Pirate’s Infinite Awakening Chapter 186

Vol 2 Chapter 66: Lore

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In the golem space that resembles a starry sky, the indifferent sound of the Shura golem that defies all beings in the world suddenly reverberated, making the atmosphere in the golem space to the extreme!

And Chu Yi was in the space of the Golem, and suddenly... Suddenly heard the words of the Golem of Shura...

I am afraid that a kind of creepy feeling will suddenly appear!

However, even if Chu Yi is in the golem space, it is impossible for the Shura Golem to pay attention to him, and will choose to ignore him.

Because when the three pupils of the Shura Golem were all open, his blood-colored pupils, plus the pupils of Shura opened at the center of his eyebrows, all stared at the Devil Seed held in the palm of his hand by his six arms.



first opened his mouth and exhaled softly.

Afterwards, when the Asura Golem exhales all the breath between its chest and abdomen, after a few seconds, the three pupils shrink slightly, and the Asura Golem that inhales deeply is the black smoke emitting from the devil seeds, all Absorbed into the body, the black smoke pervading in the golem space suddenly disappeared!

But after swallowing all the black smoke emitted by the Demon Seed, the Asura Golem was silent again, just like all the things that happened before were dreams. In fact, the Asura Golem is a dead thing, always maintaining a rigid face.

What a pity.

The Shura Golem is not a dead thing, and all the things that happened before are not even dreams!

Especially when the Devil Seed is no longer the source of pain to swallow, and it starts to quietly rotate in front of the Shura Golem, the Shura Golem with its six arms retracted once again slowly opens its three pupils, from his three pupils The scarlet light radiating out suddenly broke the Shura Golem and injected it directly into Chu Yi's body!

"Your performance is very good, I am very satisfied, so..."

"I will give you some more benefits!"


The scarlet light followed the golem space, and in an instant was injected into Chu Yi's body.

at the same time...


Infused by the scarlet light, he had just transformed the soul hammer into the arm of Shura's Blade. At the moment when he suddenly felt the aura of the Shura Golem, the pupil of Shura at the center of his brow was a masterpiece of red light, and he held it tightly. The blades of Shura are all covered with a layer of scarlet color!

"this is..."

"The message that Shura Golem passed to me?"

"It's like back then...when I realized "the tiger shook the ground"?"

Abnormal appearance!

Something unexpected happened to Chu Yi!

He didn't know everything that happened in the golem space, and he didn't understand why the Shura golem happened to send information to himself again.

But when he quickly read the information from the Shura Golem, Chu Yi understood how the two-stage Soul Hammer of the Shura God Soldier came into being.

is to understand that with the increase in the power of the human world, the change of the second phase of the Soul Hammer of the Shura God Soldier is not...

The ultimate change of Shura's magic weapon!

However, when the Shura Golem delivered information, as if it was telling Chu Yi all the effects of the power of the human world on the "qualitative" change, the "No. 13", who had fallen to the ground in pain, felt the pain slowly relieved. , A bright light suddenly lit up in the pupils!


"What's the matter? I was obviously injured by Shura, why... why not only didn't I feel that I was weaker, but I felt... that I became stronger?"

"Could it be... because of Shura's weapons?"

'S gaze turned, "No. 13" locked his gaze on the Shura God Soldier who was once again shrouded in scarlet light, and a faint smile was raised at the corner of his mouth.

"Yes, it's Shura's weapon!"

"Presumably Shura has become a warhammer-like weapon. Even Shura himself doesn't know what it's useful for, so he mistakenly thought it was a weapon that could hurt me, so that he could unwittingly enhance my strength!"

"If it wasn't for Lord Dimo who needed you..."

"Humph! Shura, I really want to catch you back and use your power to make me stronger!"

"It's a pity.. Your experiment with Dimoda is really useful! Especially the weapons you use your own strength to condense, it is the key to the successful completion of the Dimo-sama experiment!"

