Pirate’s Infinite Awakening Chapter 187

Vol 2 Chapter 67: Can you escape?

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Before the sound arrives, the arrow arrives first!

When Chu Yi quickly released the bowstring of the judgment bow, the three arrows of judgment placed on the bowstring seemed to break through the barrier of space, completely ignoring how far between Chu Yi and Jays and others were. In an instant, it fell on Jays and the other three.

However, the bow and arrow symbolizing the verdict fell, "No. 13" did not see the slightest panic, and shook his head still maintaining a calm appearance.

"It's useless, Shura."

"Even if you condense another weapon with your own power, do you think you can kill us?"

"Actually, you don't have a deep understanding of how great Master Dimo's research is!"

"It is because of Lord Dimo's research that we..."

"All are immortal!"

secretly said, the self-confidence in the eyes of "No. 13" seemed to have become more intense.

When faced with the confidence of "No. 13," Chu Yi was still so calm.

Because as early as when he used his own soul energy to smoothly condense the arrow of judgment, he knew that "No. 13", including the three of Jays, would be defeated!

As for the reason?

That is the second stage of the change of the Shura Divine Weapon. The Soul Hammer may be used to temper the "spiritual body" instead of hurting the "spiritual body".

But the third stage of the Shura warrior's change, the change of the judgment bow, is impressive...

is the nemesis of all "spiritual bodies"!

of course.

It is not the Judgment Bow that can really cause harm to the "spiritual body". To put it bluntly, the Judgment Bow is just a medium.

Is there no way to harm the "spiritual body" of the human power that Chu Yi has mastered?

certainly not!

After all, the mystery of the soul that Mihawk comprehended while practicing kendo had previously caused damage to "No. 13", and Chu Yi, who mastered the power of the human world, was much higher than Mihawk in comprehension of the mysterious soul. If you meet an ordinary "spiritual" enemy, then Chu Yi only needs to rely on the power of the human world to easily solve it.

There is only one main reason why Chu Yi used the power of the human world to hurt a "spirit" like "13"...

is "No. 13". The huge soul energy of the three Jies and others cannot be solved by the mystery of the soul that Chu Yi comprehends!

Especially when "No. 13" gradually revealed its own strength, Mihawk contained the mysterious slash of the soul, and there was no way to break the soul armor made by "No. 13" gathering soul energy, and Chu Yi's own human world Judging from the degree of power, he is at most difficult to break the soul armor, and it is impossible to really solve "No. 13" or one of the three people such as Jays.

But after the Shura Golem passed the message to Chu Yi's mind...

The situation is different!

The three changes of the Shura God Soldier and the change of the Judgment Bow gave Chu Yi the ability to restrain the "spiritual body"!

The function of the bow of judgment is actually very simple. It is nothing more than allowing Chu Yi to condense his huge soul energy, causing harm to the "spiritual body"!

Moreover, using the bow of judgment to condense soul energy is much less expensive than Chu Yi condensing soul energy. Even the condensed soul energy contains much higher power!

So immediately...

When Chu Yi outputs the energy of his own soul, the arrow of judgment that can disintegrate the souls of the three of Jays and others is condensed and formed!

Perhaps, when the arrow of verdict just hit the body of the three of Jies and others, like "13", Mihawk, Tiger, they discovered that the arrow of verdict that Chu Yi shot out was actually slowly sinking into Jie Yi. In the bodies of the three of them, the first thought was that Chu Yi's counterattack had failed.

His arrow of ruling has absolutely no effect on the three of Jays and others!

But at the moment when such an idea just appeared in the minds of "13", Mihawk and Tiger, making "13" even more proud...


The soul energy originally turned into the arrow of judgment, after submerging into the bodies of the three of Jays and the others, it was scattered in every corner of the bodies of the three of Jays and the others, and it was searched and hidden in Jays. The soul energy in the bodies of these three people!

Soon, when the soul energy hidden in the body is searched by Chu Yi's own soul energy...

