Part Time As God Of The Heavens Chapter 239

Vol 5 Chapter 22: I'm Just An Ordinary Human

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After being transformed by Zhou Yi, the Black Pearl has become a veritable magic ship.

When sailing at full speed on the sea, if Zhou Yi had not strengthened the hull and added some weight, I felt that the Black Pearl could directly float forward like a speedboat!

At this speed, Zhou Yi arrived at the location where Tia Dorma had only given the topography after only a few days.

This is the limitation of this era. Treasure maps basically have only one terrain. If you want to find...unless there are special props, you really have to try your luck on the vast ocean.

The so-called special props naturally refer to the compass in Jack's hand. This prop that can be regarded as a bug in this world. Only the user needs to have a clear goal in his heart to point out the direction. Jack just sees Tia. Dorma put up the rough appearance of the island, and then conceived the corresponding island appearance in his brain, and then made it clear that it was an island, and the compass pointed out the position.

Zhou Yi hasn't figured out the principle until now. The last time he explored, he only found that there was a spiritual exploration magic on it, and I didn't know the rest.

"Boss, we're almost there." Jack cried very smoothly.

"Well, I can go alone, you don't need to follow." Zhou Yi nodded slightly.

Tia Dorma didn't know if he had any bad thoughts, Zhou Yi never hesitated to use the utmost malice to guess his enemy... Although it is currently a barely cooperative relationship.

Prevention is necessary.

Once Tia Dorma really set some traps, with this level of traps, ordinary people would definitely not be able to bear or help much, so it's better to stay a little far away and not mess with Zhou Yi.

Under all eyes, Zhou Yi came directly to the side of the boat, then jumped and jumped off the boat.

A group of crew members hurried to the side of the ship to look around, and found that Zhou Yi had landed steadily on the sea. They took out something that they didnt know what it was and was tinkering with them, forming ice under their feet and walking towards the island. The waves were undulating, but Zhou Yi's figure was always stable. The ice under his feet seemed to be only very thin, and it melted and disappeared in less than a second after he stepped on and left.

What Zhou Yi used to tinker with was actually an intelligent robot.

He made some gadgets like this when he was in the world of "Pacific Rim", and then kept it till now... finally it worked.

There are still many things like this, anyway, the system space is large enough, Zhou Yi will stuff something in and store it in case of emergency.

There are so many worlds, there are always special circumstances that can be used.

In a short while, Zhou Yi finished debugging the robot, and the thin piece of ice under his feet thickened into a large ice layer, providing him with enough reaction force, and then he jumped and came to the island!

The previous ordinary walking Zhou Yi opened the stealth mode. Under the stealth state, Zhou Yi's weight will be reduced to an unimaginable point, so he can stand on that small piece of thin ice. As for why it is not invisible, it is naturally Because Zhou Yi has already been able to perfectly control the sneaking spell and only use part of its functions...Otherwise, who would be shown invisible?

Of course, this is just a matter of convenience, pretending to be forced has become a habit, it is not that Zhou Yi deliberately wants to do this.

But if you want to jump up, the force is unbearable by a thin piece of floating ice. Although magic does not seem to be scientific, it is actually scientific. It is just that most people cannot find the scientific principles in it... The effect of force is mutual. Zhou Yi wants a force that is enough to support his body, he needs a corresponding carrier that can withstand this force.

Newton lay peacefully in the coffin board.

When he came to the island, Zhou Yi looked around, frowned slightly, and walked in the direction that Natia Dorma said.

In the sea water behind Zhou Yi, a wandering fish quietly looked at Zhou Yi's away back. For some reason, a cold breath suddenly flashed in the dull and dull eyes.


After a while, Zhou Yi looked at a slightly dilapidated temple and palace in front of him.

The palace is not very large, so it is almost completely covered by dense trees around it. It may be due to disrepair. The palace has been covered with bricks and shattered by trees growing everywhere, the walls are cracked and collapsed, and it is a scene of ruined walls.

