Pampered Consort Of The Fragrant Orchard Book 4 Chapter 12

Vol 4 Chapter 12: Grandson And Grandmother Meet Each Other

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For Han Mingyuan, who often quietly went to see the Phoenix, Du Xiaoli did not know, but she did not stop. After all, his uncle is still a young uncle. As long as he does not affect the recovery of the Phoenix, and does not make a special thing, she will close her eyes.

Two days later, Du Xiaoli entered the yard with a white-haired old man. Bai Ningyuan, who was sitting in the courtyard pavilion, quickly stood up and shouted: "Master."

The fire father nodded to him and said, "How about Phoenix?"

"It's been a lot better. I just came out and sat for a while." Bai Ningyuan said.

He glanced at Sima Rui, who was opposite him. This guy froze when the fire master came in.

Fire Master looked at Sima Rui with a mask, and there were some accidents. Then he whispered: "You really survived."

Although he had a mask, although he had a different breath, he raised his child and recognized it at a glance.

But before they talked, he said to Du Xiaoli: "Let's go see the phoenix."

"Good." Du Xiaoli said, "Master, go here."

The fire master left with Du Xiaoli, and Sima Rui looked at the old voice of the fire father, his lips squirming, but he did not say anything.

Bai Ning far sighed and said: "You poisoned the master, although he was rescued by the cousin, but the master's body is much older. Later, I learned that the younger sister and Han Mingyuan fell off the cliff and died, the hair of the master. I was completely white at night. I think if it wasnt because the body of the younger sister had not been found, the master might not be able to support it. So if you save the younger sisters life, it will save the masters life."

Sima Rui only felt bitter in his mouth, and his heart was full of remorse.

In fact, he would rather be beaten up, or directly blame him for killing him, or even kill him, but he knows that you are still alive, no worries, no previous sins.

The fire phoenix just went out and Bai Ningyuan sat at the meeting. I felt a little tired and went back to the house.

Du Xiaoli specially arranged for her to take care of her. Both Yangko and Xia have their own things to do and can't take care of her all the time.

When I saw Du Xiaoli coming in, Qi Qi was blessed by her: "I have seen Wang Hao."

"Is Phoenix sleeping?" Du Xiaoli asked.

"Not yet, the slaves just waited for her to lie down," one said.

"Xiao Li, you are coming." Fire Phoenix heard the voice of Du Xiaoli and said.

"Let's go down." Du Xiaoli waved his hand at the two cockroaches, and he echoed out.

"Phoenix, who are you watching?" Du Xiaoli went in and said with a smile.

The phoenix saw the person behind him, and sat up at once, his eyes filled with tears.


At this moment, she was like a wronged child, and could not help but cry after seeing her parents and relatives.

The fire lord walked over and looked at the phoenix, then hugged her in her arms, tears.

"You are still alive, I know, you will not leave the old man alone." He stroked the head of the phoenix.

"Grandpa, I am sorry, I am worried." The fire phoenix shed tears and snuggled in the arms of his grandfather, and he really felt that he was practical.

"Isn't the news from Ning Yuan not that you lost your memory?" said the fire father.

Du Xiaoli saw the scene of the grandson and the grandson, and couldn't help but see some red eyes. When she heard the fire father, she said: "The phoenix has been a lot better in the past ten days, and it has been reminded of some things. I remembered you on two days, and I kept thinking about you at that time. If it wasnt for me that I couldnt cry, or Im not good at my eyes and brain, Im afraid she cried in tears in the past two days."

The phoenix came out of the fire man's arms and looked at his white hair. He said with distress: "Grandpa, your hair..."

"Grandpa is old, and it is normal for his hair to be white." Fire Master looked at the Phoenix. "As long as you are fine, it doesn't matter if you want Grandpa's life."

The tears of the phoenix are even more powerful.

She listened to Bai Ningyuan, and Grandpa was hearing that her cliff was missing. When she was fierce, she had a white hair all night. When she thought of Grandpas suffering these days, she could not control her emotions.

"Grandpa, sorry, sorry..." She squatted on the bed and couldn't stop crying.

"Good boy, don't be so scared of grandfather next time, grandfather is old, can't help but scare..." The fire master wiped his tears for the fire phoenix, but his tears could not stop falling.

"Well, Phoenix will never do such a thing, so Grandpa is worried." Fire Phoenix cried and said, reaching for his grandfather to wipe his tears.

Du Xiaoli looked at them and went out quietly, leaving the space to the reunion grandson.

"Cousins, masters and younger sisters, how are they." Don't see Du Xiaoli coming out and ask.

Du Xiaoli walked over and sat down and said: "The two are a little excited, but it's okay."

"Mother, mother!"

