Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior Is A Affectionate Spitfire Chapter 1750

Chapter 1752 Only Then Can I Be At Ease

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This was probably the best time. As long as he was by her side, everything in this world would not matter as much. As long as he was here, her heart would be here.

"Ge Ge, you just need to know that I will always be by your side."

Ji Ziming looked at Pei Ge with his deep eyes that were gentle yet filled with love.

"I know. Return to the company. I still have matters to attend to at home. Also, the three children wont say anything to you. Just go back to the company."

Pei Ges eyes became gentler when she said this.

"I got it. Im leaving now. You have to be careful at home. Only then can I be at ease."

"Nothing will happen if Im at home."

She blinked at him and said, "Alright, Ziming, go quickly."

"Im leaving."

With that, he planted a light kiss on her forehead. Only this gentleness made her believe that he would always be by her side and never leave her.

After Ji Ziming left the Ji familys villa, Pei Ge returned to the room of the three children and used another method to explain why Ji Ziming had suddenly returned home. Only she knew that her happiness came from his care and it was also because of this that she felt happier.

When she returned to the Qu family from the Ji familys villa, Qu Jingwan was in the living room on the first floor, staring at Old lady Qu who was sitting on the sofa and looking at her coldly.


Qu Jingwans voice trembled as fear filled her eyes.

"Whats wrong? Are you unwilling to talk to me now that youre back? You said that you went out to find a friend, so why are you out for so long? Dont you know that our Qu family is in a special period?"

Old lady Qus voice was terrifyingly cold. Compared to Pei Ges, Old lady Qus voice made Qu Jingwan think of a ghost in the middle of the night and a person standing by the French window in the rain.

The scarier it was, the harder it was to resist.

Qu Jingwan walked over to Old lady Qu with a trembling voice. "Grandma, I understand. Ill be more careful in the future. I promise to come back earlier and not make you angry again."

Old lady Qu looked at the pitiful Qu Jingwan in front of her and was no longer as sharp as before. She was already a little annoyed and only said perfunctorily, "Go back to your room. Just dont let me see you like this again. Also, how is the man I told you about? Have you seen him? What did you feel when you met him?"

Old lady Qu thought of the young master whom she had introduced to Qu Jingwan two days ago and wanted to know what Qu Jingwans own feelings were. She wanted to quickly marry Qu Jingwan off before the Qu family meets its end. Although there were many marriages between rich and powerful families, the Qu family was about to meet its end.

Without this marriage, the Qu family would be bankrupt.

If the Qu family, which used to be a big shot in the capital, went bankrupt, not only Old master Qu, even Old lady Qu might not be able to handle it.

"Grandma, can I not marry him?"

Qu Jingwan lowered her voice and looked at Old lady Qu in fear.

"Can you not? The Qu family has raised you for so long. Dont you want to help them now?"

Old lady Qus expression was malevolent as she looked at Qu Jingwan in fear.

"Grandma, I dont want to marry him. I dont love him!"

Qu Jingwan tried hard to find a new excuse for herself. As long as it was someone she did not love, no one could force her to marry. She did not expect Old lady Qu to be so insistent.

"Youre telling me about love?"

Old lady Qu seemed to have heard a joke.

"Qu Jingwan, my Miss Qu, now that youre telling me the word love, explain to me what this love means and what it does to you. Is the person you love really worthy of love?"

Old lady Qu pursed her lips and laughed out loud. She looked at Qu Jingwan, who was in front of her, with a terrifyingly cold gaze.

"Miss Qu, tell me about it."

"Grandma, thats not what I meant. I just want to tell you that I dont want to marry over"

"Is your love something that allows you to not marry just because you dont want to?"

Old lady Qus voice suddenly became stern as she looked at Qu Jingwan coldly and silently.

"But I dont want to marry him. I just dont want to marry him!"

When Qu Jingwan thought of what Pei Ge had promised her, she became even more hysterical. She was no longer afraid of Old lady Qu but fear flashed across her eyes. How scary was it to marry a man she did not love? Or rather, how scary was that man?

"Miss Qu, dont you know what our Qu family is facing now? Do you think its still the same as before? I could agree to anything you wanted in the past and I can forgive you for your mistakes, but its different now. Our Qu family is already in a life and death situation. If you dont sacrifice your happiness, I dont know if our Qu family can really get through this."

Old lady Qu was on the verge of tears but her gaze on Qu Jingwan became more vicious.

She was like an owl in the middle of the night who had spotted its prey and knew when it would surrender. Old lady Qu knew that Qu Jingwan knew what her place was.

The saying, "troops are kept a thousand days to be used in one battle" probably referred to Qu Jingwan.

"But grandma, I really dont want"

"Jingwan, grandma knows that youre in a lot of pain right now, but I really dont have a choice. If you dont go, our Qu family wont be able to survive this ordeal. Your grandpa wont allow me to look for Ji Ziming no matter what. What else can I do? What else can I do?"

Old lady Qu cried as she spoke and she looked at Qu Jingwan pitifully.

"Grandma, I."

Tears welled up in Qu Jingwans eyes as she looked at Old lady Qu.

Just as Qu Jingwan was about to explain, Old lady Qus phone rang. It was her secretary.

"Old madam, our company is saved. The market share has returned to its previous market value. Madam, we dont need to close down!"

The secretarys agitated voice came through the phone, but it sounded even more piercing.

"Is this true?"

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