Paintings Of Terror Chapter 380

Chapter 380: Shanhai 34the Star River Is Splendid So You Can Watch The Mountains And The Sea.

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Mu Yiran gently placed Ke Xun in the center of the altar, dropped a kiss on his forehead, and threw several infusion bottles containing his own blood on the altar at random.

The infusion bottle shattered, and the blood in the bottle rushed towards the last edge of the altar as if consciously.

Mu Yiran estimated the time.

When the previous companions sacrificed, although he had been concentrating and thinking hard, he did not neglect to observe the movement of the ghost image in the tornado column.

He knows the approximate time for them to break through the critical point, and also knows how long it takes for the blood of the painter to transform into a part of the seal. He wants to ensure that his blood can be transformed just as soon as the demon breaks through the critical point.

Mu Yiran lay down beside Ke Xun, and cut his wrist with a knife before embracing him.

The blood gushing from the wrist rushed to the last side of the altar eagerly to merge with the blood that came down in the same line. Mu Yiran was not worried that the blood from the wound would condense, they scrambled to crowd out, without the slightest hesitation or pause.

Mu Yiran let Ke Xun's head rest on his shoulders, gently placed his hand on his remaining warm head, looking up at the top of the vault, the demon whirlwind roaring and struggling wildly, whispering in Ke Xun's ear Talking.

"Now thinking about it, maybe the hint given to us by "Faith" is that besides the coexistence and game of the two forces of good and evil, there is the most important point, that is,'picture in picture'.

"No wonder you feel depressed in that painting, everything looks like fake.

"Maybe, you are like the ancient Gaoyang clan, or the master of Qin Shi, you are a rare super power and a bug accidentally made by the God of Heaven when creating humans.

"Of course, you dont have the power to observe, and you dont have unusual eyes like Wu You, but you are more sensitive than others, and you can subtlely feel the existence of higher dimensional spaces-although this is not for us, It's no use.

"Do you still remember what you said in "Faith". You said that your intuition is always accurate. But you also said that intuition is like luck. If you use it too much, you will use it up. Spirited up. Then do you feel that you have been consuming your intuition afterwards, and it has been fulfilled again and again, perhaps also being consumed again and again, until... until this time.

"This time you said, your intuition is that we really can't live. I hope this is the first failure after your intuition is exhausted.

"When we went back to collect the blood, I still had time to say something to you. I'm sorry to let you, who are so curious, leave with an unsolved mystery.

"I think it should be certain whether there are creatures in the seven-dimensional space. Do you remember how the disappearance of Jiuding was recorded in historical materials? It was said that one of them flew into Surabaya, and the other eight disappeared immediately.

"For such a heavy Jiuding, what kind of power can make them fly into the water or disappear out of thin air? The expert who can see the'Heaven's Mystery' said: There is a sky outside the sky, and people are like ants. .

"And he also said later that the heaven and the earth are boundless, and there are thousands of good things. The words and sentences are all describing a larger world view, a different heaven and earth.

"That's why Jiuding is'knowable but not visible, visible but not available'. Consciousness can cross time and space and dimensions to reach the place where Jiuding is, and the only power that can make Jiuding invisible and only visible in another dimension is The seven-dimensional space only has it.

"Another strong proof of the power of the seven-dimensional space in our world is the blank periods in the semi-trust history era mentioned by Shao Ling.

"If you think of those blank periods of history as objects, is this situation of disappearing out of thin air very familiar? Is it like Jiuding, suddenly disappeared without leaving a trace?

"A piece of history, everything that happened on the axis of a period of time, can be drawn out like a poker card. This kind of ability is only available in the seven-dimensional space, and only seven-dimensional creatures can do such things.

"The era of semi-belief in history is evidence that the seven-dimensional creatures play with the low-dimensional universe at will, and this also proves that the interference of the seven-dimensional creatures in the low-dimensional universe can not follow any physical rules. The so-called time paradox is even completely possible. Established.

"Then what kind of existence is our world for a seven-dimensional creature, a painting? Maybe. Maybe we call a painting a'painting', but in the seven-dimensional world, it may be called something else, and it has The functions and attributes of the painting may also be completely different from the painting we defined.

