Part Time As God Of The Heavens Chapter 241

Vol 6 Chapter 1: You Are The Worst I Have Ever Taken Happy Lantern Festival Everyone

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Zhou Yi returned to the boat.

"Boss, have you got the things?" Jack asked, "Where shall we go next?"

"Of course it is to catch... to see what a mermaid looks like." Zhou Yi said calmly.

Zhou Yi was not in a hurry to get the Seagod's Trident, and then went to the end of the world with Tia Dorma to see the evidence.

Not to mention whether the evidence is true or not is another trap, even if it is true, Zhou Yi cannot check it now!

Because, Zhou Yi's current strength, in the ordinary world, it is okay to walk sideways with more than self-preservation, but once it is placed in a world involving gods, it is completely impossible to guarantee.

Zhou Yi's most powerful method now, in addition to the Overlord Sword Demon Mecha, is a few nuclear bombs... But these methods alone were not enough for Zhou Yi in front of the "Gods".

Zhou Yi has never forgotten that his own principle of action is prudent.

Therefore, he intends to proceed this matter slowly, anyway, is he not in a hurry?

In this process, he has to learn those magics and go to other worlds to strengthen his strength!

"It's still the same as before. You don't need to bring me food or come to disturb me. Just sail all the way. I will naturally appear when I get to the place." After Zhou Yi told Jack, he went directly to the captain's room and closed it. After coming to the door, a flashed body disappeared in place.

In the distance, Tia Dorma, who was watching Zhou Yi with a crystal ball, angrily put the crystal ball on the ground.

"Disappeared again...what the **** is this?!"

When Zhou Yi appeared again, he was not in the world of "Resident Evil", nor in any of the worlds he had experienced before, but in the familiar star sea.

"It's time to open up a new world..." Zhou Yi thought, using an opportunity to travel through the world.

The sky full of stars seemed to be stirred up, and a moment later, a star that leaked from it came to Zhou Yi's face, with a bright light, enveloping Zhou Yi.

The world has been selected-"X-Men" world

Please choose-a new career

Please choose-through time

Please select-crossing location

"X-Men..." Zhou Yi raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at the career selection interface.

The good news is that Zhou Yis power to travel through time and place has finally returned. The bad news is...

The water in this world of X-Men is very deep...

"Career choice, politician, soldier, teacher..." Zhou Yi thought for a while and directly chose the profession of teacher.

These three professions are easy to earn money, but in comparison, the profession of teacher obviously has more room for operation.

The most important thing is the Xavier Genius Youth Academy in the X-Men!

Be a teacher, teach those mutants who are talented but can't use them, and get some salary... not too much?

"Choose to travel through time..." Zhou Yi thought for a while, "The cia agent, Mora Marktag, approached Professor X in "X-Men First Battle"... Oh, it was not Professor X at that time, that was her. Find the tavern where Charles Francis Xavier was."

In the blink of an eye, Zhou Yi was already in a tavern when he recovered.

Zhou Yi saw the light at a glance... Now there is still thick hair, not a bald head, Charles who hasn't grown stronger yet.

He is still a weak chicken now, compared to the later degree that can consciously retain and control the thoughts of all people in the world... it is simply not worth mentioning.

Although Charles used the brainwave amplifier at that time, in fact, he could only rely on himself, but it took too much effort.

"Congratulations to your professor." The voice of a woman caught Zhou Yi's attention.

Looking over, it was cia's agent Mora Marktag.

Although the name looks very masculine, it is actually a beauty.

"Thank you very much, it's actually much harder than it looks..."

Charles dangled the giant glass wine glass in his hand... In order to celebrate his just successful evaluation of the professorship, he poured it all down, and now he is a little drunk.

The current Charles is still a suave, young and golden son. The mutant has not been recognized by the public at this time, so Charles still does not know why he has special abilities... This is also why he must specialize in genetics. For this reason, he wanted to figure out why all this happened. Because of the existence of Raven next to him, he knew that there must be other people in this world who were like him.

"No, I mean your speech." Mora smiled.

"Oh, have you heard my speech?" Charles suddenly became interested.

"Bring me a glass of rum." Zhou Yi walked to the wine cabinet and ordered a glass of wine. While listening to the dialogue between Charles and Mora, he checked the bonus of his teaching profession.

TeacherEntry Level

Title bonus

Wisdom 10 has nothing to say, it's not water

Body10 Although corporal punishment is wrong...but its not good to fail students

Law 10 why add this? Good question, because I dont know the answer either!

While the entry-level teaching skills teach them, teachers should also gain something

Entry-level subject knowledge. When you have a student, you must behave like knowing astronomy and geography!

The entry-level teleportation skills are well known, the class teacher is a creature that can randomly refresh around the students, and the teacher can be the class teacher, in the Ganges!

Note that you are the worst one I have ever brought!

Zhou Yi "!!!"

This bonus...

It's too fragrant!

Not to mention all the three items, there are actually two additional skills, one subject knowledge?

The teleportation skill is the most useless among these three items...because Zhou Yi can also achieve the purpose of teleportation by spending experience points, so the biggest advantage of this skill is that Zhou Yi can use experience points instead. It's powerful.

Disciplinary knowledge is the second strongest... Knowledge of astronomy and geography is only a comprehensive description, Zhou Yi understands from the description in the brackets... This is basically all knowledge!

As long as there are students, and what the students understand, Zhou Yi will gain the corresponding knowledge, and different depths of knowledge are obtained according to the level of this skill!

As for the last thing... Zhou Yi still doesn't quite understand what exactly it does, the teaching skill.

However, from the purely description of skills... Zhou Yi also had some guesses.

