Pirates Holy Light Swordsman Chapter 462

Chapter 458: Marshal's New Pet

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When Lederfield was sent to Advance City himself, world public opinion was once again detonated.

Wright did not lie to Lederfield.

The war at the top is broadcast live all over the world, so people who watched the live broadcast of Lederfield's video have long known that such a number one person has appeared.

That is a powerful enemy that can separate the top combat power of the navy headquarters with three people to stand by.

However, since the top war, in order to monitor Lederfield's movements, Wright deliberately lowered the threat level of the old gentleman, because he knew that the opponent was basically harmless until he found the target Devil Fruit.

At the same time, his identity was further hidden. There was no report in the newspapers, and reports about the war at the top were deliberately downplaying his existence.

Although this caters to the world government's unwillingness to spread the push-to-city incident, Wright's purpose is only to not start an alarm in advance.

Therefore, after Lederfield returned to Propulsion City, information about this charming old gentleman spread all over the world.

[Reading book leads red envelopes] Follow public.. public accounts [Book Friends Base Camp], reading books can draw up to 888 cash red envelopes!

Only two years have passed since the war on the top. The "solitary red" who calmly saw off his old opponent Whitebeard under the watchful eyes of the former marshal, current marshal, naval hero, and admiral, everything about him was taken up by Morgans. bottom.

The world shook again, and the image of the admiral of the Navy and the two generals fighting against the lonely red was also selectively played out

The main reason is that Patong's ability is too abnormal. The scene where the old guys from the old age all play together is afraid that the reason of the world will be frightened.

Patong tearfully sent Lederfield into Propulsion City. Now, the charm of Lederfield can indeed be said to have swept the world.

This made Cavendish, who came here to see the honor of the old gentleman, burst into tears-this old gentleman, who is so charming when he grows old, is really a role model for my generation!

"Bloodlight is also so handsome...'Lonely Red' sounds very compelling, and his clothing taste is really in line with his temperament..."

Cavendish looked at his unremarkable justice coat. It was really handsome to tell the truth, but the navy... is too much!

Wright liked to mention a pet. Patong was unwilling to leave Lederfield behind, but Lederfields reasons made him unable to refuse

Since the boss is already trapped in Advance City, his wish to see what that "promise" looks like is his bounden duty!

Moreover, Ley Franco can come and spend one day with Lederfield every month and share his own experience with him.

If Patong was willing to go back to accompany Lederfield on the day when the promise was fulfilled, he would not stop him anymore.

In this way, Patong followed Wright from the pet of the big pirate to the pet of the admiral of the navy, which made the civet cat's mentality fluctuate.

It stands to reason that the Marshal of the Navy captured his boss, and Patong felt that he would feel more or less angry and hostile-even if Lederfield asked him to take care of him.

But in fact, after spending some time with Wright, Patong discovered that although he and the other party can be regarded as hostile, they can't hate it at all.

Apart from personal grievances-not all personal grievances, the navy catches the pirates, and the admiral of the navy arrests the big pirate Lederfield, this is justified.

Even Lederfield himself has no resentment.

The world of the strong, is willing to gamble and accept defeat, fight happily, if the skills are not as good as people, there is nothing to lose and hate this kind of thing.

Therefore, apart from this, Patong found that Wright is really a person who is hard to admire.

As a navy marshal, from his standpoint, he almost did what he needed to do the best.

"Now, Mr. Marshal, the leaves you want."

Patong transforms into deformed leaves. You only need to "brand" what you want to transform on these deformed leaves, and they will become real objects.

"Your abilities are very similar to those of the Superman seriesDrawing Fruits."

Wright took the deformed leaf and looked at it with interest.

Unlike Kanjuro, his fruit ability can materialize paintings painted on anything, and he can draw a substitute that is exactly the same as himself, but he can't make the substitute also have the fruit ability of the body.

Moreover, the painted paintings become things that are afraid of water and will be washed away by water, and can only be used by the capable person.

Patong, the dog fruit, fantasy beast species, and raccoon form, is much more fierce.

"Huh, only the boss can use my deformed leaf perfectly, other people don't have the same talent as the boss!"

Patong said proudly, as far as he is concerned, he is completely unable to "draw" a complex creature like a human, let alone a capable person.

"Hmm... It seems that it is not completely drawn with a pen."

Wright has noticed that in the battle between Lederfield and Patong, he did not use Patong's pen to paint on the deformed leaf, but used the pen to draw symbols, which directly imprinted the "impression" in the thinking on the deformed leaf. Ye Shang.

It is precisely because of this that the person transformed by the deformed leaf will not even pay attention to the order of the capable Patong, but will only obey the order of the "branded" Lederfield.

"Haha, I happen to like challenging things better, let me try!"

Wright picked up a deformed leaf and imagined what this leaf would become...


The deformed leaf disappeared, and a long knife appeared in the smoke-"ash"!

"Hmm...except without the blessing of the power of the holy light, the appearance is really exactly the same!"

Wright praised, the power of the holy light could not be replicated by the power of the deformed leaf, and it was manifested in the battle with Lederfield.

The Wright, who was transformed by Lederfield, could only use swordsmanship and could not use the healing ability. This puzzled Lederfield, but Wright did not surprise him.

To put it bluntly, the powers transformed by the deformed leaf use natural elements or rules, which are all part of the unowned world.

But the Holy Light...

As the control of the holy light, the only source of holy light, anything that has not been allowed by Wright, it is impossible to borrow or even possess the power of holy light!

Not to mention a mere fake.

The copied "ash" is obviously the same, just a sharp ordinary long knife.


The long knife disappeared, and another deformed leaf was taken. Wright thought for a while, "branding" something else...



In Patong's shocked cry, it was Wright himself who appeared in front of him!

"how can that be?!"

Wearing a coat of justice, UU reading www.uukanshu.com wears a military cap on his head and a long sword on his waist, just like Wright!

"Oh... it's amazing, it's a wonderful feeling."

"Wright" smiled slightly, looked at his hands, and looked at the shocked Patong:

"Hello civet cat, this feels really interesting."

"Well... the thinking is not synchronized, that is to say, from the moment you appear, you are a brand new character who inherited all my thinking..."

Wright looked up and down Wright:

"That said, I can ask you to handle the affairs here, and I go out on my own?"

"Don't even think about it!"

"Wright" raised his head and said in disgust:

"Specially for this kind of thing to be changed, I would rather disappear!"

"...Sure enough, he has the same personality."

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