Opening The Ground Stall To Sell Vigorously Chapter 1067

Chapter 1066: Blow up the audience

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"Boom boom boom!"

The three loud noises are in no particular order, the scarlet red of horror can bloom wantonly, the earthquake trembles, and the land is flying!

This horrible scene is like the end of the day!

I saw that the sturdy main plant of the mother vine was directly blown off, and most of it was directly charred!

Ye Zhenguo laughed loudly: "Niu Bian! Isn't this wave over directly?"

Several vine roots of Tiancong Qingteng swung past, and directly entangled the broken mother vine main plant!

Pull it over and give it a fuck, no waste at all!

Everyone was also startled, this... is this done?


Three Daotians, all in a **** costume, go up to the face and explode. What things can't hold back such a harm?

At this moment, Jiangnan is far away, blowing a hooligan whistle! Remember the URL m.zw.\ncom

"Brother Ye's demeanor is not diminished back then! Although slightly inferior to my Da Lei nephew!"

"But it's worthy of being an existence with a skill!"

Ye Zhenguo's expression was startled, what kind of thing is he good at?

The breeze has blown, and now it is slightly cool!

Ye Zhenguo's face became stiff, and he couldn't help looking at Wang Dalei and Chen Dao!

At this moment, there is nothing outside of them on their bodies!

Ye Zhenguo was sweating on his forehead and looked down!

[The grievance value from Ye Zhenguo +1000! ]

God's special meow a skill!

No one ever told me that a nuclear explosion would burst clothes?

Can't even Hulk **** be able to withstand it? You two entrust Laozi into the water, right?

At this moment, Ye Zhenguo's cheeks blushed no matter how thick the skin was!

Wang Dalei laughed loudly: "Don't be afraid, Uncle Ye, just get used to it by being naked!"

"You haven't noticed that when Chen Daoyi was fighting with Pepper before, they were called hot eyes, and they all used Shet!"

Chen Daoyi black face

() "Can you not mention it?"

[The grievance value from Chen Daoyi +1000! ]

Wang Dalei was hard-hearted at the moment: "Although I have a younger generation, in other respects, I am the biggest!"

He raised his waist with a look of expression as he spoke!

At this moment, Chen Daoyi was full of inferiority expressions, and the veil on his body was blessed to more than one meter thick!

And Jiangnan can't listen anymore!

Hey Hey hey! What weird things are you all talking about together?

Nephew Da Lei must have said the name, right?

However, at this moment, Yang Jian's eyebrows opened up!

"Be careful! Mother Vine..."

Several vine roots broke out of the ground, drew towards the three of them with lightning speed!

Fortunately, the three of them reacted quickly, teleporting and avoiding!

The vine roots that took the time have split a small mountain alive!

"True Eye!"

In an instant, a golden light burst into Yang Jian's eyebrows, and his pupils shrank!

"Hey~ The whole Vatican no man's land is covered with the root system of the mother vine. This level of damage is not worth mentioning for it!"

"Its spirit orb is not in the main plant, but is constantly moving among the vine roots, changing positions!"

"It must be picked out! The perspective is shared!"

A wonderful force field spread out with Yang Jian as the center, and everyone present received Yang Jian's vertical-eye perspective!

From the angle of view, the earth is almost transparent, and you can vaguely see the spirit orbs swimming in the vine roots at high speed!

Jiangnan:! !

Brother Jian's abilities are so strong that he can find all the hidden spirit orbs?

With the mother vine's abnormal resilience, it is almost impossible to kill it completely!

Are you only attacking the Lingzhu?

The three of Wang Dalei have shared their perspectives and can accurately find the location of the Lingzhu!

So using teleport, directly rushed to the vicinity of the Lingzhu nuclear explosion!

The mother vines can only gather the vine roots to weave armor to protect the most important spiritual orb!

After sensing the danger, he plunged into the depths of the earth. After all, Teleport couldn't teleport into the ground!

At this moment, Chen Daoyi used his giant wooden spirit **** to dig the soil frantically, trying to dig out the roots of the vine that had plunged into the depths of the earth!

And Wang Dalei and Ye Zhenguo are doing their best to kill the drawn vine roots!