If it is really the so-called teaching, does it mean that if you teach others how to use your abilities, then you can get... the same?

After that mutant has more students, doesn't he become a large group?

No, how can you let Charles take advantage... The crowd is Charles' sons.

Zhou Yi thought, while continuing to follow Charles and Mora's dialogue.

"Can we talk for a while?" Mora invited Charles.

"Of course, for the beautiful mutant cr-1 gene, I can talk for five minutes." Charles pinched Moura's hair. This is an obvious way to pretend to be forced with academic knowledge, but for most people, he is unconscious. It's really effective for stern people.

"The cr-1 gene I said is what you said, blond hair." Charles put his hand on Mora's shoulder familiarly, and he didn't know whether he was drunk or exposed. "This is a mutation. , A very wonderful variation..."

The two came to sit down at an empty wine table.

"Mutation is to transform us from single-celled organisms into dominant human beings..."

"Sorry, this set may be attractive to female students, but I actually came here for official business."

The well-informed Mora has already seen through Charles' routines. If it is in normal or leisure time, she doesn't mind what happens to Charles. After all, Charles is now young and suave, and has become so young. Professor, it is really difficult for women to refuse such men...but now is really not the time.

Not long ago, Mora sneaked into the Hellfire Club and met Sebastian Shaw, the Black King, as well as mutants such as the White Queen, the Red Devil, and Colonel Hendry discussing the United States in Turkey and Italy. The deployment of the Jupiter intermediate-range missiles, and the Soviet Union deployed in Cuba in order to regain a city, the war is about to start...that is, the famous Cuban crisis.

If it really fought that time... then it is estimated that there will be no human beings now. It is basically impossible to start a large-scale war between major countries with nuclear weapons, because wars of that scale are difficult to break out, and once they break out, it is impossible Stopping it will also lead to the opening of the nuclear war...After that, the whole world will be destroyed and become a real wasteland.

Mora, who saw the mutant for the first time, could hardly believe her eyes, so she came in admiringly and found Charles, an expert in genetics, who had just become a professor, because Charles had published some papers in this area.

"What?" Charles frowned slightly.

"I really need your help." Mora asked sincerely.

"...Uh...you say?" Charles felt a little confused.

Official? What official business?

"In your paper, the kind of mutation mentioned," Mora asked, "I want to know whether that has actually happened?"

Charles' pupils were slightly open, and the confusion in his brain caused by excessive alcohol also disappeared a lot.

"I want to know, is there really a mutant in the world?" Mora asked.

"..." Charles slowly put the index and middle fingers of his left hand together and placed them on his temples. It seemed like a habitual movement of thinking, but in fact it was Charles' current motion to activate his telepathy ability... Or the casting action.

After all, it is used less and not proficient, so you need to prepare. If you use it a lot and are familiar enough, then you dont need foreplay to start directly.

Hmm...how do you feel something is wrong?

In short, Charles, who used his telepathic ability on Mora, successfully saw everything that Mora had ever seen-the white queen, the red devil, and the black queen that could turn into diamonds... all of this was in Charles' mind What emerged was "seen" by him.

"...Professor?" Mora saw Charles suddenly making this gesture without speaking, thinking that Charles was a little confused because of drunkenness, and sighed helplessly, and said, "I think you should wait until you are sober, right? You tomorrow? Do you have time?"

"...I think you have found the answer to your question," Charles put down his finger. "This is also very important to me. I will do my best to help you."

"Thank you," Mora smiled delightedly. When she sneaked in, she could only wear a bikini to pretend to accompany that girl in order not to be suspected... I have to say that she is in good shape. There is no way to carry audio or video equipment, so there is no evidence. Only when she finds an authoritative representative who is willing and able to prove what she said and has sufficient status, can she go to her superiors to reflect what she has seen. Otherwise, the superior will definitely not believe it, "Please follow me."

"Wait, where are you going?" Charles asked.

"Go to cia headquarters. This matter involves state secrets, so you must prove what I said," Mora emphasized. "Time is tight."

"Then...well, I need to bring my sister Raven, I don't worry about leaving her alone." Charles said.

"...Yes." Mora agreed.

"Raven, come!" Charles called to Raven, who was the magic girl, and after explaining the matter to her, the three planned to leave together.

"Wait," Zhou Yi put down his glass, it was time for him to go on stage. He walked towards Charles with a happy smile on his face, "So you are here, Charles, long time no see! How are you doing? I heard that all have become professors?"

"Uh... are you?" A polite but awkward smile appeared on Charles's face.

"I am your best friend!" Zhou Yi showed a puzzled and awkward smile. UU Reading www.uukahnshu.com

"Sorry...but I don't seem to know you." Charles looked dumbfounded.

"I don't know you either," Raven frowned and looked at Zhou Yi. Although Zhou Yi is much more handsome than Charles... But Charles is now Raven's closest person, "Who are you?"

"Sorry, sir, we have urgent things to do." Upon seeing this, Mora frowned and planned to blast Zhou Yi away.

"But I am really your good friend, and I have a very good relationship with you!" Zhou Yi showed a shocked and disappointed expression on his face, "I still have photos here!"

Really good, it is worth pretending to be, after all, there are so many books and books!

"Wait, picture?" Charles became more and more confused.

"Of course!" Zhou Yi took out a few photos from his pocket and handed them over, "Look!"

It's a coincidence.

The actor of Charles is also the actor of Wesley, the protagonist in "Wanted"!

Zhou Yi and Wesley did have a group photo, and now they finally come in handy.

s Happy Lantern Festival, everyone!

The heavens become gods part-time https://

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