"But no matter what our world is in their eyes and what it is used for, we are low-level creatures to them are just ants and motes.

"We are not sure how the seven-dimensional creatures will deal with us'ants'. A race is usually defensive and hostile to another race that is close to its own strength, because they are not sure whether the other party is hostile to them, but It is often easier to sympathize with groups that are far weaker than themselves.

"Of course, the situations I mentioned are only one part of a trillion of possibilities. A singularity can lead to countless timelines and parallel universes, and countless possibilities. What I am talking about is only one of them. One, hope is slim.

"So we can only use the word'gambling'. What we are betting on is the possibility of one in a trillion-our consciousness can cross dimensions and communicate with the native creatures there at the height of the seven-dimensional space. After all, everything is possible in the seven-dimensional space, and everything can happen.

"What cannot be avoided is that if our consciousness can cross-dimensionally come to the seven-dimensional space, the demon's consciousness is probably also possible. We want to use consciousness to communicate with the seven-dimensional creatures in an attempt to change what has happened, and the demon can also do the same.

"That's why we said that we were betting on the tiny first-line possibility to win the battle with the demon's consciousness.

"This is not a delusion without a target. Remember, our consciousness was combined with the power of ghost text.

"The power of ghost text comes from the seven-dimensional space and is created from seven-dimensional creatures. If there is a difference in essence and attributes between the'painting' we define and the'painting' of seven-dimensional creatures, then the seal is different. Since it is inherited from our creator, the seven-dimensional creature, it means that at least some of its functions are similar to its definition in the seven-dimensional space.

"In our case, the seal can be a mark, a seal, or an energy core that condenses the artist's consciousness and spiritual power. Then in the seven-dimensional space, it can also be a mark, a seal, or an energy core.

"If this is the case, we are taking advantage of the intersection with the seven-dimensional creatures. It can be imagined that thirteen large ants fed human food and fight with hundreds of wild ants. As humans, we, Which side do you prefer emotionally?

"Nevertheless, the possibility of our success is still only one part in a trillion. After all, we are only low-level creatures, and we cannot use human emotion and behavioral logic to reverse an absolutely high-level creature.

"We only have this possibility. Looking for a lifetime in the nine deaths, looking for the truth in the mountains and seas, looking for each other in the wild universe.

"That's it. Ke Xun, see you in another dimension.

"I love you."

Mu Yiran gently kissed the already cold lips of the person in his arms, and with this light kiss, there was a grain of warm water.

The huge and heavy tornado column on the top of the dome suddenly stopped at this moment. The gray wind skin, black wind core, and blood-colored wind pattern were frozen in the process of creeping and surging into an ugly and terrifying lava behemoth. With his feet on the desolate ground, the vast sky above his head, a huge body with stinky scales bent, staring at the small altar under him.

The howling of the wind stopped suddenly, the howling of ghosts stopped, and the whole world was so quiet that needles fell.

The thirteen painters above the altar lie more quietly than heaven and earth.

In the next second, the tornado pillar was like a thick black firework exploding, covering the entire sky with a bang, and the sharp cry of ghost laughter and demon at this moment seemed to be amplified hundreds of millions of times at the same time, roaring, tearing, cheering and boiling. From the sky to the earth, from the earth to the sky screaming-thousands of years! They have been sealed in the deep underground for thousands of years! Who can imagine their pain and humiliation! Who can understand their sadness and despair!

They originally possessed the sun, air, colors, mountains and seas of this world together with humans.

God knows how long they are eager to get all this beautiful again!

Thousands of years-who knows what they have gone through in these thousands of years of training and desperate blows again and again.

How many disheartened likes gradually accepted this sad reality, they lowered their heads looking up at the sun eagerly on the ground bit by bit, and they finally forgot their original intentions and were content with the status quo.

Now, how many others of the same kind can remember their original beliefs? ! How many others still refuse to give up their pursuit and thirst for sunlight, and struggle to fight against the forces on the ground? !