Tian Cong Qingteng followed the three **** to pick up the leftovers to eat!

The situation is deadlocked!

Yang Jian suddenly remembered: "Jiangning can ignore the earth, go underground and give the mother vine spirit beads..."

However, Yang Jian hadn't finished speaking, and Jiang Ning, who was hiding in the void, slammed his head, with a look of disgust!

(~) "I don't want to fight with three naked perverts!"

Yang Jian's expression froze, I...I have nothing to say?

His gaze fell on Jiang Nan, and he saw Jiang Nan sitting under the vine roots of the Tiancong Qingteng at this moment!

There are all kinds of delicious food on the floor cloth, shouting loudly!


"Beer, beverage, mineral water~"

"Melon seeds, peanuts and chicken thighs~"

"Who is going to buy roasted corn? It's roasted now!"

I saw Jiangnan braving hot flames in both hands, holding roots in one hand, and the aroma of roasting overflowed!


There was a small basket in front of him, and it was filled with spirit beads!

During this period of time, Longyuan Dark Night, who was staying in the sky cluster force field, followed Qingteng to pick up the spirit orb!

You have to click a wave!

Zhong Yingxue:! !

Don't use my power to bake rice!

There are already a lot of people holding melon seeds wherever they are. In this level of battle, the Lingwu troops can't get involved at all, okay?

It just doesn't go up, you can only watch the excitement on the sidelines, and watching the excitement is a perfect match for melon seeds!

Yang Jian covered his face: "You... won't you follow along?"

Jiangnan Tan Shou: ()

"Me? I'm just a scumbag platinum? Hey? Daotian-level battle, if I go up, I will be gone!"

Guan Tai:? ? ?

Are you less on? Last time, it didnt seem to be Pepper, right?

Jiangnan won't go up and mix, there are so many heavens, where is there a chance to make a shot?

Stop here and earn a few catties of spirit orbs, isn't it fragrant?

"Does the popcorn have anything to eat? It's falling apart!"

Speaking of taking out a popcorn high-pressure hand-crank pot from the alien space, stuffed a handful of rice beans in it!

Shaking the pot with one hand and breathing fire with the other. After a while, only a loud "bang" sound was heard, and a snakeskin bag burst out!

This is an artifact that is more popular than melon seeds when watching lively sales!

It was sold out as soon as it collapsed!

Zhong Yingxue:! !

Don't use other people's abilities to collapse popcorn!

Is there anything you dont? How can you even have this thing in your alien space?

Its a serious battlefield. Why do you suddenly smell like a night market when you come?

Jiangnan couldn't help but stunned while eating popcorn!

Rice beans can collapse into popcorn, so can small soybeans also collapse into popcorn?

Oh oh oh?

Have a chance to try it!


The last nuclear explosion was released, and Ye Zhenguo, who was covered in black, gray and sweat, wiped his face!

Jiang Nan stared: "Hey! You hold back!"

This wipe wiped all the lip marks on the face!

Dozens of hundred-meter giant vines were drawn, Ye Zhenguo smiled slightly, and drew me? Humph!


However, the Ye Zhen countryman who roared was still in place, his lip prints were wiped off, and his abilities disappeared naturally!


With a loud noise, the root of the vine was drawn directly on Ye Zhenguo's face, slamming it into the ground!

Ye Zhenguo:? ? ?

Why doesn't this work?

The thousands of vine roots entangled like a magic snake, entangled Ye Zhenguo tightly!

"Completely dragonized!"

In an instant, a hundred-meter-high blue dragon appeared in the field, tearing up the rattan around his body!

But more and more rattans entangled, entwining Ye Zhenguo's limbs firmly!

Then hundreds of canes directly cast the thorn lash, and there was a violent twitch on Qinglong's chest and buttocks, and the puffs were loud!

Hang up and smoke!


At this moment, Wang Dalei and Chen Daoyi couldn't hold back their joy!

Ye Zhenguo was blown up, and Laozi Qinglong was ashamed of the God of War!

How can you compare them with each other?

I saw Jiangnan who was setting up a street stall between his gazes. He quickly reduced his figure and broke free from the shackles, and a gust of wind rushed to the street stall!

