Paintings Of Terror Chapter 382

Chapter 382: Extra Quick Shot 2

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#Fourth sketch

This is a page in a childrens drawing book. The edges are filled with orange and red with crayons. It is probably to express the scene of being enveloped by red maple and yellow cockles. In the middle is a large house with simple lines. It seems that you can see the rest inside through the wall. People, two of them are playing chess in one corner of the room, two are reading in the other corner, three are around a computer not knowing what they are looking at, another group is sitting together eating, drinking and chatting, and three people outside the house use a small stove Cook something.

The house is an ancient tile roof, on which a plaque was drawn with black crayon, and two naive characters were written: Fenglu.


Mu Yiran encountered an opponent playing Go, and had to consider almost every step he took.

Yue Cen went down more calmly, and occasionally chatted with each other: "Fenglu is the first time meeting guests."

"Huh?" Mu Yiran held Heizi with his fingers, and looked up at Yue Cen, "Huh."

"I think this is an old building, but judging from the oldness of the interior decoration, cups and plates, utensils, and books, it seems that there is very little hospitality. Although the staff here are well-trained, they always treat guests. There is some politeness that uses too much force, and lacks a habitual calmness." After Yue Cen finished speaking, he looked at the chessboard and placed his Baizi in an unexpected position.

Mu Yiran held his chin in silence for a while, and said, "If you start painting earlier, you might be able to reduce some sacrifices."

Yue Cen was silent for a while, and quickly smiled softly: "It's rare to hear Mr. Mu's praise."

At this moment, the noise on the other side of Luo Yi was exceptionally loud: "You are too terrible! This horror movie? It's not as good as Tutu with big ears! It seems that entering the painting really exercised my courage."

Li Xiaochun was sitting in the middle: "I have always been indifferent to horror movies anyway, because I know they are fake and props."

Weidong looked at Luo Wei: "You just started painting with your mouth shut, how did you explain it to your girlfriend?"

At a tea table not far away, Luo's girlfriend was having tea and chatting with her companions. She didn't look out of gregariousness at all. She seemed to have agreed with Gu Qingqing to go to the lake to observe egrets on the weekend.

"I haven't seen a real wild egret yet," Luo Ming's girlfriend smiled sweetly. "When I was in middle school, I especially liked to read Jane's prose. I remember she wrote: When I can't comfort you, or you Dont care about me anymore, please remember that in our humble fleeting years, twelve egrets flew over the lake in autumn."

"It's so beautiful," Gu Qingqing nodded frequently, "I remember extracting Du Mu's poems when I was a child, and one of them was about an egret: Fly away from the blue mountain, and a pear blossom in the evening breeze. If it is a metaphor for the pear , Its so beautiful, but this pear blossom is used to compare a large group of flying egrets, it is so beautiful."

The two girls met each other very late.

Wu You, who was eating sugar-fried chestnuts next to him, paused, and asked Fang Fei on the side in a low voice: "Let you immediately think of a poem about egrets, can you?"

"Okay, two orioles crowing into the green willows, and a group of egrets ascend to the blue sky." Fang Fei replied like stream.

"You really have you, if you give me this question in a painting, I'm sure to be foolish."

Fang Fei intends to finish reading the poem: "The lone sail is far away from the blue sky, and the light boat has passed the ten thousand mountains."

"You really have you!" Wu Youbi gave a thumbs up, and then looked at Shao Ling with an incredible look. "Mr. Shao, why don't you even know how to eat sugar-fried chestnuts, that's a shell!"

Wei Dong: "...No, turnip, how did you explain the painting to your girlfriend."

Luo Wei looked at the female zombie on the screen with a calm expression, howling and giving birth to tens of thousands of slippery little zombies, and took a bite of sweet and greasy persimmons: "We are a team, we are playing a game called "Pictures". Large-scale entry-level breakthrough game."

Weidong: "..."

Li Xiaochun said in a low voice: "Even if your girlfriend is not interested in the game, what if she suddenly wants to search, or chat with a friend and find that there is no game?"

Luo Ling smiled easily: "So, I got one in partnership with my buddy who started a game company."

Weidong was surprised: "I rely on, I must not be able to play this game."

Li Xiaochun: "Luo Wei, you have a true love for your girlfriend."

"It's necessary," Luo Ling stretched, "My girlfriend is in love with this place, and I plan to come and play every fall."

"The boss said, Fenglu welcomes us at any time." Li Xiaochun even had the idea of directly seeking a position as a chef in Fenglu, so that he could live here every day.

The Maple House is a villa built in the mountains, and a glass open house is built beside the villa.

Everyone is in this open penthouse at this moment. Through the transparent glass walls, you can see the beautiful autumn scenery.

Outside, it was the bright and swaying October autumn light.

Ke Xun, Qin Ci, and the nine-year-old son of curator Hua are making tea in ancient ways outside Fenglu.

Through the glass wall, Curator Hua looked at his son who was having fun and his seven-year-old daughter who was sitting under a big maple tree and painting seriously. He suddenly realized the happiness of the years.

Zhu Haowen next to him was immersed in reading books. Since he told him some old-fashioned knowledge and found a related book on the shelf, he looked fascinated.

Luo Yuweidong and the others are the most lively there. Curator Hua laughed unconsciously: "Think about the fact that the turnip was so scared on the glass plank road just now. It's just like two people now. He was like that, let me Think of the first time I drove."

Zhu Haowen: "..."

Curator Hua smiled and said: "The first time I drove, I got on the highway. It was true. I didn't even dared to blink my eyes during the whole journey. I was sweating all over. I didn't know how to finish the three hours."

Zhu Haowen: "..."

Li Xiaochun has already interjected: "Curator Hua, don't you know there are other meanings to driving?"

Curator Hua: "Oh? Just driving a car, can there be other meanings?" Then he asked Zhu Haowen next to him, "Haowen, you have to tell me well, I have to learn more from you. People's words."

Zhu Haowen: "...Or let's go on to talk about the customs of the year."

#Fifth Zhang sketch

On an oval-shaped piece of cardboard, if you dont turn it over, its hard to find that this is actually a uniquely designed wedding invitation.

The effect is like a beautiful pen with a writing brush in lower case. On the back of the invitation, a lively wedding scene has been sketched out. All the characters are dressed in costumes, especially the two men in suits and leather shoes standing in the middle. This is particularly prominent on the screen. The particularly tall man smiled with eyes all over, in sharp contrast to his cold temperament; the man next to the cold man had a big and bright smile, which infected everyone on the screen.

Everyone on the screen is smiling, some seem to be toasting and saying blessings, and some seem to be talking about some interesting topics. Among them, two ladies in evening dresses are particularly eye-catching, they are holding a hand The man with flowers seems to be complaining why he received the bouquet. And the man stared at the flower in his hand thoughtfully.



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