Pirates Holy Light Swordsman Chapter 464

Chapter 460: 1 Group Of Straw Hats

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Soon after the straw hats left Dressrosa, Guina received the information that they had appeared.

Guina, who happened to be dealing with the matter in the nearby area, finished the matter at hand, and directly brought the warship Feitian to intercept.

Lu Chi Lvzaotou's younger brother, good sister Nami, was fooled into a pirate by that idiot Luffy, Guina was angry!

But Luffys elder brother is Ace, grandpa is Grandpa Cap, and his teacher is a big brother...

Since the Straw Hats became famous on Judicial Island, defeated Qiwu Haimoglia, and defeated the Dragons in the Chambord Islands, Luffy's life experience has been almost investigated. The whole world knows that there is such an iron guy.

But behind Luffy, it's horrible...

Even in the navy headquarters, how many general-level officers can do with them?

Ordinary lieutenant general, ghost spider? Dauberman?

The strength value is a little bit worse. Needless to say, Gion and Kaji, General Sakaski...

Unless Luffy takes the initiative to run into him, Sakarski will not have the spare time to go all over the world to hunt him down!

Sakaski is now in charge of the military discipline training of the entire navy. He is very busy, has free time, and is the first time to go to the forefront of the new world.

He seemed to have never expected that justice could come to a new world on such a scale.

Therefore, the attitude of the entire navy headquarters towards the Straw Hats is... relatively weak.

Guina thought that it was time for her to stand up.

Can't it now, the leader of the revolutionary army, Long, will follow the straw hat gang like he did in Roggetown?

Therefore, Guina parked the "Flying Sky" above the Thousand Miles Sunshine, and just came down in front of the Straw Hats.

Guina, who has the ability to fly, dealt with the straw hat group trapped on the ship, that was a crushing level.

Although it is impossible to directly use the "awakening" level ability to manipulate the sea to transform and attack like the Golden Lion Shiji, Guina stands in the air and attacks with a long knife remotely, directly invincible.

In order to protect the Thousand Miles Sunshine, Sanji concentrated on resisting Guina's flying slash-he didn't hit women. Guina was not a beautiful beauty, and the damage to Sanji was a crushing level.

So Sanji was only responsible for defense, and he possessed the "moon step" ability to stay in the air, and he was the only one who could keep up with the rhythm of Gu Ina's attack.

For the rest of the staff, Brook helped Sanji resist the flying slash, and everyone else dealt with Guina together.

To say that among the straw hats, the most threatening to Guina is not Sauron, Luffy or even Nami, but Nicole Robin.

Flowers and fruits can directly generate limbs wherever they can see, and with joint skills, it is a huge threat to those with flying ability.

But of course Guina would guard Nicole Robin, because she couldn't fight back if her body was imprisoned.

When the words of Da Kuai Dao and Dao Yi came up like this, Robin's physical sensation was shared with the body.

Therefore, after suffering the pain of a severed hand, Robin, in a cold sweat, did not rashly use his abilities on Guina.

Just harassing, you must have the spirit of twelve points, Guina's domineering look, can perceive Robin's threat at the first time.

"The progress is not small... but it is a pity that you are not strong in the new world at this level."

Most of Guina's attacks were poured on Chlorophyta, causing him to sweat coldly and at the same time...

Inexplicably wronged?

Why do you always cut me?

Can't you see the monkey jumping up and down next to it?

Against Guina, a slow and powerful attack is useless. The power cannot be small, but the speed must not be slow.

Piao Piao Guo's mobility is not to mention unparalleled in the world, it is definitely the first echelon, and the "like a gun" attack can not hit her at all.

Therefore, Luffy can only use the "fourth gear" that can stay in the air for air combat.

But just like Wright against the Golden Lion back then, Luffy's fourth gear was too straight forward, and it was incomparable with the flexibility of Piao Piao Guo.

Saurons attack threat is more, and the attack speed of the three swords is indeed unparalleled, but the space that the Straw Hats can use is only one ship, and Guinas space is the entire sky!

However, Guina did not suppress the straw hat group for too long.

"Must kill Green Star Demon!"

A strange seed was thrown into the air by Usopp in a huge slingshot. Guina was taken aback, seeing and hearing it, but... isn't it a bullet?

With a dazed effort, the seed approached Guina, and instantly began to deform rapidly!

A huge Venus flytrap-like plant appeared in the air, and the huge vines and clip petals bite Guina fiercely!

"Not bad!"

Guina is not in danger. As an elite navy general who fought against the "four emperors" at the forefront of the new world, she can naturally react to such interference!

"Swish -"

The huge Venus flytrap was chopped into pieces by dense slashes, but it still delayed Guina for a while.

"Must Kill Green Star Jumping Flower!"

"Must kill Green Star impacts Wolfweed!"

Usopp didn't dare anymore at this time, and showed precise sniper skills one after another, and a big flower with a huge center appeared on the deck of the Sonny.

Immediately afterwards, a huge plant wolf appeared above the big flower. It stepped on the big flower and jumped fiercely, rushing towards Guina in the air!

"This kind of thing..."

Guina raised her sword to fly Sauron's flying slash, but saw the plant wolf not approaching her, she exploded!


The huge shock wave exploded, and Guina's figure was shaken for a while, she just adjusted, Luffy and Sauron's attack arrived!

Sauron used the powerful jumping power of the Bouncing Flower to rush into the sky, while Luffy flew close and attacked Guina at close range!

"Three SwordsmanshipA Thousand and Eighty Troubles Phoenix!"

"Rubber RubberApe King Gun!"

Not only that, but Robin and Franks attacks have also arrived

"Thousands of red, huge tree, slap palm!"

"Frankie Free Laser Beam!"

Countless hands appeared, forming a huge arm, the palm of the hand appeared behind Guina, and shot it fiercely!

And the dazzling laser wave is about to be launched!

Many tricks came, and Guina showed a smile:

"Very good, no mercy!"

"YuStorm flashes!"

In an instant, countless flying slashes enveloped Guina. With the bonus of the fluttering fruit, the endless slashes were like a storm, with Guina as the center, strangling him frantically!


Robin's huge palm was crushed, and Frankie's light wave was crushed~wuxiaworld.online~Only an attack from armed and domineering

Sauron's slash, and Luffys "Ape King Spear", stubbornly resisted Guinas slashing storm!

"She is... so strong!"

A stern smile flashed across Sauron's mouth, so it was her!


The loud noise came, but it was not just a domineering shock, the sky above everyone's head was darkened, and the thick dark clouds separated Guina from the warship in the sky!

"Sister Guina! Stop it..."

Nami held the weather stick and looked at Guina who had stopped and Sauron and Luffy who had fallen back to the deck, smiling somewhat triumphantly:

"You can't use it on the boat... Next time on the island, we will have a good time with you, how about?"

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