Paintings Of Terror Chapter 381

Chapter 381: Extra Quick Shot 1

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#First sketch

Written on a paper napkin with no pattern decoration but flexible texture, the lines of a ball-point pen sketch out a scene of a street corner of life. The lines are simple like comics, but they vividly capture the busyness of the breakfast stall owner. His expression, even the fried dough sticks, looked very alive, especially the figure of a tall buyer at the side of the food stall, carrying breakfast in one hand and scanning the QR code with a mobile phone to pay the bill. Natural wrinkles in sports pants And calmly, the sneakers and the posture of the feet make people feel inexplicably that this is a person with exceptionally developed motor cells. If this person walks on the road, he must look like a tiger.


The sky is bright.

Ke Xun took the fried dough sticks he had just bought and walked in the familiar neighborhood. He subconsciously glanced at the window on the 13th floor of the neighbors upstairs, the window of the lazy man who used to hang the "elegant couplet"-oh, this window doesn't know when It was so brightly polished, and a pair of window grilles with red happy characters were posted. The lazy guys were actually married.

Ke Xun couldn't help but smile, looking at a Teddy who was running towards him, stretched out his legs and gave the other party "a hairy": "I have no time to take care of you, my fritters shouldn't be crispy for a while. ."

The sun was on the top of the hair, it was warm, and there was a unique fragrance of fried dough sticks in his nose. Ke Xun was so obsessed with this real and practical world, he quickened his pace, and Mu Yiran should be awake now.

Mu Yiran really woke up. The phone rang twice before Mu Yiran picked it up. It was a WeChat video call. Mu Yiran was not used to "face-to-face" with Weidong early in the morning, so he turned his phone back to him, casually Putting it in a corner, talking to the other party: "He bought it early and probably didn't hear... Come over to make dumplings at noon? Okay."

"Wu You came to City Z the day before yesterday. Yesterday, I went to the suburbs to dig wild vegetables with Fang Fei, Gu Qingqing, and my mother. Shall we have fresh shepherd's purse meat today?" Wei Dong gushed, "Da Man, can you give me a straight face? You can give me a toe. Your camera is aimed at an air conditioner. I always think I am talking to an air conditioner NPC..."

The camera turned, from the air conditioner to the window.

"Okay, now I'm talking to the Luluo NPC... I look at the camera and I seem to see a Doraemon mask... Are you two playing with mask temptation? Even Doraemon is too... the face is too big. "

"...Okay, come over at ten to make dumplings, goodbye."

Mu Yiran hung up the phone and looked at the "Dora A Mu" mask on the window sill that Ke Xun specially bought to popularize himself. The blue cat with a round face was said to be able to take out endless treasures in his pocket.

Mask temptation? What do you think.

#Second sketch

Draw with a marker on the back of a postcard. The rough coconut trees are drawn with a thick bay line separating the beach from the sea. Some black dots are probably meant to express characters, some are playing in the sea, some are in the sea. Bask on the beach.

Soon, some light watercolors rendered the colors, the coconut trees are a bit tragic and verdant, the sea water is a translucent gradual color from baby blue to royal blue, and the beach is a camel white and ocher with uneven shades. The characters are still Lovely black pause.


"It's nice to just stay like this." Luo Wei said.

"Don't think about anything, do nothing, just stay like this, and enjoy the sunshine of the low-dimensional world." Wei Dong said.

The two were lying lazily on the beach at the moment, Luo Ling closed his eyes, feeling the sun and basking his eyelids warmly: "My current visual color is full of Givenchy 304."

"I may be fuller than you." Wei Dong closed his eyes and rolled over, letting the sun shine on his left half of his body covered with sand. "The cliff I saw was Lancome's Ultimate Matte Series 196."

"Brother Dong, I extremely suspect that you secretly gave Sister Fafa a 196."

"I don't dare to send..."

"Brother Dong, we're a person who looks down on life and death..."

"Don't count me, I am especially willing to live in a low-dimensional world."

Luo Wei:...

Wei Dong closed his eyes and touched the sunglasses next to him. He was about to put on the girls who were looking for endless pictures on the beach. When he opened his eyes, he found four more legs beside him and the four legs of Carrot.

Wei Dong didn't even lift his head. Judging from the distribution of the hair on his legs and the development of his muscles, they are two males, and they should be two energetic little meats.

On public beaches, there is no clear-cut territory like parking spaces. Whoever lays there counts.

Wei Dong picked up the coconut juice he had not finished drinking, and touched the most of the coconut in Luo Ling's hand: "The group of people are so energetic, I want to lie down and drink cold drinks; lie down and enjoy the sun; Lie down and eat seafood."