"So don't blame me for being rude!"


thought of this secretly, "No. 13" suddenly whispered!


The breath rises!

The previously reserved "No. 13" is finally going to be played!

And the obvious change after the breath of "No. 13" climbed was not his own strength, but the ability of Chu Yi to use the frozen fruit to freeze the three of them!



In an instant, after being summoned by "No. 13" and becoming the nourishment of the Shura Golem in the ice, the three of them broke the ice and regained their freedom!

What's more terrifying is...

After the three of them escaped from the ice, their own soul energy was completely connected with the soul energy of "No. 13"!

So at this time, "No. 13" became stronger, and the three of Jays and others became stronger!

The opposite is the same. If any one of the three of Jays is severely injured, then the other two of the three of Jays, plus "No. 13" will become weak at the same time!


When the three of Jays and others became as strong as "No. 13", the enemies that Chu Yi had to face were equivalent to four "No. 13"!

One "No. 13" is so difficult to solve, can the entire four "No. 13" really be something that Chu Yi can deal with?

It is also the domineering look and feel combined with the power of the human world, and suddenly felt the original horrible aura, and suddenly turned into four horrible auras permeating the surroundings. Chu Yi, who originally felt the message from the Asura golem, was forced to Interrupted to comprehend the message from the Shura Golem, and fixed his cautious gaze on "Number 13"!

"Have you finally recovered?"

"What? Haven't eaten enough after suffering?"

found that the tone of "No. 13" became contemptuous again, Chu Yi remained calm, and asked coldly: "As long as I use the Soul Hammer to educate you, can you learn to be better?"

"Hahahaha! Soul Hammer? Good name! Good name!"

The contemptuous smile on his face became more intense, "No. 13" commanded Jays and the three to surround Chu Yi while speaking, and suddenly snorted, "Sura, don't think I didn't see through your tricks! What do you mean by that? The hammer of soul cant help you hurt me. When you use it, it will make me stronger. Dont you think Ive noticed it?

"Now all of your bluffing tricks have been seen through by me! It's hard to imagine you have the confidence to say such things in front of me!"

said, "No. 13" hooked his finger at Chu Yi, and said disdainfully:

"But since you are confident..."

"Okay! Come on! Use your soul hammer to kill me!"


in the mad laughter ~www.wuxiaworld~" became more and more proud, especially when the three people like Jays trapped Chu Yi Tuan Tuan in the center, they thought they had a chance to win.

can happen to be in a moment when "13" is extremely confident and insane...


Under the shroud of scarlet light!

The Shura Blade in Chu Yi's palm has opened three stages of changes!

In an instant, the shape of Shura's Blade ceased to exist. Instead, it was a curved bow bathed in red luster, gradually condensing and forming, floating in front of Chu Yi!

And when Chu Yi held the curved bow tightly with his left hand, the words "Bow of Judgment" suddenly echoed in Chu Yi's mind!

Immediately afterwards, there was another "hum"!

The soul energy in the body quickly passed away. As Chu Yi slowly pulled the bowstring with his right hand, it condensed into three bows and arrows exuding blood!

"Then...what's that?"

One glance, just one glance!

Witnessing the three changes of Chu Yi Xiuluos magic weapon, and now watching Chu Yi about to bend his bow to shoot an arrow, a tremor originating from the soul spread all over his body, which actually made "No. 13" a little immobile. Stiff feeling!

But "No. 13" couldn't move, but Chu Yi couldn't miss the opportunity in front of him!

So the bow and arrow on the "Bow of Judgment" condensed and formed, and after Chu Yi followed the words that appeared in his mind, he realized that the name of the bow and arrow was the "Arrow of Judgment"...


Release the bowstring and face the verdict!

In the next second, almost at the moment when Chu Yi released the bowstring, the bow and arrow named "Arrow of Judgment" turned into three streams of light, instantly...

Killed Jays and the other three on the spot!

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