Pampering The Yandere In The Apocalypse Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Rakuka Rakumei Extra

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Lo Ye--

When I opened my eyes, I saw a strange space, but there was a warm breath rushing over my face.

The pain of dying among the zombies seemed to be still there. I accepted part of the memory of the original owner, yes, only a part of it, but that part also made me unable to accept it for a while.

There is no other reason, because I have never felt the love before, and now I can clearly feel it from the memory of the original owner.

Later, the meticulous care of the original owner's brother made me feel at a loss. I didn't even laugh, and stiffly accepted the care from the original owner's brother, not knowing what I was thinking.

I only know that I like this kind of emotion, so I try to disguise myself and try to become one with the original owner.

But I am not the original owner after all, so in the end I still exposed. I had a bad attitude and wanted to make Luo Mingyan, who had been my brother for several months, hate me. Then, I could leave with peace of mind, without any guilt. go away.

I was still wrong. Not everyone in this world hates people like me. I jumped downstairs and he followed.

For a while I didn't know what to do, and in the end we had nothing, but I knew that part of my heart was soft for him.

Later, the end of the world came as expected, and I step by step let them all have their abilities, but the blow of becoming the king of zombie caught me off guard, and I tried my best to hide my identity.

Because staying with them, protecting them is my only idea.

Later, a little girl and a woman were added to the team. The little girl's IQ was very high. I increased my vigilance. In the end, it was because of the little girl's high IQ that I let me let her go.

I hate the woman who joined the team, because she instigated Luo Mingyan to abandon the original owner in her previous life, and now she continues to provoke the relationship between us.

In the end, under my conspiracy, the woman was bitten to death by me. Therefore, I also ate the first piece of human flesh in history. I suffered from this, but what's the use!

I left the team and protected them in secret. I took a small team on the way, and finally returned to them.

Slowly, I found that my heart melted for them, so I could not do without them.

A lot of newcomers came to the team during this time, and I tried to open up their hearts. What's pleasant is that my approach was not wrong, because they also repaid me with their sincerity.

Later, because of something, I left the base and found a place that was still intact in the last days according to the memory of my previous life, and I built a symbiosis base there.

I didn't expect to encounter such a zombie on the way, so I was in a coma because of a careless injury. Later, I exhausted my abilities to save the people in the team and fell into an unconscious sleep.

When I woke up, the base had already taken shape, and I was very happy. The next thing was still going in the right direction.

I held a celebration party for the completion of the base, but I didn't expect that something like that would happen afterwards.

The three closest to me and the most trusted person were injured. They were seriously injured. When I rushed over, two of them were dead, so I tried my best to save them with my life.

They took away their emotions, and their attitude towards me changed tremendously. Then I left alone and killed the powerful monster I created.

The reduction in lifespan caused my physical condition to drop drastically. Later, in order to maintain the normal operation of the space, I drew out my emotions.

In order not to let my efforts go to waste, so I got rid of the biggest threat, for which I paid the price of my life.

The first child at the base was born. When there was hope, I knew that my time was up.

So I slept on the bottom of the lake permanently alone.

Luo Mingyan

I was born again, Ye Er used her life in the previous life to get my rebirth in this life, but I didn't expect Ye Er to never come back.

The rebirth of Ye'er is a completely different soul, she is powerful and fascinating.

Soon I became addicted to her because of her. I helped him as much as possible, and then warmed her cold heart little by little. I succeeded.

It was just a hesitation that made me lose her again. Even if I met again later, I knew that there was already a hurdle in my heart that I couldn't pass, and I would never be able to return to the beginning.

Ye Er was about to leave, and I and others followed her resolutely and resolutely to be her strongest backing.

Later, we built a symbiosis base together, as if we were back before the end of the world.

It's just that we still haven't suppressed our emotions, we made Luo Ye feel embarrassed and irritable, so after being rejected, we went out alone to deal with strange things and relax.

We overestimated our own strength, which cost us our lives. The weird thing is that we actually survived.

At the beginning, we didn't know the reason, but slowly, we knew that we were able to survive because of Ye Er's reasons. She used her lifespan for us to survive.

A lot of things happened during that time, and we were caught off guard.

Later, a lot of monsters appeared. This monster was actually man-made. We found the source of the monster's appearance.

Ye Er led us into the innermost part of the research room.

We watched Ye'er deal with that powerful monster alone, and watched Ye'er hurt but powerless.

At that time, we already knew that Ye'er was alive soon, so we tried our best to make Ye'er happy and not tired. We wanted to use this method to make Ye'er live longer.

Ye'er's body is not as good as one day, and she sleeps most of the time every day, and can't even find that we move her body.

We are sad, guilty, but helpless.

We know clearly that we can't keep her anymore.

Aisleqi also changed in this roar, he was no longer hiding himself, he became very similar to Ye'er, except that Ye'er's bloodthirsty and coldness were missing.

Because I found that he occasionally stood alone in the sun, which means that he likes the sun, which is completely different from Ye'er.

We have always lived in our own world, full of guilt and helplessness, and sadness that was so heavy that it almost buried people until the first child on the base was born.

We all know that that child represents hope, the hope of mankind, and the new world has truly come.

Ye'er gave the little child a name that healed her heart, and it was a beautiful and pleasant name.

Early the next morning, all mutant beasts in the base suddenly began to cry.

I have a feeling. It tells me that I have lost an important thing forever, and I know that it was Ye Er who left.

We ran to Ye'er's room but couldn't find her. Later, a child told us that Ye'er was sleeping on the bottom of the lake at the base. The place where she was sleeping was very beautiful.

Later, people from the zombie world came. They took Lan Ling away according to Ye'er's last wish, and we held a grand funeral.

Time hasn't made us forget her, but it has become more and more profound.

After being decadent for a while, we cheered up and turned the whole world into what Ye Er expected.

Then live alone in the new century until the end of a lifetime.

We did not waste a single leaf of life.

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