a world tree, dancing the vine roots wantonly, the scene is extremely scary!

Ye Zhenguo's forehead burst into sweat: "No one told me that this thing is so big?"

"A few of us are choking with teleport, right?"

As soon as I turned around, I saw Wang Dalei and Chen Daoyi had come to Jiangnan to equip them!

Where can they do it after they have tasted the sweetness? Must have a set of **** pretends first?

Ye Zhenguo hurriedly came over!

With a smile on Jiangnan's face, one person sent out a bottle of fake wine, vigorously 2.0, plus nuclear milk!

The corners of Ye Zhenguo's eyes twitched, "Is it vigorously again? Go!"

Don't you want to continue to change the lamp?

Wang Dalei laughed: "Drink, this mother vine is very tricky, don't drop the chain again!"

Ye Zhenguo's face was tangled, and then he was ruthless in his heart. The typhoon was the lamp!

"By the way, what good thing is this nuclear bomb milk? Is it fierce?"

Both Wang Dalei and Chen Daoyi twitched their mouths and looked at each other. Everything was silent!

"If you're old and tough, Uncle Ye can drink it without worry, and take a sip to the world's nuclear peace!"

"This is what I love the most, and it reminds me of the passionate years!"

He's Lailai, we can't just be ashamed of the two of us. If we die, we will die together!

When Ye Zhenguo heard it, his eyes brightened and his passion burned?

Apart from anything else, beer vigorously boosted tons of milk and all the tons of milk!

That's really bad water!

After just hearing a few "chuckling" sounds, the three of them all turned into red devil muscles, and the countdown appeared in their eyes!

A dazzling light burst out from the top of the head, three days in the same day!

I couldn't help laughing out loud, and a teleport was dried under the mother vine's main plant!

The body clings to the mother vine, like three fixed-point bombs!

"Teleport nuclear explosion!"

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