But through some patterns and sculptures on it, it can be seen that this is a palace related to Nordic culture. Combine the scale and exquisiteness of the palace, as well as the time it can age... It is certainly not artificial, but "Made by God".

"Here?" Zhou Yi looked around, frowning slightly.

He didn't notice any fluctuations in mana.

Moreover, according to Tia Dorma, this place should be a cave, not a broken palace!

Is it hidden?

Of course, it is impossible for Zhou Yi to directly commit the danger when he does not understand the situation. He directly put down the debugged robot, and then manipulated it into the palace.

However, until he controlled the robot and walked around, Zhou Yi didn't see anything wrong!

The palace is not big, and there is nothing in it. If those sculptures are put in a later generation and changed their name, they can be used as national treasures in the exhibition hall, but for Zhou Yi, they are naturally the same as ordinary stones.

"..." Zhou Yi pondered for a while, took out the token and looked at it.

The token is a ring-shaped object, and the hole in the middle is not big or small, about the size of an ordinary human eye.

and many more.


Zhou Yi wanted to hold it directly in front of his eyes and look at this palace, but this thought was suppressed by him only for a flash.

Zhou Yi picked up the robot and placed the token in front of the robot's camera.

What the human eye can see, the camera should also be able to see it. They are all optical imaging. Is there any difference?

Sure enough, this look revealed something different.

Through the display on the screen, Zhou Yi found that the horizon he saw through the ring-shaped token was really different from what he saw with his naked eyes, with a golden light!

It's like the golden highlight in Assassin's Creed's Hawkeye Vision, marking a location.

But why didn't I find out before?

Special materials that can avoid magic detection? Or some hidden magic?

Zhou Yi really knew nothing about this.

Zhou Yi decided that it was better to be careful, so he continued to send a robot to investigate. After carefully searching one side around that location, he found a groove where the token could be placed.

While controlling the robot to place the token, Zhou Yi noticed a very obvious and huge magic wave coming out, and then, the ground split evenly from the middle to the sides, revealing a stone stairway below. Curving downwards, leading to the unknown depths.

Zhou Yi uses the controller to control the robot down.

The robot is not a simple wheeled drive structure, but a humanoid structure with hands and feet, so it is difficult to be restricted by the terrain, and steps like this will not affect it at all.

Unexpectedly, the robot went down to the bottom without any obstacles, and then...

"That's it?"

One hour later.

Zhou Yi fell into contemplation at the neatly organized magic books that were moved out by the robots one after another.

Before starting to act, Zhou Yi had anticipated a lot of situations, such as the robot will be destroyed by some powerful magic prohibition, or there is no token to get the magic book, or the magic book is actually fake... ...But until the robot emptied all the books one by one, and then turned it on and scanned it through the camera to confirm that it was something that recorded magic...

Could it be that you have saved the abdomen of a gentleman with the heart of a villain?

"So, are you really not going to come out?" Zhou Yi thought it would be better to ask the client.

There was silence all around.

"Then I will take them all." Zhou Yi raised his eyebrows and waved his hand, and all the magic books were included in the system space.

Sorry, I have to go around if I can eat it!

After putting things away, Zhou Yi turned around and left.

A moment after Zhou Yi left, a crab hidden in the sand, leaving only two eyes exposed, moved as if consciously, crawling towards the cave.

"how can that be?"

Far away, Tia Dorma's eyes widened while looking at a crystal ball.

"Isn't the steel giant he used a creation of Hephaestus?" Tia Dorma muttered to himself.

At the beginning, Zhou Yi used the Tyrannical Sword Demon mecha when he was fighting against the Nordic Kraken that she had summoned, which really shocked Tia Dorma.

In Tia Dorma's cognition, such a terrifying steel creation, except for the **** of fire and the **** of forging Hephaestus, is absolutely impossible to create!

