Pirate’s Infinite Awakening Chapter 188

Vol 2 Chapter 68: Temper the soul

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The arrow of judgment, lock the soul!

means that the arrow of judgment shot by Chu Yi with the bow of judgment does not need to be aimed at, but anyone who is remembered by Chu Yi's soul breath will inevitably die under the lock of the arrow of judgment!

Whether you escape to the end of the world, after all...

can't escape Shura's trial!

Shura's verdict!

However, the bow of judgment and the arrow of judgment lock the soul breath to launch. It does not require aiming, which is an absolute advantage. However, under the theory that the extremes of things must be reversed, it is another huge flaw.

Its not that simple to remember a persons soul.

Chu Yi is not a god, so how can he remember the soul of others at will?

Like Mihawk, its okay. He has realized some soul mysteries in the practice of swordsmanship. Almost every time he shoots a sword, he unconsciously mixes with his own soul aura.

Therefore, it is a guy like Mihawk who has no threats in front of Chu Yi.

If Chu Yi wanted to kill Mihawk, now it's really just a thought!

The reason is that Mihawk's soul breath leaked in front of Chu Yi!

On the contrary, it is Tiger, Small, and Lu Qi who do not understand the mystery of the soul and cannot use the mystery of the soul. Chu Yi's bow of trial and the arrow of judgment are about to lose its effect.

Even if it has been with Tiger, Small, Lu Qi and others for a long time, Chu Yi could not remember their soul aura. Without the lock of soul aura, the bow of judgment and the arrow of judgment would naturally lose their effect.


Tiger, they have realized some mysteries related to the soul, and when they shot, they were faintly mixed with some soul aura.

Or, in other words, Tiger and the others are simply like "No. 13", Jays and the other three, living completely in the way of "spiritual bodies". Only when Chu Yi locks their souls, can they play the role of judgment. The power of the bow and the arrow of the verdict is gone.

of course.

The three changes of Asura's magic weapon can make Chu Yi completely become the nemesis of the "spiritual body". Chu Yi can become greedy under the drive of interests, but it does not mean that his extravagant desires are endless.

Looking at it now, the abilities of the Judgment Bow and the Judgment Arrow are very good, and it is enough to "control" the spirit body perfectly.

It is like Tiger, Smog, Lu Qi and others who cannot be locked into the soul aura. If you want to solve them, you can use other means of your own.

The abilities I have mastered are not only the bow of judgment, but the arrow of judgment.

In that case...

, why bother to be boring?

With this idea, Chu Yi, who knew that "No. 13" would die, was very open-minded. He didn't think about the issue of the bow of trial and the arrow of judgment, and even less concerned about how long the "No. 13" would last.

At this moment, Chu Yi has two more important things, waiting for him to complete.

Therefore, before the news of the death of "No. 13" came, Chu Yi was sitting on the ground. The Shura soldier who was originally transformed into a bow of judgment was covered with blood, and turned into The appearance of the Soul Hammer!

"Human souls are amazing, just use Jays and their souls as examples. Although in Dimo's crazy experiment, the impurities in their souls are not only pain, but some memory fragments are left."

"But their soul energy has been absorbed by me. Apart from the extreme pain, these memory fragments are also a problem that must be solved."

"Otherwise, as the soul energy that I devour increases, and my own soul energy is mixed with too many human memory fragments, there will be a certain distortion of personality. If you completely become a mental illness, schizophrenic patients will be in trouble. Up!"

"And to clean up these memory fragments..."


"It depends on my soul hammer!"

At this point, Chu Yi didn't say a word, and he picked up the soul hammer and smashed it on his head!


The dull sound echoed around the moment the Soul Hammer fell.

The feeling of the hammer of soul falling on the head is very strange in Chu Yi's words.

That's right!

is wonderful!

When the Soul Hammer hits my head, it is strange. The seemingly heavy Soul Hammer seems to have no weight at all. When I hit my head, it feels like being hit by an inflatable toy before crossing. , Let alone a person of Chu Yi's physical quality, just say that ordinary people in the world before Chu Yi crossed, it is impossible to feel the slightest pain.

But when the Soul Hammer hit it, maybe Chu Yi didn't feel much pain.

However, as the hammer of soul is tempered deep into the soul...


The pain that is beyond human's ability is as if it exploded in the depths of Chu Yi's soul!

For an instant, even a face-saving guy like Chu Yi rolled on the ground in embarrassment. Under Mihawk and Tigers worried eyes, he rolled around the floor without any image of pain!

And the painful sensation didn't alleviate with the passage of time. On the contrary, it meant that it was getting heavier and heavier!

This is simply killing me!

Knowing how painful it is to temper the soul with the hammer of the soul, the ghosts use the hammer of the soul to temper the soul!

In the infinite regret, Chu Yi rolled back and forth on the ground, wailing in pain.

at the same time...

The strange change also started in Chu Yi's soul energy!

When the pain just started, the memory fragments in Chu Yi's soul began to peel off little by little. It's just that when those memory fragments are stripped out, they are not completely stripped. For example, the memory fragments left in Chu Yi's soul energy by the three people like Jays, the fragments are smoothly stripped, and the future will affect Chu Yi's own development. There is no impact anymore, instead, it is the memories left by the three of Jies and the others, but they are turned into memories and merged into Chu Yi's memory.

If Chu Yi wants to read it in the future, it feels like...

is like reading a book, you can read the memory of Jayce and other three people at will!

The stripping of memory fragments is undoubtedly a good sign, especially with the gradual stripping of memory fragments~www.wuxiaworld~Chu Yi's own soul energy becomes more pure, and the direct effect it can bring is the human power. With the enhancement of energy, the rest of the benefits are countless, and Chu Yi needs to explore it himself.

Only when the Soul Hammer began to strip away the impurities in Chu Yi's soul energy, that is, the source of pain still remaining in Chu Yi's soul energy, some small accidents occurred.

The accident is still due to the Devil Seed.

It can also be said that the culprit is the Shura Golem!

needs devil seeds to absorb the source of pain as nutrients and provide tonics for themselves.

When the Soul Hammer stripped the source of residual pain in Chu Yis soul energy, the Shura Golem was stunned, and forcibly absorbed the remaining source of pain with the Soul Hammer, which was also the Shura God Soldier, and Chu Yi quenched it. The pain when refining the soul is hundreds of times more painful than when the hammer of the soul tempers the soul energy of "No. 13"!

But the more pain, the better Chu Yi's soul energy can be tempered. It's a blessing in disguise.


When the pain from the soul finally began to fade away, Chu Yi, who was initially very unimaginative, rolled on the ground, finally slowly calmed down, and Taige and Mihawk could finally step forward to investigate Chu Yi's situation. ..


At Tiger, the moment Mihawk just approached, Chu Yi rolled and sat cross-legged on the ground again!

And just in Tiger, Mihawk was surprised to see Chu Yi sitting there again, Chu Yi just projected his eyes, it turned out to be the top powerhouse in the sea like Tiger and Mihawk. , There are strange thoughts that have no secrets in front of Chu Yi!

"Tiger, Mihawk, you don't need to worry about me."

"Because someone has something..."

"It's you!"

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