Overgeared Chapter 1406

Overgeared Chapter 1417

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Chapter 1417

Satisfys h.e.l.l was different from the eight h.e.l.ls that people commonly thought of. There was the sky and the ground and day and night. Thanks to their nature, some demonkin formed a civilization. In Satisfy, it was easy to think of h.e.l.l as a world ruled by demons, not humans. It was just dangerous because there was no concept of morality or laws. All sorts of unethical things occurred throughout h.e.l.l except for a few safe zones. The slaughter was brutal and matched its name of h.e.l.l.

"Im nervous," Piaro confessed honestly. "h.e.l.l... The place where the souls of those who build up sin throughout their lives fall. It is said that the souls will suffer terribly to pay the price for their sins, reflect on themselves, and cleanse themselves. There are also some souls that will become evil spirits. It might not be true with His Majesty, but those who visited h.e.l.l without the blessing of the G.o.ddess of light will be possessed by an evil spirit. Can we be active in h.e.l.l without the blessing of the G.o.ddess?"

It was extremely rare for a human to go to h.e.l.l alive. It was safe to say there were almost none. Of course, Piaro hadnt been to h.e.l.l. Therefore, he could only blindly believe in the wrong information.

Mercedes carefully advised him, "Piaro, you have seen and heard for yourself that the G.o.ds we believed in arent correct."

In order to be safe in h.e.l.l, there must be the blessing of the G.o.ddess of light. In other words, the G.o.ddess of light was omnipotent everywhere in the world. Of course, the Rebecca Church was the source of these unfounded claims.

"The h.e.l.l that Piaro knows is the h.e.l.l described by the Rebecca Church and the Rebecca Church isnt credible. The actual h.e.l.l will be different."

Mercedes had been a member of the Rebecca Church since the Rebecca Church had been the national religion of both the Saharan Empire and Overgeared Kingdom, but that wasnt the case anymore. There was Zikfrector, who rebelled against the G.o.ds to protect the world, and Sariel, the archangel who was expelled for discussing the sins of the G.o.ds. She heard their stories and couldnt trust Rebecca and the Rebecca Church.

"Um..." Grid closed Lerajes diary that he had been reading and faced Piaro and Mercedes. "Mercedes is right. It is possible to survive in h.e.l.l even without the blessing of the G.o.ddess. For example, acc.u.mulate demonic energy or get the help of the Demon Slayer... additionally, Ive been to h.e.l.l several times and have never seen an evil spirit."

There were 30 minutes left until Yuras scheduled arrival time. He could afford to hang out and have a conversation, but he had no intention of just talking. Rather than reading the diary, Grid started to control the G.o.d Hands directly. Grid dispersed his consciousness to improve the hunting efficiency of the G.o.d Hands while talking to Piaro and Mercedes.

The monsters started dying at a noticeably faster rate. The conversation was also progressing. This level of versatility was too easy for todays Grid. The acc.u.mulated talent eclipsed the absence of talent.

"Still, it is hard to see the Rebecca Churchs claim as completely wrong. h.e.l.l is as wide as the West Continent and the types of demonkin are more diverse than the species there. Maybe there is a place in h.e.l.l where the souls of the dead are governed. There could be evil spirits."

In fact, some demons collected the souls of the dead as loot. To be exact, they were the souls of the dead after signing a contract with the great demons. Pagmas soul that had been screaming in Baals grasp... Grid had witnessed it.

"If we see an evil spirit... wont it be dangerous without the blessing from the G.o.ddess?" Mercedes seemed somewhat nervous at Grids words. Like Piaro, she was different from usual. It wasnt bad. h.e.l.l was an extremely dangerous place. Grid had been to h.e.l.l a few times but it was still an unknown place. Every zone had its own environment and characteristics so it was impossible to adapt to or predict it. It was good for these two people to have appropriate tension.

Grid turned to look at his other messengers. Nefelina was haggling with Rabbit to increase the food she would receive in exchange for going to h.e.l.l and Zikfrector was sleeping in the middle of the path with a quilt. Braham was hara.s.sing Sariel, saying he needed to investigate the angels ability to neutralize magic.

Did it look like a group of people just about to go to h.e.l.l? There was no tension at all...

"The possibility of danger is very high. It is impossible to fight against evil spirits without divine power. We happen to not have divine power."

In the first place, the concept of divine power was vague. No religion could generate divine power apart from the Rebecca Church, Judar Church, and Dominion Church. Typically, most people thought that divine power came from a G.o.ds divinity, but in Satisfy, divine power was no different from something exclusive to Rebecca. Considering the myth that even Judar and Dominion received light from her, divine power was a concept close to Rebeccas personal power.

The reason why she is worried about the Saintess is because she is worried her things will be taken away.

"We have to avoid encountering the evil spirits."

"Not necessarily. It is because we have Yura. The Demon Slayer in h.e.l.l is much greater than you think. So there is no need to be too worried."

From the position of Leraje who was dreaming of rebelling, the Demon Slayer was very important. It was said that she had helped Yura a lot recently. Grid couldnt easily guess how much Yura had grown who used the information provided by Leraje as a stepping stone. The last time they met, Grid was much stronger than her, but now the gap wouldve narrowed a lotat least in h.e.l.l.

She has learned the skill of absorbing demonic energy...

"Im sorry to have kept you waiting a long time." Some time pa.s.sed. The bargain wasnt successful, so the angry Nefelina was biting Rabbits collar, while Braham was excited by new knowledge and started to pluck at Sariels feathers. Just then, Yura finally arrived at the scene.

"It took me too long to open the h.e.l.l gate due to the demonkins checks."

