Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 2228

Chapter 2230 Two Requests 6

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Meng Hongye looked at her with a non-smiling smile as she spoke at will, "If such a strange matter happens, then whats the issue in This Valley Master will lend the Claret Crystal Bracelet to you? But This Valley Master advises you not to let your imagination run wild!"

Not only Meng Hongye, even those guards and female attendants standing in the main hall all couldnt help but burst out laughing on hearing Huang Yuelis words.

From what they thought, Huang Yueli was simply a model of the term young and inexperienced!

Relying on the fact that she had a bit of innate talent, she really didnt know how high the heavens were or how thick the earth was!

Initially she said that she was able to restore Palace Lord Huangs mechanism and now she said that she was going to restore the mechanism that was left behind since ancient times!

This was getting more and more ridiculous and she was boasting to the skies! Really dont know how heavy she herself was!

Meng Waner couldnt help but burst out laughing, "Young Miss Bai, I finally understand that its not that youre actually believing that youre infallible and trying to paste gold on your own face, but rather youre a lunatic with an unclear mind! Just based on you, to fix an ancient mechanism, then everyone in Soaring Heavens Continent are all Armament Masters!"

She turned towards Li Moying and she intentionally put on an understanding look as she advised, "Young Master Li, my Masters temper has always not been very good and hates people who always shoots their mouth off. Youd better advise Young Miss Bai, otherwise if you infuriate my Master, you might be chased out of Ice Serpent Valley today! Ill help you think of an idea regarding the matter for the guide!"

Meng Waners words had both smeared Huang Yueli and also pointed out her importance.

She was confident that when Li Moying heard this, he would definitely realise that the fiance beside him was an airhead vase who only had looks but no brains.

Whereas she, Meng Waner was the only one who could help him in the Northern Ice Fields!

Whoever knew, Li Moying merely swept a cold glance at him.

That originally bewitching peach blossom eyes carried a frigid cold intent shooting towards her and that one instance completely enveloped her entire body with an ice cold feeling that shot right into her bones!

Meng Waner felt her body being frozen and her heart felt as though it was being squeezed by someone tightly!

In her entire life, she had never once felt such terror!

This man was simply too frightening. The aura coming from him was much stronger by a hundred times more than her Master Meng Hongye!

Li Moying was originally standing behind Huang Yuelis back, silently listening to her and Meng Hongye speaking and at this present moment, he finally stood up and walked towards Meng Hongye.

"Valley Master Meng, since youve already agreed to Liers requests, and with so many people as witness, this matter has been fixed as such so I believe that you wouldnt renege on it right?"

Meng Hongyes gaze fell onto Li Moyings body, "If you guys really have the ability to even fix an ancient mechanism, then This Valley Master can even give the Claret Crystal Bracelet to you as a gift! But how is it possible for you all to do it?"

Li Moying nodded his head, "That is great. Just send someone to bring us to restore the array, were pressed for time so Im afraid that we dont have much time to stop here for long."

"Oh? Really so confident?"

Meng Hongye saw that he said this and her heart was alarmed, as she suddenly felt that surely she hadnt fallen into a pit, right?

But since she had already said that, it was too late for regrets now.

Moreover, Meng Hongye couldnt believe that such a ridiculous matter under the heavens could happen.

So no matter what, it was impossible for her to think that the words that she said had any loopholes at all.

"Men, send these few guests to the valley entrance and see how theyre prepared to restore the mechanisms."

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