Orchid: Cloning Number One Chapter 26

Volume 1: Secret Of The Moon Kingdom Chapter 26 The Blessing

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Akira ended the chest, he saw the Moon lying. He immediately applied the Moon closely. Then holding, feel the pulse disappears.

"Yes, mulhe, she is my friend from a far country. Oh Moon, what a bad fate you have. Queen Mayleen allow me to heal the Moon"

"Okay, I will allow you to heal it",

With Akira's ability, Akira drains healing. He frees the black magic caused by the medusa. Without realizing it, it also frees the forces trapped within the Moon.

A strong wind seemed to be coming towards me, pulling myself into the body. Darkness enveloped me again, very dark. Until a small light appeared, and began to illuminate me. In an instant I returned to this world.

Opened my eyes slowly, and saw two of my best friends who immediately hugged me tightly. she stopped crying. Akira also saluted Queen Mayleen and myself.

I immediately came out of the coffin, and saluted Queen Mayleen. Humble yourself a little, "My respect to Queen Mayleen. Thank you for your help, and to Akira",

"You are very lucky to have such a great friend. Now all of you, I am tasked with completing your mission. And take care of your friends, don't let her get hurt. again ",

We all immediately saluted in unison," Your Excellency, Queen Mayleen ". Then we went outside the throne.


Our footsteps stopped in the courtyard, the only way out of this palace. Somehow I saw that the figure of the man who saved me was a cruel man. He is a demon lord, but friends don't even know him. Yes, especially Kayora and Yora, they seem to like this man.

With a happy face, Kayora thanked Akira. "Mr. Akira, thank you for saving my friend. I am very happy, and do not know how to thank Mr.".

With a sweet yet friendly smile, that man seemed to make the people around him not recognize his true self. "No need to thank you, you just need to just let me hang out with the Moon today. Can you?"

Yora and Kayora looked at each other, then looked at me. I lowered my head for a moment, then looked back at them.

"Of course, please" Yora replied.

Without further ado, this man immediately grabbed my hand. He took me away from this palace. Prince Kim and Sasuke just stared at the girl's departure with Akira. No one was suspicious of Akira right now. But Kazame and Irranix question the man.

"Kayora, aren't you curious about that man?" Asked Kazame

"What's wrong with him?"

"He's so handsome" Yora replied, who unconsciously made Irranix jealous.

"What? Men like that you call handsome? Am I not handsome?" Said Irranix

Yora began to pay attention to Irranix, then just walked away with Kayora.

"Let's go, Kayora" Yora asked

"Yes, we're going back to the training ground, right?"

"That's right",

Irranix could only be dumbfounded at the sudden change in Yora's behavior, Yora obviously didn't care about him.

"What? What just ... why?" Irranix irritated

Prince Kim ignored Irranix who was annoyed, he chose to just leave. Prince Sasuke too. They go in the opposite direction. Meanwhile Kazame laughed at his best friend, Irranix.

"Never mind, don't be sad. Yora will return your love someday",

"When? Tell me, when?"

"When the time has come, it's only you who hope so. You could not be a match"

"Bruk ..." as fast as lightning Irranix hit Kazame to the ground. Her irritation peaked when Kazame teased her.

"If you still say that again, I'll beat you up!" Irritated Irranix.

"Really? What are you going to do now? Look, that handsome man too!"

Suddenly Irranix began to lose hope, the atmosphere turned sad. But instead of supporting his best friend, Kazame laughed. He laughed at Irranix, then just walked away until Irranix caught up with him.

"Wait for me, where are you going?" Asked Irranix

"Yes, practice, do you want to just lose to a man we just met?"

"Of course not",

"Then, stop crying"


Yobi was put in a detention cell. she can't do anything now. She was utterly disappointed with Queen Mayleen.

"You will see, I will repay you for your actions. I will finish you off, just watch!" Yobi said angrily to Queen Mayleen.

Obviously, Yobi was really angry with Queen Mayleen who was playing with him. Her relationship with Prince Sasuke ran aground halfway because Queen Mayleen did not approve of their relationship after fulfilling the conditions given by Queen Mayleen for their marriage. Yobi is very disappointed in Queen Mayleen.

Suddenly, in his anger, Prince Sasuke came to see him. That sweet smile is still there for him, and that love too.

"Yobi, hold on. I will free you later",

"Will our relationship end here? Like this? I've done whatever Queen Mayleen asked. I have sacrificed everything for our relationship" Yobi whispered, shedding tears.

Prince Sasuke smiled, he could only give Yobi a sweet smile. Sasuke wanted Yobi to be patient. "Yobi, I will not let anyone hurt you. I will immediately free you and we are married. I will ask my mother to bless us for the sacrifices we have made. Even though I will sacrifice my throne as the royal heir",

Yobi shocked, she really would not have thought that Sasuke would do anything to get the blessing of his mother even though he had to lose his right as heir to the kingdom. As the next king of the Flower Kingdom.

"But, you will lose all that"

"It would be better to lose the throne than to lose you again. I do not want to part with you. Besides that throne, I think it suits Prince Kim".

From behind Prince Sasuke, Prince Kim came and said "Brother, I will help you beg your mother. But we won't be able to just beg until we finish our mission".

"Yes, you are right, we will catch the medusa alive or dead. After that, I will free you, Yobi" he smiled.

Yobi was just silent and did not answer, staring at his lover full of love and fear. she feared that she would be caught as a medusa and then killed in the face of her own lover. Then it all ended, with a poignant love story. Yobi is scary all that.

Walking with Akira, we headed for a place called the hills. Village people often cross here to go to their village. No wonder there are houses built on the edge of the forest. The sound of birds chirping is still heard, a beautiful voice.

I continued to follow the steps of the man who walked beside me. I started asking, "Where are you taking me? Akira"

he stopped walking, showing me his best smile. Yes he is handsome, "I told you, that we were traveling",

"So funny, why did your appearance change? Where are your horns?" I asked approaching him

"Oh, I thought you would forget me. Yes this is my appearance as a human",

"I will not forget you, how could I forget. You are the first person I saw with that appearance. It amazed me with you ",

" Is that true? "

"Yes, I'm not lying. But after all I still see you with the appearance of the past. But strangely in the eyes of my friends, you are only seen as a human",

"Yes that's because only those who have the sixth sense can see the truth. Yes not all, only people with special abilities, like you ",

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