"I saw them when I ate seafood." It was Xiao Xianrou sitting next to him who was talking, and called Xiao Xianrou H for the time being.

Xiao Xianrou R over there: "It's useless for you to look at it unilaterally. People are not at all in the same way."

"Look at that person's strength, I think it is." Xiao Xianrou H was very sure.

"That's a beast, I thought you were talking about another Mansao."

Luo Ling squinted his eyes and looked in the direction pointed by the little fresh meats. Then he saw Mr. Shao standing on the beach, squinting his head, and Zhu Haowen sitting cross-legged on an air cushion and playing games with his head down.

Luo Ling was about to bite his ears with Wei Dong about this, but found that the other's head started to follow the beauties in swimsuits on the beach again.

"Look at those beauties, who happened to pass by them." Xiao Xianrou H thought this was the best way to verify GAY and non-GAY.

"There are a few handsome guys who happened to pass by them too." Xiao Xianrou R thinks this is the best way to verify GAY and non-GAY.

After observing from multiple angles, the two small pieces of fresh meat came to a final conclusion: these two people, one is a legendary insulator, and the other is a legendary blend.

The two left with disappointment.

Wei Dong, who wears sunglasses, spread his hands: "I thought GAY was very observant. It seems I was wrong."

"Because you met my brother and my brother-in-law, the two strongest double GAY in history."

"Yeah, the Rakshasa duo walking on the edge of the dimension." Weidong drank the coconut water and saw four people wearing wetsuits and duck webs walking over here.

"No, Fafa, you all said that Sister Dongcen dived with you?" Wei Dong sat up and looked at one of the people who was doing preparatory activities.

Fang Fei gave Wei Dong a cold look: "Bia is called Wa."

Yue Cen smiled at Weidong through the diving goggles: "My leg has healed. I was a diving enthusiast before."

Wu You said mysteriously: "I saw some strange shadowy things on the sea floor just now, we plan to go down and take a look."

Weidong and Luo Ling didn't realize their expressions became serious when they heard it. They said in unison: "Don't go."

Wei Dong added: "We are not suitable for taking risks in the rest of our lives."

Luo Wei: "What if there is an art gallery under the sea? bia go!!!"

Fang Fei, Wu You, Yue Cen, Gu Qingqing:...

#Third sheet sketch

This is a page in a sketchbook. It is filled with tombstones from far and near. The shadows unique to pencil drawings make these tombstones extremely real, cold and solemn.


Qin Ci placed a bunch of white roses in front of the monument, and the tombstone adjacent to this tombstone was also full of white roses.

Li Yaqing wrote on Weibo that her favorite flower is white roses, and the wedding in fantasy is best to use white roses as the main flower material.

Qin Ci's gaze stayed on the tombstone in front of him: Luo Wei's Tomb.

Ke Xun was standing next to Qin Ci, pouring a glass of wine on the tombstone: "My buddy, the matter is over, you said last time, let's get drunk together after the matter."

Qin Ci sighed lightly, and squatted down slowly like Ke Xun, with a gentle tone, as if recounting the past with an old friend: "Mother Luo is very good. She lives in the nursing home next to our hospital. Recently, she became obsessed with playing mahjong. She played well and always wins. Sometimes she thinks I am Luo Wei, saying that it is good to be a doctor and can consult family members; sometimes she thinks Ke Xun is Luo Wei and thinks that he should not walk with Ya Qing and a man. Its too close; sometimes I think Hao Wen is Luo Wei, and he always thinks that he plays too many mobile phones, and his eyes are too much...Anyway, we are all Luo Wei, living in this world for you, but you are living in paintings for us... "

Zhu Haowen came over and patted Qin Ci on the back: "Luo Wei, I made you laugh. Doctor Qin rarely drinks alcohol, and gets drunk when he touches it."

Zhu Haofen didn't say the following words, but said in his heart: buddy, do you remember the Yohji Yamamoto we talked about that night? No matter what he said "self" or "self", I think we all understand and find it.

Mu Yiran walked at the end, placing the white rose in his hand in front of the tomb, looking at the photo on the tombstone, which was still a photo from Luo Wei's school days, with a flat head and cleverness and transparency between his brows.

Weidong asked Ke Xun softly: "We have seen Grandpa Li Taiyong, Luo Wei and Yaqing, where should we go next?"

Ke Xun: "Lets go and see Zhao Yanbao and Chi Lei first. I have already figured out how to find out about the cemeteries of Mai Peng, Du Lingyu, and Lu Heng. Fang Fei and the others have already gone to that city today. Lets go there tomorrow."

It was noon at this time, but the sky was overcast, and there were heavy clouds of lead, as if it was bound to rain.

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