Fu Xi took Fu Lin and ran in from the outside, ran and shouted Du Xiaoli.

Du Xiaoli looked up and saw two children running, took out handcuffs and wiped them for them.

"Mother, my uncle agreed to go to the military camp." Fu Xi pulled Du Xiaoli's hand to wipe his sweat and said with a smile.

"Is it true?" Du Xiaoli is a bit surprised. This Han Mingze really hurts Fuxi.

"Yes!" Fu Xi said with a smile. "Uncle Huang originally disagreed with me. He said that he was afraid that the soldiers would hurt me. He also said that the woman could not enter the military camp. But I said that the mother is the uncle, you personally sealed it. General, the mother can go, I can! Then the uncle Huang smiled and agreed to go!"

"People are big." Du Xiaoli hooked her nose.

At this time, Han Ming and the Prince came in from the outside. When they saw Du Xiaoli, the Prince performed a courtesy and respectfulness: "Huangfu."

"His Royal Highness also came out?" Du Xiaoli waved to the prince, and the Prince walked over.

"Yes, the father said that Fu Xi sister and Fu Lin are going to the military camp, let me follow and see, and take care of Fu Xi sister." The prince replied.

Du Xiaoli took care of the prince's clothes and smoothed the folds on the top. He said, "Well, you are so big now, you can go to the military camp to see and see. When are you going?"

"Mother, we are coming back to tell you, change clothes and go." Fu Xi said.

"Well, Yangge, take Fuxi to go to the horseback riding." Du Xiaoli told the song.

"Okay, the county owner, please come with the slave." The song came out from the side of the room, and gave a gift to the people in the yard, and then returned to the house with Fu Xi.

"The Prince has been thinner recently, but his homework is too tired? What have you been learning recently?" Du Xiaoli said to the Prince.

"Fortunately." Prince said, "The daily homework is also those, only the national policy and the military law."

"Well, these two are all necessary for you. As a Prince, you must learn the way of imperialism, but also know the art of war." Du Xiaoli said.

"Huang Aunt, the father said that you and the uncle have a lot of research on these two aspects, so that I have time to ask you." Prince said.

"Well, just now I have some free time, not as busy as I came back. You come here, I will do something to make you a good supplement, this queen will see you like this, but it will be distressed. Du Xiaoli smiled and said.

"Then I can have a good time. The father said that the cooking of the emperor is better than that of the royal chef." Prince said.

"How big a person is, always thinking about eating." Han Mingyi was not happy at the side, reprimanded.

"I heard that the emperor will cook in person every few days, and every time the emperor eats it, he is very happy." The Prince retorted.

"..." Han Ming took a look at the Prince.

"You will say that the Prince will not eat you next time." Du Xiaoli still likes the child who has recently saved and watched him grow up.

Although he is fourteen and five years old, he is already an adult in ancient times, but she still subconsciously treats him as a child.

The door opened and Fu Xi ran out from the inside. This girl was always in full swing, and even the clothes she wore were mostly red.

"Father, Prince, I changed, let's go." Fuxi ran over and said.

"Okay, let's go," said Han Mingqi.

"Wait." Du Xiaoli took Fu Xi to give her a rational hair, and put a handcuff into her clothes before they let them go.

"Mother, we will definitely come back before dark, you are waiting for us at home!" Fu Xi said, pulling Han Ming, they left.


Xiaobaiqi did not know where to run out, and suddenly went to Fu Xis arms.

"Little white ball, where have you been recently? How do I feel that you are getting fat again?"

Fu Xi's voice gradually became smaller, until her voice disappeared, Du Xiaoli only returned to God.

Bai Ningyuan also loved Fuxi and said: "Fuxi is really cute and sensible. They are all five years old. When will they take them back to their hometown? Fathers, they want to see them."

"We are not filial, for so many years, did not bring the children back to see them." Du Xiaoli said a little embarrassed.

"You are busy with the war, and the fathers understand them. It is only this year that the fathers don't know how many years of work." Bai Ningyuan said, "especially grandma, the older the body, the worse. ""

"I know." Du Xiaoli nodded.

"After half a year, the father is seventy years old. If you have time, take the children back and give him a birthday." Bai Ningyuan said, "Since Xiaoxiao left, the father is not very happy every time." If you can go, he is expected to be crazy!"

"After half a year..." Du Xiaoli thought for a moment and said, "I will bring my children back to my grandfathers birthday when I arrive. If I dont have time, I will take them with me."


"You two come in." The voice of the fire father came.

"We are advanced." Bai Ningyuan got up and looked at Sima Rui, who had not yet moved, and said, "What are you doing?"

"I--" Sima Rui hesitated, stood up, and entered the house with Bai Ningyuan.

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