Pampered Consort Of The Fragrant Orchard Book 4 Chapter 11

Vol 4 Chapter 11: Tell Me My Once

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"Xie Erzhen is really awkward!" Du Xiaoli was quickly smothered by her daughter, and returned to kiss, and then looked at Fu Lin, said: "It is still a good child, is a mother's intimate little cotton jacket, unlike a kid, I dont love my own mother. I used to hurt for a long time before I was born, oh..."

Fulin looked at Du Xiaoli holding Fuxi fake crying, resisting the urge to turn his eyes, walked over, picked up his feet and kissed her face.

"This is all right."

Du Xiaoli let go of Fu Xi, hugged Fu Lin, who wanted to retreat, and kissed him back on his face, and then he said with satisfaction: "Boy, you are born, I am embarrassed. Like a person. Its time to express, know? Dont be like a gourd, so life will be a lot less fun."

"Oh." Welfare nodded, but it didn't seem like listening to it.

"Mother, what about the third brother?" Fu Xi asked.

"Your father took him to the military camp." Du Xiaoli said.

"Ah, the father took the three brothers to the military camp? No, we have to go!" Fu Xi said with a grin.

"Well, go to your father, if he agrees, you can take it." Du Xiaoli didn't mind throwing the ball to Han Ming.

"You are a girl, go to the military camp to do, that is the place where men stay!" Fulin is like a little adult to educate Fu Xi.

"The father and the king have gone with the three younger brothers. I want to go there too. I want to see what the military camp looks like." Fu Xi said, "Isnt the mother also said that its better to read thousands of books than to read thousands of books? Everything has to be seen by myself, only to know what it is like. Right, mother?"

Fu Xi said that she was looking at Du Xiaoli and wanted her to be sure.

"Yes, many times, many things just can't be heard. You have to see it with your own eyes. If you go to experience it, you will really understand its meaning." Du Xiaoli agreed.

"Have you heard it?" Fu Xi proudly raised his small chin and looked at Fu Lin proudly.

"However, there are no rules and rules, and things can't go beyond certain rules. Otherwise, the world is in chaos." Du Xiaoli sang this education for two children. "The military camp has rules for military camps, and you don't want to go. You have to go." You must get the approval of the emperor or your father, or you will be chaotic in the military."

"Yes, mother-in-law. We will get the consent of the father or the uncle." Fuxi nodded.

"True." Du Xiaoli touched Fu Xi's head and continued: "But people can't be bound by the rules of the outside world, otherwise everyone is a living law. Do you understand?"

"Understood, the mother is telling us that there are principles to do things, not to do bad things beyond their own principles, but to do what you want in this principle, right?" Fu Xi asked with a small face.

"Yes!" Du Xiaoli said with a smile.

At this time, Xia Wei came in and said: "Wang Hao, the fire girl woke up."

Du Xiaoli came down from the bed and said, "Let's go see her."

"Mother, who is that person, why should you sleep with your father's bed?"

Du Xiaoli answered Fu Xis question while wearing shoes: "That is a good friend of the mother, you see her want to call her aunt, I know?"

"it is good."

Put on your shoes and say, "Let's go, be quiet for a while, don't yell at the fire aunt, you know?"

"Well, Xie will not be noisy." Fu Xi grabbed Du Xiaoli's hand and said.

Du Xiaoli took another hand from Fulin and took a child to his room.

Fire Phoenix saw Du Xiaoli coming in, holding two children who were tooting and said, "This is your child? They are all so big."

After the fire phoenix finished, how could he unknowingly say such a thing? It seems that I knew very early on that she had a child.

"Fire aunt is good." Fu Xi smiled and said to the Phoenix.

"Aunt of Fire." Fulin also said a faint voice.

Du Xiaoli walked over and said, "You have blood in your head. I will give you a needle every once in a while, and the blood will be turned away. You should be able to recover your memory."

"Well, thank you." The phoenix was lying on the bed, grateful.

"How do we know each other for so many years, you are suffering from such a heavy injury for the idle king, and you are still my cousin's younger sister, I should cure you anyway." Du Xiaoli smiled. Say.

"Auntie, you can rest assured that the mother's medical skills are very powerful, she will be able to cure your wounds." Fu Xi came to the bed and said with a smile.

"Thank you, little county lord." Fire Phoenix looked at the very similar face of Fu Xi and Du Xiaoli and said, "Your daughter is still like you."

"My daughter is of course like me." Du Xiaoli said, "Like children? Like to hurry and marry, and then give birth to one. You are also a big boy, my children have been playing soy for a few years."

