Pure Love Insult Complex Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181. Short Series A Human Success Part 4

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Chapter 1181. Short Series A / Human Success Part 4

So far, you only evaluate people based on your instincts, saying that the other person is suspicious and the like

Jii-chan speaks to me.

Of course, instinct is valuable. I dont trust people who my instinct says that theyre different, and I dont let them get close to me again

Umu, that applies to me too

Kira, the old man whos already 80 years old and is a monk, and yet, his white hair is still thick, nodded.

However, if its a person thats introduced to you, then you need a clear reason to reject them. The referrer wont accept the reason that you felt that theyre suspicious

Oh, I see.

Theres the honor of the referrer that says "please meet this person" to Jii-chan.

You have to make it clear to the other party why Yazawa did the meeting instead of me, and why he judged that theyre not good people. The referrer couldve been deceived by that person as well after all

Oh yeah, bad guys could just go after Jii-chans acquaintance in the nobility, or enterprise managers and deceive them.

Then, expanding from that, they could make Jii-chan their next target.

You have to make it clear and easy to understand when conveying the problem with a person

Jii-chan said.

Otherwise, if the other party is a villain, theyll spread their self-serving stories such as "The Kouzuki house are hard headed-people," or "The person in charge was incapable of understanding my proposal," or "They were jealous because I was too competent"

For bad guys, being able to contact the Kouzuki house can be used to advertise their skills.

Even if Jii-chan didnt meet them and Yazawa-san kicked them off. They can tell people around them that the "Kouzuki house is stupid, they cant understand what Im proposing"

Thats why your assessment has to be distinct. "It felt suspicious," can be translated as "It just happened that the person in charge in the Kouzuki house wasnt feeling well"

I see.

Its the same when it comes to subordinates

Old man Kira speaks up.

If youre to own the Kouzuki SS, then you need to be clear with your instructions to the people in the company. Saying "That person is suspicious," will only confuse your subordinates. You have to be clear whats that suspicion youre feeling

Indeed. If your instructions are unclear, your subordinates will ask "What do we do?" and become unable to decide

Jii-chan said.

Yeah got it

I replied.

By the way, the meeting time will be in fifteen minutes. Dont take more than that. If the other party just wants to talk, then its a waste of time.

Umu, Kouzukis right. You can see what kind of person the other party is when you talk to them for fifteen minutes. No, you have to

If you dont set a time limit like that, youll end up spending your life listening to people all the time

The two old men told me.

For now, you can sit together with Yazawa during the meeting. Whatever the circumstances may be, I wont ask you to go in there alone

Oh, that helps.

Its a little scary to have me, a high-school boy meet with people who want a meeting with Jii-chan by myself.

Please take care of me, Yazawa-san

I bow my head to Yazawa-san.

Please do, Yazawa

Yes, Kakka

Yazawa-san replied to Jii-chan

Then, go to the lower floor. Theres already a visitor requesting to meet me today

Umu, well be watching here

Jii-chan and old man Kira said.

Normally, this is left to Yazawa-san. Jii-chan doesnt go watch on the cameras.

I knew it. Its a test.

Then, lets go

Yazawa-san called me.

Yes, lets

I bowed to the two old men and stood up.

Where are you going?

Agnes looked at me from the table near the window and said.

Were about to eat parfait

Ill go meet some guests on the lower floor. Ill be back soon

I said.

Then, Agnes wont eat parfait and wait


Youre only on the lower floor for fifteen or twenty minutes, right? So, well predict the time the room service comes in so we can eat when you come back

Katsuko-nee said with a smile.

Its not delicious unless were all together!


You want to eat the deluxe parfait too, right? Oh, should I ask for hot tea instead? Its Shige-chans treat after all

Katsuko-nee asked Jii-chan jokingly.

Whichever pleases you, Ill ask for coffee

Then, Ill take coffee too

Old man Kira said.

Yes, certainly. Then lets order together

Katsuko-nee goes to the phone in the room.

Sensei, should Luna and I go with you?

Yomi asked worriedly.

Well, having the girls with Miko power will be reassuring, but

This is my test, so

Thanks, But, you girls should stay here

I refused Yomi.

Uhm, Kuromori-sama. Good luck

Koyomi-chan told me.

Dont be surprised, okay?


Oh right. Koyomi-chan already knew who Jii-chans making me meet up with.

Meaning, the other party is someone famous enough that this 12-year-old girl knows them?

Dont. Koyomi-chan. Thats enough hints. Dont hinder the fun of the two old men

Katsuko-nee says while taking the phone.

Anyway, were going. Well be back

I told everyone, then bowed to Jii-chan again.

Then I left the room with Yazawa-san.

Still, you look so normal and yet, youre so absurd

Yazawa-san smiled at me when we entered the corridor.

From our investigation, the girls with the blood of the Takakura shrine maidens are all mentally unstable. And yet, you stabilized them completely


Seki-kuns reporting to me periodically. So Kakka decided to sponsor those mentally stable girls, and thats why hes here today

Hes talking about the old man.

