Part Time As God Of The Heavens Chapter 240

Vol 5 Chapter 23: At The End Of The World Poseidon 3 Dike

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Tia Dorma "..."

Although Tia Dorma is not very clear about the occupations mentioned by Zhou Yi, but in terms of quantity...

Are you sure you are an ordinary human?

"You obviously have Hephaestus's creation in your hand, and it is extremely powerful, and it is absolutely impossible to be used by outsiders. You must be his heir!" Tia Dorma decided to expose it directly and confront it.

Zhou Yi "???"

Where is this and where?

However, Zhou Yi quickly reacted, "What then?"

After thinking about it, Zhou Yi already understood Tia Dorma's thoughts.

Hephaestus Zhou Yi naturally knew who it was, the **** of fire and craftsman in Greek mythology.

The Demon Sword Demon and the little robot he used before probably caused Tia Dorma to misunderstand!

Also, in this age, even if it is a god, except for the foreseeing by special means, who can imagine that the human beings who are still using sail power will actually use electricity after one or two hundred years, and even be able to make a match Gods weapons and creations?

No matter who looked at it, they would only think it was a fantasy, something completely impossible to achieve.

Therefore, Tia Dorma misunderstood Zhou Yi's Overlord Sword Demon Mecha as Hephaestus' creation... it was also normal.

Misunderstandings are misunderstood. Zhou Yi doesn't mind Tia Dorma's continued transformation like this, he intends to watch the changes.

Of course it is to make a fortune by muffled voice, let yourself know as much as possible!

"I know what your purpose is!" Tia Dorma continued in a cold voice.

"Talk about it," Zhou Yi himself was also very curious, but he certainly wouldn't say it, so he directly used a little talking technique, "Let me see if you know it right."

"You just want to release all the sealed gods!" Sure enough, Tia Dorma was directly fooled. There is no way, her degree of Dihua is too deep, and everything coincides completely with no abnormality. Where, "I will never let you succeed!"

"The Sealed God..." Zhou Yi got a valuable message from it. He had a scrutiny in his heart, but on the surface he continued to act, making an expression that seemed to be seen through, and said solemnly, "I don't know what you are talking about. What!"

"Your acting skills are too clumsy," Tia Dorma sneered. "Young man, acting in front of me? Even if your acting skills are good, it's useless. Ever since you took out that steel giant and stated your trading terms , After knowing the whereabouts of those gods, I have completely determined your intentions!"

"Well... it sounds reasonable at first glance." Zhou Yi thought silently.

"Give up, I will never let you release them!" Seeing Zhou Yi's speechless, Tia Dorma thought Zhou Yi had acquiesced.

"Why are you so opposed?" Zhou Yi asked, "Are you worried that they would threaten your status after being released?"

"It's ridiculous, my position? Are you talking about my current position?" Tia Dorma seemed to be irritated, "I just follow the Lord's orders!"

"The master's order..." Zhou Yi couldn't help but flashed this sentence when he heard the words, but continued to talk, "Master? Who?"

"Of course it is Athena, the great **** of wisdom and battle formation!" Tia Dorma seemed to feel very honored about self-reporting.


"Athena??" Zhou Yi looked dumbfounded, "Aren't you the goddess of the sea? Then shouldn't your master be Poseidon, the **** of the sea?"

"Of course not!" Speaking of Poseidon, Tia Dorma's face showed great disgust, "Poseidon is so stray, how can he be my master? My master is of course the purest goddess of wisdom, Athena. !"

Zhou Yi "..."

Wait, does it matter?

Also, if you are specifically targeting Athena because of Poseidons wandering skeletal remains... then your behavior does not seem to be in line with your masters consistent style!

You will be swept out like this!

"Haha...then our goals are not completely conflicted." Zhou Yi said, suppressing his desire to complain.

If you were an ordinary person, you would have to ask where Athena was, but Zhou Yi would definitely not do this kind of thing that exposes his lies.

Through the previous dialogue, Zhou Yi roughly got one point in the information-"the gods are sealed."

Who sealed it?

Which gods are sealed?

According to the style of the Greek gods, if they were really outside, it would be absolutely impossible not to make any movement.

There is a high probability that all have been sealed, only Calypso is left, and he has also been sealed as Tia Dorma!

Zhou Yi began to feel more and more curious, still using ambiguous words that can be understood no matter what.

"It's not time yet. Even if you lift the seal, my lord will be able to return to the world. I will never agree to it!" Tia Toma rightly refused.

"Sure enough, has Athena also been sealed...Time, what time does this mean?" Zhou Yi thought to himself, but on the surface he pretended to be a little angry, "Although the time has not come, but my Father... can't wait!"

"Do you know the consequences of lifting the seal and releasing them now?" Tia Dorma's face was frosty, exuding a compelling aura, "The time has not yet arrived, and the power of the gods has not been exhausted. , Once the seal is opened, and I have not lifted the seal to restore the body of the gods, then the world will set off a war of gods, the sky will be shrouded with clouds and lightning that will never dissipate, the ocean will set off a wave that will never be quenched, and the earth will be endless During the battle, the undead in the spirit world will return to the world... the world will be completely destroyed!"

"God war..." Zhou Yi frowned slightly, already having a general outline of this matter in his heart.

"How... how?" Zhou Yi's face showed a trace of panic, "Father... he didn't say that!"

"I can guess how he coaxed you." Tia Dorma sneered, but his eyes lit up, finally he saw the hope of persuading Zhou Yi, "Did he tell you, as long as the seal is lifted and he is released , He will give you the godhead to make you a god, and will give you countless beauties and wealth?"

