Orchid: Cloning Number One Chapter 28

Volume 1: Secret Of The Moon Kingdom Chapter 28 The Jewel In The Ring 2

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"The rose, I think it's a fragrant and beautiful flower", the

the owner of the flower shop said, "Mr. Akira, it's nice to see you. Mr. Akira with whom?"

Akira was silent and did not answer, then he spontaneously pulled my hand away from the flower shop. Once in the crowd, Akira let go of his hand, then said "Sorry, should we go somewhere else?",

"Yes, okay" I replied back walking first.

Akira again gestured to someone, the same man approached him.

"Yes, Mr. Akira",

"Back to the flower shop, bring a beautiful rose",

"Yes, Mr. Akira", the

the man left, and Mr. Akira began to follow the Moon.

Again Akira was not beside me, I looked back and he wasn't there. I started to panic, and started looking for Akira. Looking for Akira on the path I was walking on. Panicking, I accidentally bumped into Akira. Once I met him, my panic began to disappear. I feel relieved.

"Akira, where have you been? I thought, I'll be separated from you",

"I'm here, and nowhere. Don't worry, it will never happen",


"Yes, I promise."

Our outing ended as the sun began to rise overhead. Akira escorted me back to the palace. In the palace courtyard, under a shady tree.

"Moon, I have to go. Nice to go out with you today",

"Yes, me too, I have to meet my friends. I also like to hang out with you, maybe we can go out again later",

"Yes. Alright, bye ",

" See you Akira ",

Akira left this place, and I rushed to the inn to meet friends. Arriving at the inn, I saw Kayora and Yora sitting on the veranda. Their faces were filled with irritation and weariness. I immediately went over and sat beside Yora.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked

"Ah, today is very annoying. Eh, but where have you been? We are worried about you",

"Yes, we are worried you know! You've made us almost break up, fortunately your friend came" continued Kayora

"Sorry, but I'm getting annoyed with who attacked me. What did I do wrong to her? She is really bad",

Medusa"Medusa is a cursed creature, and she doesn't know a good girl like you. But it's weird, why are you being her target in the morning. ? "

"Yeah right, this is very strange. Usually medusa appear at night, now it's daytime. By the way, what do you keep to make Medusa angry? Attacking during the day?" Said Kayora

"I don't know, but strangely that creepy man. no one nearby. Anyway, I think that creepy guy is not a problem for us. But Medusa is the source of the problem. Hah, but how do you think we solve the problem if Yobi is in prison, while we know that Medusa is ... ",

" Is ... who? "Said Prince Kim,

I who saw Prince Kim approached in shock, I began to change the topic of conversation. I know that saying in front of him is only adding to the problem. This man would not even believe that Yobi was a medusa. It would be better to hide the truth from him.

"So who?" He asked again

is Medusa"Medusa is a cold blooded creature"

"Yes, of course, you are all right?"

"Yes, we are good" we replied in unison

"Yes, I'll go first, tonight we will gather on the veranda, in the usual place" said Kim who then walked away.

Those of us who saw Kim left were relieved,

"Thank goodness ... he's gone" I said

"Yeah right, fortunately he doesn't know",

"If he knows what is there we add to the problem, hah ... fortunately so far we haven't told the truth",

"Yeah right, you know the Moon. Your words were very good, you didn't tell the truth",

"Yes, I say that because I think Prince Kim and Sasuke are brothers. They live in the palace and their brothers and sisters. Meanwhile, Yo (the name for Yobi) is the girl who is loved by Sa (Name for Sasuke). If I tell the truth that there is we get a new problem ",

" Smart boy "said Yora

" Why are you annoyed with yourself? "

"Geez, you know Moon! It's magic practice that pissed us off. We're tired too!"

Smile, then chuckle.

"Why are you laughing?" Asked Kayora

"Yes, because all training requires energy. All successful people must have practiced, experienced various obstacles from failure to success. I have failed, fortunately you guys came on time just try not to come. Maybe I'm already in a coffin. Anyway, who saved me? "

Kayora and Yora looked at each other,

"Prince Kim" Yora replied

"Oh, he. He turned out to be good too, huh?"

"Yes Kim is very kind, it's just that he also loves Yobi to make himself out of control. Especially now he will see Yobi married to Sasuke. Kim is in a bad mood. And, this mission also makes him sad",

"Hah, the problem will be resolved quickly. if she confesses her actions ",

" Who? "


"Hah, it's not as easy as you say. Yo is the loved one",

"Ah, never mind let's just go inside. I'm tired" Kayora said.

We went into the house, we started to clean ourselves and rested. After washing up, we started to make up ourselves. Unwind by sitting together in the living room. Kayora and Yora practiced their magic in this room. While I was playing with the cellphone that I brought from home.

Playing music that spontaneously surprised two of my friends. Instead, they immediately looked for someone to sing the song.

"Where is that person?",

"Who is singing in the middle of the day?"

"Oh, the one singing is the artist",

"The artist, who is she? She where?"

"What's wrong with you?" I asked in surprise to two of my friends who were looking for someone.

"You said a singing artist, she where?"

"Geez, I play music and the one who sings is a famous artist. The cellphone that plays the song" I answered while showing my cell phone.

They immediately approached, touching my cellphone like people who did not know the technology before.

"What is this thing?"

"Is this magic?"

"This is a cell phone, not magic. This is technology",

"Whatever its name, this thing is great. It has magic",

"This is not magic, Kayora. This is a cell phone",

"Ah, it's the same. Things that emit a miracle means she has magic ",

" Geez. Uh, but what song do you like? "

"We like the song ...",

"Ah, what song is that? I don't understand the language",

"Yes of course you don't understand, the song of magic summoning light. It just doesn't work on witches like us",

"Oh, are you guys like this song? "I asked playing a romance genre song.

A song started playing non-stop, and we started enjoying every piece of music that was played. Our atmosphere of resentment, anger and hatred began to fade. We started to feel happy after hearing the song. Our feelings started to be happy.

On the throne of Queen Mayleen, she sits on the throne. The ministers, and their subordinates were watching him, they were ready to take orders. Queen Mayleen thought about her two sons.

"Should I give my blessing to Yobi? But if the marriage happens, what about my son? Prince Kim. Oh God, why do You give Your servant a trial like this. What should I do? My son must be very sad. looking for a girl to replace Yobi in Prince Kim's heart? "said Queen Mayleen.

"Excuse me, my honor, I feel that your noble words are true. Maybe that way Prince Kim's heart is not hurt. I suggest His Majesty to find a girl who is attractive, and in accordance with Prince Kim's wishes",

"Hah, yes unfortunately it is very difficult. It doesn't matter if she is not a princess, as long as she really loves Prince Kim and Prince Kim loves her ",

" Your Majesty, what if this is just a contest? "

"Ah, no. It will take a long time, it's better that Prince Kim himself finds the girl. But how can he quickly find her?"

Everyone began to think, they tried to find the best way and exchange ideas. They all seem eager to help Queen Mayleen solve this problem.

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