If not, that cautious man would never want the shrine maidens to be in the same room as him. It seems that hes amusing himself with you

Meaning, that old man Kira came over just to watch this test?

Oh, I shouldnt think about it now.

Lets focus on what I have on hand.

Even this could just be a trap from Yazawa-san to distract me.

Yazawa-sans coming with me to do the meetup with the person who wanted a meeting with Jii-chan, but

Hes not my ally here.

Yazawa-san is also one of the examiners.

So, about this meeting

I asked Yazawa-san as he presses the button on the elevator hall.

Lets see Ill do the greetings firsts. Then, you can do what you want

Yazawa-san said lightly.

Well, you cant assume how the other party will behave. So, do what you need. Just adapt to the situation


Im the one meeting the person who wanted to see Jii-chan.

I cant know the reaction of that person until I meet up with them

So, are you not going to ask me who are we meeting?

Yazawa-san looked at me.

Will you tell me if I asked?

I wonder about that

Yazawa-san smiled.

Then no need. I can assume that its a well-known person, but, I dont want to be dragged y the image I already have on that person. I want to value that raw feeling from the time we meet after all

I replied.

If I know who the other person is, then Ill make put myself on guard.

Ill overlook a lot of things from the first impression stage already.

I see. Then I wont tell you

The elevators arrived.

I followed Yazawa inside.

Yazawa-san pressed the button three floors below.

The elevator closed and went down.

Immediately after, the door opens.

Oh, this floors just like a normal hotel guest floor.

I dont see any uniformed guards from Kouzuki SS>

I mean, theres nobody in this brightly lit corridor.

Lets go

Yazawa-san urged me.

Then, we arrived in front of one of the guest rooms.

You can talk to an intercom in this guest room it seems.

Yazawa-san pressed the switch.


A voice comes from the intercom.

This is Yazawa from Kouzuki SS

The door opened immediately.


Weve been waiting

A man wearing a gray suitI dont know him.

Or rather, its not him.

I think hes the secretary or bodyguard.

The person who wanted to meet Jii-chan is probably inside the room.

And this one is?

The secretary-like guy looked at me and asked Yazawa-san.

Thats not for you to know

Yazawa-san replied sullenly.

Im very sorry. Come in

The secretary invites us to the room.

Excuse us

I said just in case. Then followed Yazawa-san the room.

Then, the door closed behind us.

Oh, this room isnt even half the size of Jii-chans room upstairs.

This is a hotel guest room, and yet, theres no bed.

But in exchange, theres an executive table.

So, this is probably a private room for secret talks.

And now

At the back of the room, a man wearing a blue suit is facing the window, turning his back on us.

Huh? I think Ive seen this guy.

Sensei, Yazawa-sama from Kouzuki SS has come


This is a small room so he shouldve known that were here, and yet

Hes the type who makes this kind of skit on purpose.

The man in a blue suit slowly faced us.

Thank you for coming today

He bows to Yazawa-san.

Oh, this guy

If I recall, hes a politician.

He used to be a cultural celebrity and a commentator on TV for some years

Then, after that, he became a candidate for prefectural governor somewhere


Ah, Im Murata Hideo

Yeah, that. Murata Hideo.

Man, Im glad I didnt ask for any information before going in.

Governor Muratas much smaller than he is on TV.

I didnt care about it on TV, but that blue suit of his is quite high-class. The cloth is different.

His necktie is probably an Italian brand too.

Also, the stink.

Whats this? Hairstyle? No, thats not it. I think that hes poured some mens perfume on him.

You cant find something this raw on TV.

Also, hes much older than he was on TV.

I mean, when youre on TV, you can use make-up to make yourself younger.

If I recall, this guys in his mid-forties.

Im Yazawa from Kouzuki SS

Yazawa-san greets with a straight face.

And, who is this boy

Governor Murata looked at me.

A relative of Kakka

Yazawa-san replied just that.

I intuitively thought that its better if I shouldnt name myself.

Its better not to bring the name Kuromori to a former entertainer turned politician.

Excuse me

I said and bowed.

I see. Hmm

Governor Murata looked at my clothes and shoes.

Well, it matters not. Come

We go to the table.

It looks like were visiting governor Muratas office, but

This hotel belongs to the Kouzuki house.

Governor Murata came from his hometown to meet Jii-chan.

Therefore, hes actually the guest here.

Please take a seat. Relax yourselves

But, since governor Muratas already sitting. He asks us to do the same

I see.

I can see his personality now.

He wants to bring everything to his pace, and he doesnt think much if its rude to the other party or not.


Yazawa-san took a seat without saying anything.

I also followed.

Err, do you want coffee or anything?

Governor Murata says, but

No thanks

Yazawa-san refused.

Murata-senseis introduced by Kurosaki-sensei, the president of Ochiai transport, and he would like to meet Kakka, but

Were brought to the topic right away.

Its natural since the meeting only takes fifteen minutes.