This is definitely a great deed that the gods can make!

So the question is, what is the identity of Zhou Yi, who has such a powerful creation as Hephaestus?

Tia Dorma had never heard of Hephaestus having a creation like the Overlord Sword Demon before, but she did not doubt it, but because of this, she believed more deeply in the origin of this creation... the strength of this creation Even better than some weaker gods!

This kind of thing can be used as a hole card, so it is completely normal that I have not seen it before or even heard it!

It was reasonable to think about it, so Tia Dorma continued to think about it according to this line of thinking, and only then deliberately agreed to Zhou Yi's trading terms in order to explore Zhou Yi's identity.

After hearing Zhou Yi's trading conditions, Tia Dorma suddenly "understood" what Zhou Yi wanted to do.

Zhou Yi actually wants to know the whereabouts of other gods!

For Tia Dorma, Zhou Yi wanted to know the purpose of this, and it was "self-evident".

Tia Dorma, who "understood" everything, decided to let Zhou Yi come to this island with the token. She must stop Zhou Yi from "what she wants to do!"

There are corresponding restrictions on the magic book of this island cave. As long as it is a creation that carries magic or mana, it will be attacked by the most terrible. Only one step into the cave will trigger this restriction!

Only mortals can obtain these magic books, and in Tia Dorma's view, it is absolutely impossible for Zhou Yi to let mortals get their own things.

After seeing Zhou Yi arrived on the island without a mortal, Tia Dorma knew that her purpose would definitely be accomplished. What she controlled was watching Zhou Yi coldly in the water when Zhou Yi went to the island. Little fish will have that kind of performance.

After seeing Zhou Yi drew out a small steel villain out of thin air, Tia Dorma confirmed his guess.

Only Hephaestus could create such a delicate creation!

However, this is invalid. Tia Dorma knew that this Iron Man would be completely destroyed by magic prohibition as long as he stepped into the cave!

However, when the crab controlled by Tia Dorma, who was so determined, saw the robot walk into the cave step by step, and then moved out the magic books one by one...

Had it not been for the chin being buried in the soil, the crab would have to stage a "scare of the chin".

But it doesn't matter, Tia Dorma himself has already performed this operation in front of the crystal ball.

how can that be?

How could that thing not be a magical creation?

So subtle, so flexible... Only the God of Craftsman could create such a creation... Could Hephaestus actually develop and master the creation of a creation that can be acted upon without using magical power? ? ?

Tia Dorma was puzzled.

"Or...Is there something wrong with the restriction here?" Tia Dorma controlled the crab to step into the cave. The next second, the powerful restriction was triggered, and the crab was directly concentrated by a huge magic beam. It became a grilled crab...oh no, it was gone.

"It's not bad?!" Controlling a crab came over again. After checking this scene, UU Reading www.uukahnshu.com Tiya Doma was completely stunned.

"What the **** is going on!" Tia Dorma stood up suddenly, his face full of confusion and panic.

Zhou Yi's methods are beyond the imaginable range of Tia Dorma.

Even the gods are afraid of the unknown!

"So," a voice came, the picture in the crystal ball reversed for a while, and Zhou Yi's face appeared, "Ms. Tia Dorma..."

Here, Zhou Yi, who didn't know when he appeared, held one of the crab's feet, looked directly at the crab's eyes, and shook twice, "If I hadn't been careful, it seems that I really wanted your way."

"..." Tia Dorma came back to his senses and directly used his abilities.

She has something, and now she must ask Zhou Yi to ask clearly!

When Zhou Yi heard the movement, he put down the crab, turned his head, and looked at the water man who appeared not far behind him.

"Who are you?" Tia Dorma asked coldly.

"Auto mechanics, IRS staff, Templars, magicians, policemen, mecha designers, taverns, ten-year veterans..." Zhou Yi tilted his head slightly, "What do you want to ask? I'm just an ordinary human. "

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