If even the spirit and faith are dead, how are they different from the walking dead when they are alive? !

But it's all right now!

The moment that I have prayed for thousands of years has finally arrived!

Chong! Go out of this disgusting and cold underground world! Rush to the sun, to the light, to the fresh and bright world, to regain everything that belongs to them, to kill all human beings, kill these alien creatures, they have destroyed the world in all kinds of holes, they are no longer worthy Master of this world!

Everything in the world goes round and round, resurrected from the dead, the peak of prosperity must decline, one goes down and the other grows its time to recreate the universe, the world changes, and the era is renewed!

Hundreds of billions of demons celebrated their carnival grandly and boiled over the world. In this extreme excitement, in the next moment, in the cry of the tsunami mountain that will tear the world apart, on the small cold and quiet altar, Mu Yiran smiled and stretched out his slender, artist-like hand, gently covering the bright red seal under his body.

"Mountain and Sea".

It was the most wonderful and greatest painting ever appraised by his dealer in his life.

It's a worthwhile trip.


Just like every time the painters successfully leave the world of painting, the bright and dazzling light radiates from the seal under the body toward the four poles of the sky and the earth, with an unimaginable and powerful force.


Guang Dang carelessly lifted up the water glass that he had just accidentally touched, and by the way, he used his fingertips to play a few times on the haplessly spilled three-dimensional holographic film.

This lowest-level three-dimensional holographic film, if it weren't for the grandfather's liking, would have long been sealed in the dust by the tower of beams.

The reason why grandpa likes this low-grade holographic film that is not rare even for children is because this film was made by himself as a birthday present for grandpa by clumsy hands.

Hikari felt very embarrassed.

The three-dimensional holographic film, at such a low level, has been made by myself, and the structure is unstable, and the energy leaks... Look, is this overflowing again? ...It's almost like a defective product, embarrassing.

Just peeping at him, he planned to erase his anchor mark on the holographic film while Grandpa was not paying attention.

Never let others know that this embarrassing gift was made by yourself, eh!

It was too late to recover the energy particles of the low-level micro-materials that leaked and overflowed. The light only focused on rebounding a few micro-material energy particles with anchor print energy back to the holographic film, otherwise the anchor print energy would be missing, which would also cause the film surface Incomplete, this is a gift for grandpa after all, not too scribbled.

It is extremely simple to erase the anchor mark.

Hikaru glanced casually, and directly dialed a time string before the anchor appeared.

Look, it's that simple and easy.

When the light reached the goal, he brushed off a few particles of dust accidentally shaking off the holographic film, got up and left.


"I have always been cowardly and cowardly... Since I was little, I have always been hiding behind Ke Er, always covered and protected by him. In this life, I want to be brave once... This time, let me first Come and take the lead for everyone, Keer, everyone," Wei Dong took out his own utility knife and said with a smile, "See you in another dimension."

Said raising his hand, using the sharp edge of the utility knife, shaking, but forcefully, cut to the aorta of his neck"Fuck"

Wei Dong was hot, and threw the knife out.

On the quiet altar, thirteen people stood stupidly, staring at each other blankly.

In the clear and clear plateau night sky, the winter stars are few but brilliant. The snow-capped mountains in the distance make Cangyuan magnificent.

The crystal clear snow reflects the valley like a silver gauze, with the dream and seclusion, mystery and tranquility from the ancient mythical age.

The tough and fresh winter wind fluttered on his face and body without mercy. Luo Wei and Wu You sneezed a few times, and the thirteen stiff and standing people trembled and slowly turned their minds.

"...My Nimawhat the **** is that?!" Li Xiaochun jumped up and shouted, "Fuckingits so terribleFuckingits more terrible than death! More terrible than a ghost What the **** is that?!"

"Seven-dimensional creatures." Hua Jiqiu wiped the misty spectacles, "the higher creatures that can't be described by all human imagination."

"Then this is... this is... okay? Are you back?" Wei Dong looked at Mu stunned, looked at Ke Xun, and looked at Fang Fei.

"Otherwise?" Although Fang Fei asked rhetorically, she touched her temple subconsciously to verify whether there was a gun hole there.