"Brother! Are there any more products? What about the smoking ring?"

"My face, the Azure Dragon God of War, must not be lost, or you can kiss me two more!"

Jiangnan took two steps back quickly, but he didn't have a hobby of kissing an old man!

Suddenly remembered that when I opened the blind box of biscuits at night, I opened a few good ones!

"Brother Ye! I'll let you blow it up today!"

He took out a dragon biscuit and a mouse biscuit and threw it into Ye Zhenguo's mouth!

Then he took out two paralyzing gold rings and put them on his two middle fingers!

Evolve dragon claws into paralyzing claws!

At this moment, Ye Zhenguo's eyes are bright, my God, what kind of perverted ability is this?


Ye Zhenguo, who couldn't wait, couldn't bear it, and rushed back to the battlefield!

"Completely dragonized!"

After drinking vigorous Ye Zhen Guolong Hua, his body size is about 130 meters!

Originally, the ability of the mouse biscuit was to magnify 100 times, but it can only be magnified 10 times after beastization!


With a violent roar, I saw Ye Zhenguo's figure soaring, magnified by a full 10 times!

The body is straight over 1300 meters! Higher than the rocky mountains on the side!

As soon as he appeared on the stage, Wang Dalei and Chen Dao were scared!



The Gulian Godzilla from Jiangnan is the younger brother in comparison with this one!

This body shape is simply huge!

Is the planet Godzilla?

Everyone showed their gazes in amazement, this is too explosive!

Ye Zhenguo laughed and opened his mouth wildly!

"Dragon's BreathSmashing Star Cannon!"

I saw the blue, purple and green light from the scales all over his body, and he directly combined his dragon's breath spiritual skills with atomic breath!


A three-color energy column with a diameter of almost a kilometer thick spit out, directly blasting into the depths of the earth!


That scene is really comparable to Beng Xing's roaring cannon!

The ground rock shelf is directly set off!

The beer was blown away before it was poured into his mouth, and Jiangnan had to use space barriers to defend it!

The eyes are full of shock!

Daotian is Daotian! Is this the Japanese Blue Star?

A collapsed star cannon went down, and the roots of the vine that the mother vine had plunged into the ground were completely exposed to the air!

A large hole with a diameter of one thousand meters was blasted out in the same place, and it was bottomless!

The mother vine was furious, and the vine root entangled towards Ye Julong!

What's wrong with Ye Zhen's national habit?

Two huge paralyzing claws went straight to the vine root!

Mother Vine:! !

How could it be unguarded after being pricked by the ring of paralysis? Cut the vine root decisively to prevent being implicated!

Ye Zhenguo's **** pressed hard, and the sturdy roots of the vine were stalked straight out of the ground, and they were thrown into the green vine to eat!

Laughing: "I see where you go!"

While speaking, another star collapsing cannon blasted out, and the Lingzhu chasing the mother vine blasted!

It's so explosive!

The atmosphere in the field was completely ignited by Ye Zhenguo!

"Qinglong God of War, this wave is too fried! Niubi!"

"Heh~ this is the fighting power? The Azure Dragon God of War is the fiercest among these Dao Tian, right?"

"I think so, Lei Daotian almost meant it. That's Chen Daoyi, he doesn't seem to be very fierce except for resisting beatings?"

Chen Daoyi: ()? ? ?

I can't bear this, wow, they are also from a family, my old Chen family is no worse than the Ye family!

What did Jiangnan give him just now? So fierce?

So he also teleported to the floor spread and rubbed his hands!

() people

"Jian...Brother Jiang? Also let me get addicted? Is there any good thing to give me a mouthful? Isn't I also trying to defeat the mother vine!"

Jiangnan suddenly became energetic when he heard it!

Hiss~ This... Isn't this a ready-made test product?

Chen Daoyichao carried the misfortune and was able to survive. Under normal circumstances, there shouldn't be any problems, right?

"Yes? Of course there is! Since my brother has spoken, my brother must take care of this for you!"

Chen Daoyi's eyes brightened: "Really...really? What baby?"

Jiang Nan smiled brilliantly, and took out Didiwei perfume from his pocket...

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