Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 2304

Chapter 2305 Meng Waner Makes Her Move 5

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Meng Waner self-assumed that her explanation was sufficient and was enough to clear her suspicions.

However, Li Moyings gaze remained icy cold, as he kept silent without saying a word.

Meng Waners heart was drumming and her voice slowly turned soft and eventually, she shut her mouth.

Huang Yueli opened her mouth and asked, "In this way, Young Miss Meng really doesnt know what place this is?"

Meng Waner naturally shook her head furiously, "I really really dont know!"

Huang Yueli spoke again, "Then you also dont know how to leave this secret room?"

Meng Waner still shook her head, "I Im not an Armament Master, how would I know where the mechanism in this secret room is located?"

When Huang Yueli heard that, she couldnt help but gave a cold laugh, "Hur hur, Young Miss Meng is really incredible, have you opened your heavenly eye? Youve never even been to take a look everywhere, how would you know that this is a secret room? Youre also not an Armament Master, how do you know that theres a mechanism in this room?"

Meng Waner was instantly stunned as her face flushed red and she felt extremely vexed to the max!

This wretched lass was simply too sinister, actually unknowingly dug a pit for her and with a few sentences, made her turn inside it!

Meng Waners reaction was considered fast as she immediately found an excuse for herself, "This Young Miss Bai, all these youre saying what do these mean? Although I dont know where this place is, but from the surrounding situation, Id also know that this should be an early historical remains near Long Sky Summit. In this kind of remains, there originally should be some mechanisms set up so Im just casually guessing!"

As she was speaking, her tone became firmer and firmer.

Anyway, she had already followed everything according to the ghost masked mans plot to lure Huang Yueli to this underground palace and following this, she would soon be able to see this little slut die!

Now, all she needed to do was to clench on the fact that she didnt know anything at all, anyway Huang Yueli didnt have any evidence.

Meng Waner believed that she had already gotten away and she wasnt feeling very terrified anymore so she took a deep breath and said, "Young Miss Bai, this matter is all my fault. My curiosity got the better of me hence causing you all to fall into this place. But if you insist to say that I did it on purpose, then youre really thinking too much! Moreover speaking, even if you kill me now its also useless, its best to think of a way to get out first?"

Huang Yuelis gaze turned profound when she heard that and spoke out with a smile that wasnt quite like a smile, "What you say, does sound logical"

Meng Waner heaved a sigh of relief, "Thats right, I was just saying, its important to know whats slight or important, urgent or non-urgent so lets hurry and leave this place. Later on Ill apologize to you all after we leave here!"

Huang Yueli seemed as though she was convinced as she nodded and got up, "How about this, everyone rest for a while now and Ill go take a look at what situation this secret room is in!"

Saying that, she turned around and was about to leave.

Li Moying immediately got up and followed behind her, "Lier, Ill accompany you."

Huang Yueli took a look at him and didnt reject.

Huang Yueli used the True Phoenix Fire to illuminate the room and brought Li Moying along as they walked one round along the surrounding walls of the storage room.

There was no light source in the secret room and everywhere was pitch dark but every few meters, there would be a candle holder which was used for illumination purposes. As Huang Yueli was walking round, she also lit the candleholders on the way.

She finished one round and the entire room was as bright as day time.

She finished one round but didnt stop and took another round.

This time, she walked extremely slowly and after passing by one of the sculpted pillars in the southeast direction, she suddenly stopped.

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