"This shows that our timeline has been modified, but this did not create a parallel space, but was directly violently changed on the original timeline," Zhu Haowen sorted out his thoughts, "So, we are still the original us , But after this time scale, it will be a brand new timeline."

"Hey! Don't care what timeline is behind it, let's live is the last word! Hahahaha! Hahahahaha! Ahahahahaha!" Wei Dong laughed up to the sky, laughed, and cried.

This cry seems to have triggered some empathy device. Li Xiaochun, Luo Ge, Wu You, Gu Qingqing, several people cried together, held them together and cried, curled up and cried, and Li Xiaochun even collapsed. On the altar, crying hoarse.

Even Hua Jiqiu and Yue Cen were infected and shed tears.

"What's interesting is that we still retain the memories of when we were consciousness." Zhu Haowen was still thinking about everything that happened before.

"You have to know," Shao Ling tried his best to control the choking voice, "Seven-dimensional creatures don't care about this, just like we never care about whether a piece of dust originally stuck to the sole of the shoe will Flew to a flower."

"We can be regarded as people with great knowledge." Qin Ci said with a smile.

"Yes, the side effect is that I now feel that everything around me is dull and humble and ridiculous." Zhu Haowen said coldly.

"You are a veritable'Once the sea is difficult to be water'." Shao Ling also gradually relaxed.

"You masters... can you stop talking... I'm hungry... I want to eat meat..." Wei Dong wailed.

"I will do it... I will do it..." Li Xiaochun cried loudly.

"I'll help... I'll help you..." Wu You shoved the ground.

Gu Qingqing was crying beside her, so she nodded repeatedly.

"I...I can't go down to the altar..." Luo Yi cried and stood on the edge of the altar and looked down. Why is this altar so high? How did he come up at that time?

"...Where are Ke'er and... and the big guy?" Wei Dong looked around with tears, "AyWhere are Ke'er and the big guy?! They haven't come back?! Ah?!"

Fang Fei even took a facial tissue, took it out and handed it to him: "Your tears shook my face. They both went off the altar just now."

"Huh?!" Wei Dong took the paper and used it to blow his nose in surprise, "Why are they silent? Why did they go?"

"What else can you do?" Fang Fei said.

Didn't do anything.

Ke Xun and Mu Yiran sat in the fifteenth generation of the knight in Mu Yiran, leaning together quietly, looking at the night sky outside the car window.

From birth to death, from death to life, there may be no couple in this world who can share such experiences together.

A cycle of life and death.

Some words no longer need to speak to each other.

Until the smell of Li Xiaochun's barbecue got into the car, Ke Xun laughed: "Go, eat meat."


Facing the platinum golden wind in the early morning, the convoy quietly left the Narengele Canyon.

Ke Xun sat in the co-driver's seat, looking away from Mu Yiran's calm side face, looking towards the distant sky outside the car window.

Through the thick clouds, through the high sky, passing the grand and splendid cosmic galaxy, all the way up.

Four-dimensional time axis, five-dimensional time plane, six-dimensional space-time warping, and seven-dimensional infinite universe.

Ke Xun tilted his head and leaned against the car window next to him, recalling himself in his consciousness.

Very strange.

Yiran and the consciousness bodies of his companions crossed the dimensions with him and came to the seven-dimensional space.

They stayed there, but he was still rising.


Maybe it was because he felt a little bored. Just like in the painting "Faith," he had trouble breathing, and he couldn't breathethough I don't know how a consciousness can produce this feeling.

So he went up and down desperately. He didn't know where he wanted to go, but he wanted to break free of this suffocated space and go outside to breathe.

So, he came to the eight-dimensional space.

Seven-dimensional infinite universe.

The eight-dimensional infinite infinite universe.

Then, it is a nine-dimensional space that can freely travel between any two points in an eight-dimensional space, a ten-dimensional space embodied by strings of different vibration frequencies for all physical matter, and...composed of time, space, memory, and perception, ten One-dimensional super membrane space.

Ke Xun had long been unable to see the universe from which he came, and even the supremely high-level seven-dimensional God space for mankind was so small and humble here.

