Pampering The Yandere In The Apocalypse Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Gu Xunjing Ai Si Erqi Fan Wai

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Gu Xunjing

That day, I met a person who made me persistent for half my life.

In the first half of my life, I lived in a muddle-headed manner, wandering around bored all day, and then the end of the world came and caught me by surprise.

I was lucky enough to survive, and got some supernatural powers. Although there were some helpers, it was better than none. I couldn't stand the control of my peers, so I left alone.

When I first left the team, I had a miserable life. People are gregarious animals. This is not wrong.

But with absolute strength, this point of living in groups can be completely ignored.

After a period of time in the last days, I seem to have returned to the way I was before the last days, boring, endless boredom.

While wandering at night, I met an interesting person. My legs could not help but follow her. In a few days, I gradually came to a shocking conclusion.

She, that funny girl is not a human being, she can drive zombies, all zombies listen to her, her every move is like a natural king.

Then I was exposed, no, I was exposed at the beginning.

She is terrifyingly powerful. I noticed my existence early in the morning but never exposed it. The first time I was caught, I was not afraid, but calmly cried with her. I dont know what I was holding. Mentality!

Later we talked for one night. I learned about her experience and her identity. The next day I was sent to "protect" several other people, four men and a little girl.

This is a strange group of partners. From that day on, the gears of fate began to turn, and we were tied together.

In getting along, I no longer felt bored, and gradually merged into them, and then the funny girl came back, and we experienced a lot together.

And my interest in her became more and more intense, until later, this interest unconsciously became like, and then later became love.

I buried this love deeply, because I saw that there are people who have the same mind as mine, because their eyes have the same emotions as mine.

A dazzling and powerful person always emits a powerful light, and it continues to attract us.

Because of some things, her identity was exposed. We had to leave the base. A group of people followed her to find a new place to live. No one complained. From then on, I knew that in the days to come, this must be a powerful one. Team.

Under her leadership, we built a symbiosis base together, and we truly have a home.

In order to protect us, she suffered a lot and even went into a coma several times. The most serious one was to deliver life to me and two other people.

Because of our own mistakes, she paid the price of her life, and it was very sad to lose her.

We fell for a long time, until the woman next to her woke me up when I saw her face to face for the first time. She gave me my life now, which means that I and she are alone.

I will no longer practice myself, nor will I be decadent anymore. I will live with the life she gave me. Even if there is no light in the rest of my life, I will work hard to change the whole world according to her ideas.

Seeing the little girl called Yuxin grow up slowly, I have new ambitions to train her to grow up and make the little girl a strong person like her.

With emotional sustenance, I gradually forgot the pain she brought after she left.

Only occasionally dreaming back at midnight, tears still wet the pillow.


I always thought I was an unfortunate child, and I was alone since I can remember.

When one person does everything, there is always only one nanny at home. The nanny doesn't like me and I don't care. As long as she cooks every day, she doesn't care about the other things.

That's what I thought.

I have countless classes every day, etiquette class, dance class, language class, economics class, trading class...

These courses made me keep spinning like a top. I was very tired. I committed suicide many times, but I was rescued every time at a critical moment.

My parents accused me and insulted me in front of the hospital bed. They told me bluntly that I was a tool to help them become the richest man in the world.

Is money and rights really that important?

I started to become unlike myself. After I killed a stray cat, I became more uncontrollable. I fell in love with blood and killing.

But this is still a society ruled by law. I am like a cockroach mouse living in the dark, longing for the light but not dare to touch it, timid, pitiful and pathetic.

Darkness is constantly eroding me. I feel that I have never received light, so I long for light, even if it is a trace. In the days to come, I know that this is the difference between me and her.

As I grew up, I became excellent, and I was a genius in all aspects. I became a leader among my peers. At the same time, I was praised by my parents.

I dismissed the verbal and material rewards.

The two extreme words of genius and lunatic, they seem to have blended into my ancient blood, half genius and half madman. In many cases, genius is with madman.

Because of my age, I am still suppressed, but this does not mean that I will be suppressed forever.

After waiting so long, I am not afraid to wait for a while.

It's just that when I was about to be able to take control of my life, I was caught off guard by the sudden disaster, and all my plans fell through.

I found that I had awakened the power of space, which made me feel disgusted, and made me feel that I was a mobile warehouse for others, and my life was still in the hands of others.

Later I met her, my bright goal and hope for the second half of my life, I have never been so happy that my space power is.

Because I can take out what she needs anytime and anywhere, which is impossible for others.

From the first time I met her, I knew that she and I were of the same kind, but there was still a whole galaxy between us, which was a width that I couldn't cross.

Many times, I looked at her back, and followed her footsteps all the way along the way she had stepped on.

A lot of things happened afterwards, which made me regret. I regret that I just followed her in her footsteps instead of standing by her shoulders, or surpassing her to protect her.

She saved me and gave me a new life, but she died soon after.

I almost collapsed. I wanted to go with her, but was stopped by someone and couldn't die.

Later, I was taken care of. Every day, no matter where I went, I followed three or four people. I couldn't die, and I couldn't go with her. I was decadent.

Later when I figured it out, they let me out, and I saw a whole new world.

The world was reorganized according to her ideas. I was like a fish in water, and I found new hope.

I decided to walk the way she had walked. I started a long journey, and there was always a black leopard by my side.

This is her partner, it's called-Baozi.

From the time I was about to walk the road she had walked, Baozi followed me, thinking that it also missed her, so we embarked on the journey.

Lifespan gradually came to an end, and I returned to the place where we first met, and I slept there forever, with all the sights I saw and the deep thoughts for her.

And Baozi, following her forever on the journey.

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