"There is no need to apologize. I am the one who should be apologizing. I suddenly scheduled it without notice."

Yura was somewhat fl.u.s.tered by the atmosphere of the scene. She thought the atmosphere would be solemn as the messengers of the G.o.d gathered ahead of the h.e.l.l conquest, only to be fl.u.s.tered because it was more like they were in the middle of a market. She couldnt take her eyes off Zikfrector lying down on a quilt while Grid asked her, "What do you mean by the demonkin checking the h.e.l.l gate? Is that possible?"

The h.e.l.l gate. It was a pathway between h.e.l.l and the human world. This was one of the Demon Slayers unique skills. An ordinary human being had to get the help of the h.e.l.l gate to go to h.e.l.l.

"Demons and demonkin who can detect the emergence of the h.e.l.l gate have appeared. The moment I open the h.e.l.l gate, they can specify the location and track it. I wouldnt have been able to escape from h.e.l.l without Glants help."

"What...?" This was a very serious problem. It was purely thanks to the h.e.l.l gate that Yura could freely come and go from h.e.l.l. This freedom would be suppressed the moment the h.e.l.l gate was kept in check. "No, this... Doesnt it take just seven seconds, not a few minutes, to activate the h.e.l.l gate? Yet you are worried about tracking. Does that mean they have the ability to teleport?"

"Thats right. The moment the coordinates are specified, they can teleport anywhere in an instant like Braham or Sticks."

"They are using the magic of a great magician..."

There were many types of demons and demonkin. It wasnt strange at all if some were born with magical abilities.

Grids expression darkened sharply. He mightve scolded the messengers who werent nervous, but he actually wasnt worried about this trip to h.e.l.l at all. It was because the members were all so impressive. Now he heard Yuras words and there was suddenly tension.

"The coordinates will be specified the moment I open a gate in the human world. There is a high possibility the moment we cross the h.e.l.l gate and enter h.e.l.l."

For reference, the h.e.l.l gate could only be used by two people and the cooldown time was 30 minutes. It meant that it wasnt possible for the eight people here to enter h.e.l.l at the same time. There was the concern of being attacked once two people went to h.e.l.l.

Grid worried about it before making a decision. "I will go first and reduce the number of enemies as much as possible."

The messengers werent weak. Several of them were stronger than Grid, but their lives were finite. It was natural for Grid to go there first.

"Yes, who are you going to take with you?"

"Um..." Grid observed the messengers. Mercedes looked enthusiastic, while Piaro was looking forward to it. Braham scoffed like he wasnt interested and Sariel grinned. Zikfrector was also getting up and folding the quilt.

"I..." Grids finger pointed to Nefelina. She had Rabbits hand in her small mouth and was chewing on it. "I'll go with Nefelina."

"Iamgoing." Nefelina said as she spat out Rabbits hand covered with saliva. She was conscious of the honor of a dragon. She was like a kid when alone with Grid, but...

"I have to keep an eye on you or you might cause trouble."

"Just honestly tell me that you want to rely on the power of a great dragon."

"Um..." She was still a hatchling. A hatchling was too great to be scolded. Grid shut his mouth as he called back Noe, Randy, the Overgeared Skeletons, and the G.o.d Hands. Of course, the G.o.d Hands floated around himself and Nefelina instead of being placed in his inventory. He wouldnt be afraid of any surprise attacks that come flying when going through the h.e.l.l gate if he had the G.o.d Hands.

"We will go first and create a safe area, so open the h.e.l.l gate in the same position."

"Unfortunately, I cant open the h.e.l.l gate at the same position. There is always an error with the dimension movement coordinates."

"Does this mean the next gate might open in a completely different location?"

"Yes, but it will still be in the 32nd h.e.l.l."

"This isnt easy."

Yura told Nefelina, "First of all, Miss Nefelina, please drink this tea. It will purify a bit of the demonic energy of h.e.l.l."

"Eek. It is bitter."

"You are young and dont know the taste of tea...."

"Grid, you should be polite to me."

The s.p.a.ce was twisted and torn while Grid and Nefelina were bickering. Sinister energy appeared in the air in front of the two people. It was the h.e.l.l gate. Grid put his foot on the door and spoke to his colleagues, "Be careful. Well meet safely later."

"I wish you luck."

Rabbit and the knights saluted at the same time to send off Grid. Grid and Nefelina disappeared from the scene.


Fire soared with an explosion that shook the ground. It was just as Yura warned. A surprise attack flew the moment he crossed the h.e.l.l gate. Grid and Nefelinas eyes shook.

"Hahaha! I finally got the Demon Slayer who is like a rat...?" The excited demonkin quickly shut his mouth. He found that the appearance of the humans who appeared was different from the target. "You arent the Demon Slayer. Bait?"

"What does it mean by sending bait? Does she think we will deplete our strength if she continues sending bait?"

"Humans are weak and have a small amount of magic power. The Demon Slayer is a human, so her common sense is low."

"There is fire but no meat."


The demonkin who had mastered high level magic and were talking rationally c.o.c.ked their heads with confusion. They noticed the nonsense mixed in with their conversation.

"Huup!" There was the sound of someone sucking air. The blazing fire was being sucked by something.


The moment the flames were cleared, the demonkin were shocked. It was because the humans who shouldve become ashes were fine. A child with puffed up cheeks was staring at them.

"Graaaaaa!"The child made a strange noise and opened her mouth. A huge pillar of fire was shot. The dozens of demonkin gathered together were hit by an even hotter fire. Some demonkin disappeared without a trace.

"Meat... my meat is gone."

Grid stared at Nefelina who was muttering to herself with a shocked expression.

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