The surrounding is vast and boundless, and the infinite, infinite, elastic membrane universe is everywhere.

Comparing myself to a grain of dust at this moment is probably an exaggeration magnified trillion times.

Floating in such a vast and vast super universe, why...why is it still so suffocated?

No wonder Yi Ran said that he was more sensitive than others.

Ke Xun was feeling uncomfortable, so he had no choice but to find his way around.

Suddenly, as if breaking through the membrane, he rushed out of the eleven-dimensional space, rushing out of the space that was already close to the top of the universe.

Everything suddenly became quiet and terrifying.

The majestic and magnificent super universe turned into an infinitesimal and infinite singularity before his eyes.

It becomes a point.

So, what is beyond this point?

Ke Xun rose in confusion.

He felt as if he had left another one...maybe no longer can be defined by "dimensions" here... he didn't know what he had left. When he looked down, he saw a pen--maybe in this It is not called a pen, but I don't know why he calls it a pen in his mindthis pen is drawn from before his eyes and falls heavily on the paper.

There was some tiny ink flying off the nib, as small as tiny dust. These small dusts fell on the drawing paper, exactly the same as the singularity that Ke Xun left.

What is this pen drawing?

Ke Xun had no time to look.

Before being bounced back by the hand of the pen, he only caught a glimpse of the painting with a strange but extremely beautiful seal.


"Ke Xun?" Mu Yiran's voice recalled Ke Xun's mind, "What are you thinking about?"

Ke Xun tilted his head to look at him, thought for a while, and said with a smile: "I think, the scariest thing in the world is not a ghost."

"Oh, what is that?" Mu Yiran asked with a chuckle.

"Yes, science." Ke Xun replied solemnly.

[End of text]

The author has something to say:

That's right, Yu Yue's coordinates here are Ke Xun and Weidong's hometown-Z City.

The weather a few days ago was like returning to Xiaoyangchun. It was incredibly sunny. It was not until today that the temperature suddenly dropped. It is said that it will rain tomorrow.

Anyway, for Yu Yue, this is an unusual night, because our "Painting Horror" ends tonight.

What a huge pit(\"), what makes people feel sad is that every day I fill in a roll of soil, and it never stops.

It has been almost a whole year since I started writing in October 2018. I have been writing every day during this year. From the main line to the idea, to the frame of each painting, it is slowly generated almost every day, and at the same time every day. Are slowly reshaping.

Thank you dear, lovely and warm little fairies, who took the trouble to accompany "Drawing Terror" to the end. Think about it in April this year, the collection of this article exceeded 500, and I wont even dare to win it. In the blink of an eye, half a year later, this article has hundreds of times as many readers as I thought of the opportunity to enter V. It is also with the encouragement of readers that Yuyue has come all the way to today.

I opened the window and looked outside. I cant see a single star. Probably all the stars in front of my window have flown into the novel that I just finished tonight (^^)-

And you, my dear dear readers and friends, to Yuyue, are as bright and bright as stars!

Love you, every one of my precious readers, little fairy!

Again, bow deeply.

Thanks to every reader and friend who accompanied Yuyue in the painting. We have flew over the stars and experienced mountains and seas together.

This is the end of the main body of "Painting Horror". There are several chapters to follow. Given that Yu Yue is a severe patient with extra-incompetence, it is estimated that several chapters will not be written. . Interested babies can take a look~

After this article is over, Yu Yue will be involved in the process of collecting new articles. I havent thought about the name of the article yet, and the copy hasnt come out yet. There is only a vague frame in my mind. The specific details are still there. I didnt have time to fill it in. It is estimated that it will take some time to save the draft. First put a blank copy in the column. If the sisters are still willing to continue to accompany Yuyue to enjoy the flowers, the moon, and the autumn fragrance, read the text and scream. , Might as well move to Xinkeng to collect it~ (Because the title of the article has not been decided yet, it will be called "Xin Yue Xin Wen" first...cough)

Tomorrow will start the extravaganza, okay~!

Everyone sleep well, duck~!

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