The silent battle started!

The soul energy that Chu Yi used to condense into the arrow of judgment was surprisingly after searching for the soul energy hidden in the bodies of the three of Jays and others, it was first wrapped tightly, and then it was like tasting delicious food. Gobble it up instantly!

The soul energy hidden in the body was suddenly swallowed by the soul energy of Chu Yi's arrow of condensing judgment, and the result was the collapse of the bodies of the three of Jays and others!

Do not forget...

The second team formed by the trio of Jays and others is immortal in soul and body!

On the other hand, if the souls of the three of Jays and others are destroyed, their bodies will inevitably die!

From this, the sudden collapse of the bodies of the three of Jays and others is inevitable, because the soul energy they used to maintain their bodies has been swallowed by the power of the arrow of judgment!

Lost the source of supporting the physical body, in exchange for...

Chu Yi's lore!

still three lore at the same time!

Because just after the soul energy of Jays and the others used to support the flesh was swallowed by the power of the arrow of judgment, the arrow of judgment still did not let go of the remaining soul energy that Jays and the other three had stripped along the flesh !

That part of the soul energy is the basis for the survival of the three of Jays, and it can also be said that it is the remnant souls of the three of Jays!

When the soul energy formed by the arrow of judgment scattered all around, it swallowed the remnants of the souls of Jayce and others...

There is no Dimo's second team in this world!

Dimo's second team was not only destroyed by Chu Yi, but their soul energy was also injected into Chu Yi's own soul energy following the return of the arrow of judgment, forming a new source of strength.

The impurity mixed in their soul energy, that is, the source of pain, was absorbed by the judgment bow at the moment it entered Chu Yi's soul energy, and once again turned into the nutrient of the devil seed, once again ...

injected new power into Chu Yis Shura Golem!

"The feeling of becoming stronger..."

"that's nice!"

There is no doubt that the power of the bow of judgment and the arrow of judgment for the first time tried not only to solve the three powerful enemies around him, but also to deprive them of terrifying soul energy, even like Chu Yi. People who exist in general can't help being a little excited.

and greedy...

was originally human nature!

After absorbing the soul energy of the three of Jays and others, Chu Yi could obviously feel the power of the human world changed. If it can swallow the soul energy of "13"...

Isn't more beautiful?

Therefore, after completing three lore in an instant, Chu Yi's greedy gaze was hidden, and he instantly fell on the stunned "13" in front of him~www.wuxiaworld~ As for the "13"...

When I felt Chu Yi's eyes projected, the only thought was to escape!

Now he...

There is no capital standing in front of Chu Yi at all!

This is indeed the case. The previous "No. 13" used its own abilities to improve its own strength while enhancing the strength of the three of Jays, which was a wrong choice. Because at the moment when Jays and the other three died, the "No. 13" who maintained that kind of inexplicable contact with Jays and the other three was extremely weak!

Even if Mihawk shoots his sword at him again, the weak "No. 13" may not be able to catch it. What's more, he is facing Chu Yi who has the bow of judgment and the arrow of judgment?

So almost when Chu Yi's gaze just projected, he felt that the bad "13" made the wisest choice, and that was to escape!

The faster you escape, the better!

And I have to say that the escape ability of "No. 13" is commendable.

didn't give Chu Yi the opportunity to use the human world power to cooperate with the domineering look and feel to lock the target, "No. 13" directly relied on its own abilities, and quickly disappeared into the range that Chu Yi could perceive.


The "number 13" in front of him has disappeared. That's right, the smile on Chu Yi's face has not disappeared.

Especially when Chu Yi once again put his fingers on the bowstring of the bow of judgment, slowly pulling apart, using his own stronger soul energy to condense the arrow of judgment, suddenly Chu Yi's eyes flashed, and immediately loosened the bowstring. At the same time, he said as if mumbling: "The arrow of ruling, lock the soul!"

"Your soul breath, I have long remembered it, so you..."

"Can you escape?"

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