Pirates Holy Light Swordsman Chapter 463

Chapter 459: Long Time No See

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Wright touched his chin and asked, "I know, you know all of it?"

"Do not"

"Wright" shook his head: "How could there be such a thing, it's too bad."

"Huh? Isn't it?"

"It's not... Some of my instincts and fighting skills are still mastered, but for others, I only know some of the things that have the deepest obsession with the'point of time when they were changed.

"For example, I am now making the coordinates in your state just now, so my fighting skills are all yours."

"I also know civet cats, and even the way of thinking is reserved, but if you ask me what I ate yesterday morning, I don't know."

"Moreover, if it is a secret that the body deliberately hides, I don't know it either."

"Well...it's a pity."

Wright frowned and said, "I originally wanted to use this method to copy a Doflamingo or the Five Old Stars, and ask them what the secret treasure of the Dragon People is..."

"It doesn't seem to work anymore."

"Of course it doesn't work. The reason why I can tell you so much is because'I' is you. No one knows yourself better than you. Therefore,'I' has a more complete mind and a more comprehensive rationality, and can also talk to you. So much exchange."

"Wright" shook his head and said helplessly:

"If you have only fought with you or met, then the replica can only inherit a small part of the body's mind, obsession, memory, and so on, even less."

"As for fighting skills and abilities, that is instinct."

"So... So it seems that Nicole Robin's archaeological knowledge is similar to her instinct? No, maybe Lederfield doesn't know it at all, and the copy Robin's archaeological knowledge is also incomplete. Right?"

Wright nodded slowly:

"Sure enough, there are too many restrictions on replicating intelligent life-but even so, this ability is too abnormal."

"It's very useful to change the terrain."

"Yes, make oasis in the desert, make the ocean in the forest, and even build buildings out of thin air, tut..."

"Wright" exclaimed, and then his complexion became weird:

"It's kind of weird to chat with myself, but Ye Zi also has a time limit... it's probably a few hours at most, and it will dissipate."

"Is there any restriction?"

Wright didn't care about these, the deformed leaf is a consumable:

"Well then, accompany me out to practice swordsmanship...I'm here anyway, can't you let you idle, right?"

"...Hey, it's okay to practice swordsmanship, don't use too much force, then I will disappear!"


Patong gaped at the two Wrights, asking and answering, explaining many questions that he didn't know clearly...

"Mr. Marshal, like the boss, has such a strong sense of domineering!"

"Is the creature transformed from the deformed leaf like this? I don't even know..."

"I... Am I a fake raccoon dog?"


Still Dres Rosa.

This country has a very good position in the New World, and it is also a rare big country in the front of the New World.

Since the fall of Doflamingo, it has been more than half a year now. Thanks to the efforts of the Liku royal family, the country has basically restored order, and it is only waiting to slowly recover its vitality.

Dresrosa is hostile to the pirates, even to the point of hatred-Doflamingo has been under the rule of the pirates for so many years, and even in the end, Dresrosa really almost became a pirate country, and the people against the sea. The thief hates it.

The straw hat group who had just run out of Dressrosa lay on the deck with lingering fear.

"Hey~ I said, Dressrosa has just recovered from the rule of the pirates, and the navy is right when its reputation is growing!"

Nami said weakly:

"Originally, it was nothing when we went shopping, but why did you guys, Luffy, want to make things out again!"

"Say the disguise... You will say that you are a pirate when you meet people directly. If they don't expel us, there will be ghosts!"

The beaten Luffy insisted:

"But... but we are pirates!"

"Asshole! I told you to hide your identity! Isn't Dresrosa in a special situation!"

Chopper said angrily, he was giving Luffy medicine, and he didn't know how Nami could beat the rubber man like this:

"We haven't even completed the supply!"

"Tsk tusk...no wonder, the Navy is the absolute home court here. It's good for us to get in now and not be caught and handed over to the Navy."

Sauron yawned and shook the bottle:

"Cut... I didn't have time to buy the wine."

"Yoooooooooo...it doesn't matter, let's listen to a song and relax~"

Brook raised the violin, and both Usopp and Frank applauded:

"Haha! Brook, they still recognize you a lot! Don't you still send out a lot of autographs? King of Souls!"

"Yoooooooooooo... it's a great honor~"

The beautiful music rang, Nami sighed and laughed helplessly:

"Forget it, I became a pirate anyway, and this situation is not unusual today."

"Haha... Indeed, under the leadership of Master Marshal, the navy is gradually becoming a'symbol of justice' even in the new world."

Robin smiled and hugged Mei Li who ran over, who said with joy:

"Although I am a pirate, I still like Master Marshal!"

"Nami Sang~ Robin sauce~ Meri sauce~"

Sanji opened the door and pushed the dining car out:

"I made a snack, come and taste it!"

"Wow~~ Do you have meat! I want to eat meat!"

Luffy was upset, and Chopper shouted:

"Don't move! The medicine is all over!"

"Huh...I still want to drink..."

Sauron stretched a lot. As a diehard alcoholic, he was not so interested in dim sum.

Lying on the lawn, Sauron looked at the clouds in the sky, and his consciousness became a little fuzzy-without alcohol, he wanted to sleep.

"Hmm... Is that shadow a bird? It's interesting... I haven't moved for a while."

"Huh? It's getting bigger? I can't hold it anymore and want to come down to rest?"

"It's not bad to eat...this volume shouldn't be small."

Sauron thought slowly, and touched the hilt of the knife on his waist:

"It's nice to change the taste occasionally...wait!"

Sauron's complexion was a little hard to look like, he stood up suddenly and looked carefully at the growing "bird" in the sky!

"This...this is?!"

"Hey! You guys! Look at the top!"

Everyone who was enjoying the snack looked up in surprise, and saw a strangely shaped...bird? ferry? Get bigger in the field of vision quickly!

"This is... a warship?!"

This is a ship for the time being, with a huge navy mark on the hull!

"Face the enemy!"

Everyone quickly prepared to attack, Sauron drew his sword out of its sheath, and if this thing was smashed down, the Sonny would be finished!


At a position of three to four hundred meters in the air, the warship stopped abruptly. When everyone was wondering, they saw a graceful figure wearing a coat of justice and a long sword on the warship...flying off!

"Long time no see~wuxiaworld.online~ Pirates... Straw hats!"

Sauron's face changed wildly, Sanji's eyes became heart-shaped, Luffy's chin fell to the ground, Nami's face paled, Usopp fell directly to the ground...

"Usopp~Who is she?"

When Chopper saw this scene, tears came down directly. There is no doubt that it was an acquaintance...

"Marshal of the Navy... Wright's junior sister... Rear Admiral of the Navy Headquarters... "Flying" Guina!"

"A man who becomes an army alone, a person with the ability to flutter fruit!"

Usopp said painfully:

"In Luoge Town, Donghai, she almost wiped us out~~"

"Wow~~It's terrible~~"



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