Meetings with Kakka from the Kouzuki house goes through me first

Yes, yes, I heard that from President Kurosaki as well. He told me that Kouzuki-san trusts Yazawa-san a lot. That youre effectively Kouzuki-sans secretary

Governor Murata said with a smile.

My specialty is security, as you already know, Kouzuki SS doesnt provide security not just for Kakka but for the entire political and business world of Japan

Yes, yes, yes, I know that. Thats why I feel lucky that Im meeting with Yazawa-san today. Please allow me to get to know you better in many ways.

This guy is overly familiar.

His smile is disgusting.

And so, what kind of business does Murata-sensei have with Kakka that requires a meeting? Thats what Id like to know first

Yazawa-san said.

Oh, I see. Well, I thought so. Oh well, Ill speak to Yazawa-san honestly

Governor Murata smiled.

No, Yazawa-san, I think you already know my current situation. In fact, I, or rather, we, the younger generations of politicians are concerned with the current politics of Japan. And so were about to launch a new party for the next national election

This guys the prefectural governor currently, but

He wants to become a member of the Diet?

No, of course, Ill complete my term as the Governor. However, from now on, Japanese politics shouldnt be centered in Tokyo, but they should also come from other local areasI believe you can understand that, Yazawa-san

Is it political money to start a new party? Or do you want to lay the groundwork for influential politicians and businessmen? Or do you simply want Kakka to declare his support to your party?

Yazawa-san cut into the chase.

Right, governor Muratas objective is

Is it Jii-chans money?

Or, does he want to be introduced to the political and business circles?

Or maybe, he just wants a comment that says "I support governor Murata"?

No, no, no, what I want to ask is all of it

Governor Murata shows a malicious smile.

I want financial support, I want political support, and I want Kouzuki-san to bring his influence and entrust them all to me!


We, the younger generation of politicians are the ones wholl create the future. Well crush the vested interests, and the rigid systems that are in place, or there will be no future for Japan! Isnt that right?! I want you to believe in Muratain my eyes!!!


No, I have been too honest that Ive made enemies. No, the people who disagree with me are the ones who are firmly entrenched in the vested interests that need to be destroyed. Thats why they get so angry when I point it out, it pains me. Im just a brutally honest person, not a bad person. Thats what all my allies say too

Can you trust someone who evaluates themselves and say "Im not a bad person"

I believe Yazawa-san already knows, but, the latest poll shows that a total of 43% of the respondents say that they expect, or they may expect a new party from us. Thats higher than the current ruling partys approval rating

No, using figures from a survey asking "Do you expect a new party" is just

Thats just comparable to "Which party do you support," right?

Our age has come for sure! Thats decided! It has to be the case! And it shall happen! If we dont scrap and rebuild this country now, the country ruled by those with a vested interest will bring us to doom! Were running out of time

Governor Muratas getting passionate.

Yazawa-san looked at me.

What do you think?

Im already introduced as Jii-chans relative so he asks me politely.

He will be meeting with Kakka later, and so if you talk to him instead of me, Im sure that Murata-senseis hopes will reach Kakka

Yazawa-san, youre going to pass the baton to me now?!

Oh, I see. Youre going to meet with Kouzuki-san?

Governor Murata looked at me with appraising eyes and said.

What do you think after hearing my story? What did you feel? What do you think? Id like to hear the opinion of people of your age



Look, I dont really know much about politics, but

Oh, I see. It cant be helped. Then thats just poor education! Your school hasnt taught you much about politics and the state! Dont blame yourself

Governor Murata talks to me with an over-familiar attitude.

So, uhm, theres something I just cant understand about Murata-sans story

I see. Which part of Muratas talk was unclear to you? Could it be that it was too complicated for you? Oh well, tell me, what did you not understand?

Oh, this guys looking down on me.

His tone is starting to break.

Uhm, Murata-san talks about not being able to forgive the vested interests, and that you want to break them all, but

Oh, yes, vested interests! Vested interests are interests maintained by a particular social group for a long time due to historical circumstances. Youll know that when you look it up on the internet

Well, I get that. But what I dont understand is

I said.

Kouzuki house is a noble family, they have been the nobility ever since the Muromachi period. And such, they have the authority, they have a lot of companies, have a lot of assets, and they know a lot of politicians and businessmen in Japan today

You dont need to tell me that, thats the reason why Im asking Kouzuki-san to support our political activities!

Hey, look. Murata.

So, your political campaign is to crush the vested interests, right?

Of course! Dont you think that people with vested interests have to be taken down too, right? Thats just obvious


Then talking about obvious. Kouzuki house is also one of those vested interests Murata-san is talking about

I said.

Murata-san, are you asking the Kouzuki house, a group of vested interests, to help you destroy those?

Thats what I dont understand.

If we dont do something about it, Japan will collapse. Thats how everyone feels!!!

Oh, he tried to pass it off.

Japan wont collapse no matter what

I speak with a fed-up look.

Kouzuki house and the nobility are supporting it with their lives. As long as Kouzuki house is alive, Japan wont collapse

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