"Married ..." The smile on the face of the phoenix was a little stiff, saying: "I seem to remember that I used to seem to have married, but think carefully, but I can't think of anything. Xiaoli, can you tell me before? Something?"

"Do you really want to hear?" Du Xiaoli asked.

"Yeah." Fire Phoenix nodded lightly and said: "I thought about it, no matter what the previous things are like, I should not evade, happy or sad, they are all in my life. Traces are part of my life. Not that I forgot, they don't exist."

"It's rare that you can think so." Du Xiaoli said.

Yangge came in with a bowl of medicine and saw Du Xiaoli in it. He said, "Wang Hao, the medicine is fried."

"Give it to me." Du Xiaoli reached out and took the medicine bowl and said, "Fu Xi, Fulin, you should review today's homework, and your father will come back later. Acura, you take them down."

"Yes, Wang Hao." The song was blessed and said: "Little county owner, little prince, let's go."

"Mother sees it for a while, fire aunt sees you again, Fuxi retreats." Fuxi gave them a courtesy.

"Fu Lin also retired." Fulin said.

Watching them leave, Fire Phoenix said: "Your child is really embarrassed, but it is not like a normal royal child."

"No matter what identity, it is external. I pay more attention to their inner things." Du Xiaoli said that the two children are also very proud, said, "I will feed you to drink the medicine, then tell you that you used to Things."

"it is good."

Du Xiaoli used a spoon to feed a spoonful of medicine to the Phoenix, and then gave her a candied fruit before she started talking about it.

"The first time I saw you, it was the New Year's Eve ten years ago. It was the first New Year's Eve when I first arrived in Beijing. We were still making dumplings in the kitchen, preparing for the new year's goods, you and The idle king just opened the curtain and walked in. At that time you said, you are the wife of Mingyuan, the king of the idle king..."

Du Xiaoli slowly said the things in the past few years. She personally participated in the life of the Phoenix, and she heard about some things, she told her.

When she said these things, she also lamented that she was only seven years old when she crossed the world. She and her brother lived together for more than five years. When they were thirteen, they came to Beijing and met the Jiliuxia, and soon after. Send them to the sedan chair. Fifteen-year-old married, 16-year-old pregnant, seventeen-year-old child, Fu Xifu Lin's birthday banquet, and the war in the north kicked off. Then, for a few years in the war, the children are almost six years old now.

Think about it, it has been over for more than a decade, and she suddenly has a timeless and sigh of time.

The phoenix quietly listened to Du Xiaolis own things. Some things seemed to have a vague impression on the brain, and some felt so strange.

"It turns out that we have known each other for ten years." Fire Phoenix said, "How many decades have you lived?"

"The years are impermanent, and the life of a person may stop at what time. What we can do is to grasp the present." Du Xiaoli said.

"The words that the idle king said at the river were all true. We used to be husband and wife." The phoenix remembered the painful heart when he saw his uncomfortable eyes. The feeling was originally the body's instinctive reaction.

Even if she doesn't have him in her memory, her body, her heart, will still feel bad for him.

"Phoenix, forgive me more than one mouth, you used to go to Beiyuan country for the sake of the leisure king, for him to be seriously injured, drop the cliff, indicating that you have forgiven him. Although you can't remember your previous things, But if one day, you think of your past, I hope that you will not miss each other again, and don't look back on the years." Du Xiaoli said.

The fire phoenix could not help but touched the scar on his face and said, "There is no woman who likes to break the woman, let alone a king of a country."

"Its no longer important to experience death and death." Du Xiaoli said, "The original words should have been told to you by the idle king, but if you don't want to see him now, I will tell you on his behalf."

"I really don't mind?" The Phoenix swayed his lips and seemed to be less convinced.

"If you know what he has done to find you, you will not care about this anymore." Du Xiaoli said, "Moreover, I can remove this scar after you are ready."

"Can you really get rid of it?" Fire Phoenix asked.

No matter how life continues in the future, she does not want to wear a veil forever.

"You can rest assured, I said that there is no problem." Du Xiaoli said.

"Yeah, I believe in you." Fire Phoenix said.

Du Xiaoli reached out and gave the phoenix a quilt and said, "Okay, I have told you so many words today. You are tired too. Let's rest first. The memories of the past may come back in your sleep."

"it is good."

Three or five days later, the Phoenix has been able to sit up, although it can not go to the ground, but people seem to be angry.

In the past two days, she met Sima Rui and met Bai Ningyuan. She did not see Han Mingyuan.

Han Mingyuan only secretly sneaked into the house after she fell asleep, looking at her in her sleep, and there was no infinite affection in her eyes.

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