Tia Dorma couldn't beat Zhou Yi, at least until the body of the gods was restored, Tia Dorma was convinced of this.

Then, she could only try her best to persuade Zhou Yi not to open the seal.

"You... how did you know?" Zhou Yi looked through.

"Sure enough, it's probably a human being in his twenties. The scheming wasn't that deep, so I was scammed out of it..." Tia Dorma breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, and continued to pretend to see through everything," Still have to think about it? This is what they were fighting for back then! Do you think they would be willing to give it to you?"

"This...what the **** is going on?" Zhou Yi was completely confused.

"Let me guess, did he tell you what happened back then, and how they were sealed?" Tia Dorma prepared the camp step by step to start to reverse what Zhou Yi, the "descendant of the gods" in her eyes, "knows".

"It's just a few words," Zhou Yi nodded, frowning in thought, "It seems to be because of something..."

Zhou Yi deliberately slowed down his tone when speaking.

This way of speaking, if the other party is already very sure about something and is very anxious, he will definitely grab the talk.

"God, isn't it?" As expected, Tia Dorma interrupted Zhou Yi's "thinking" directly.

"It seems like..." Zhou Yi still guarded against the possibility of A Doma with a hand to trick his words into errors, and he was not directly sure.

"That's right," Tia Dorma nodded, "Back then, a battle of gods started because of that godhead...One day, Hades, the Hades, suddenly fought against an existence who didn't know what it was. Then fell, leaving only a godhead!"

"I don't know what it is?" Zhou Yi asked.

"It's normal that you don't know, because'all' gods don't know." Tia Dorma seems to have entered a narrative state of memory, "That existence... leaves no information, only Hades, the Hades The remaining power of, the battle only lasted for a period of time, and almost no undead left over the entire underworld!"

"Then... the gods have no idea about this announcement, but who doesn't know, it must be one of these gods, or how many?" Tia Dorma sneered, "That one belongs to Hades Naturally, it is impossible to put aside the godhead, but everyone wants that godhead, because it is the godhead of a main god, as long as you get it, you can become the strongest **** of Olympus!"

"Then, the war broke out. The gods were fought in a fight. The landslides... like a doomsday scene, with countless gods and creatures dying." Tia Dorma said, "My master stepped forward. She invited all the gods to hold the Council of the Gods on an island called Cerus, and then launched a large array prepared in advance to seal all the gods in it!"

"Just wait for the passing of time, the power of the gods will gradually dissipate, and I will lift the seal, and then I can suppress them with a stronger force than them!"

"There are still five hundred years before the time arrives, so it is absolutely impossible for me to let you unlock the seal!" Tia Dorma finally ended the narrative state and successfully told Zhou Yi all the information. Clean.

It's just that Zhou Yi believed only half of it...maybe not half of it.

Athena, can one **** trap so many gods?

Is Athena that powerful?

Also, all the gods have gone, but only Tia Dorma, that is, Calypso, has not gone. Is this kind of thing really possible?

Furthermore, even if what Tia Dorma said before is true, would Athena really be willing to put her life in the hands of someone else, a sea goddess?

Moreover, judging from the performance of Tia Dorma, it is difficult for Zhou Yi to believe that the licentious would be a believer of Athena, or the **** Athena trusted most, and even willing to entrust her life.

Isn't there a few holy warriors or gods around Athena?

The smarter the person is, the harder it is to trust other people. If the effect of the seal is really as Tia Dorma said, then Zhou Yi will compare his heart. If he is Athena, he would never be willing to do this... For such a long time, the unknown is too great.

Time, this is enough to change everything.

It is conceivable that if Athena, the goddess of wisdom, did something like this, she would definitely have corresponding measures to ensure her safety!

Thinking about it this way, there are too many loopholes in Tia Dorma's words.

Zhou Yi was not in a hurry to expose Tia Dorma, because what happened after the exposure did not benefit Zhou Yi at all... The worst result was a fight. Although Zhou Yi was certain of winning, he felt that he should get better first. More information is the right choice.

"How are you going to prove everything you said?" Zhou Yi showed a believable look.

"Proof? How do you want me to prove it?" Tia Dorma frowned, "I can't prove it now, unless I restore the body of the gods, I will have this ability."

"Then I'm sorry, until I get a strong proof, it is absolutely impossible for you to successfully lift the seal." Zhou Yi squinted slightly and threatened.

As for the threat of squinting...maybe squinting is a monster?

"...Then there is only one way, UU reading www.uukanshu.com, I will take you to the spirit world!" Seeing Zhou Yi's stubbornness, Tia Dorma has no better way, she must have it. It is enough to lift my seal... After some thought, I finally thought of a way, "There is something that can prove what I said!"

"Spirit world?" Zhou Yi frowned slightly.

"There is the other side of the world, and the end of the world, the spiritual world," Tia Toma said slowly, "in the past, there was the underworld, but now... it has been destroyed by the power of the gods, and it is broken. It has turned into a spiritual world, and there is evidence you want in it!"

"...Okay, then I promise you!" Zhou Yi pretended to think for a while, "but before that, I have to get a weapon!"

"What weapon?" Tia Dorma asked, restraining his impatience.

"A trident," Zhou Yi said, "you should know where it is."

"Poseidon's trident?" Tia Dorma frowned, "That's not true! It's just that Poseidon's trident is also sealed, and the curse of the ocean is condensed!"

"I know." Zhou Yi looked like "I know what you said", "I'm just curious about that weapon."

s Its so tiring to conceive such a plot...

The heavens become gods part-time https://

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