Pure Love Insult Complex Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182. Short Series A Human Success Part 5

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Chapter 1182. Short Series A / Human Success Part 5

I mean, Murata-san, what do you expect from the nobility? Theyre people composed of vested interests, so will you destroy them?

I asked the former cultural celebrity and current prefectural governor, Murata Hideo

W-Well, you see

Governor Muratas making a face that says "this is a problem," and I didnt let that pass.

No, no, its not our intention to scrap and build all of the social systems that existed until now. Its normal to leave the good ones

So, who decides which are the good ones to keep?

I push further.

Well, thats of course for the citizens to decide. Isnt that obvious? I mean, you can ask the people for their judgmentif you prefer, we can use a national referendum. But, if we hold such votes every time, we wont be able to have speedy politics. Therefore, its up to the politicians elected by the people to make a fair judgment

Governor Muratas laying down his debate with such energy.

Nono, you should know that too, right? How many instructions I assembled so I get chosen as the governor. Im the governor of the prefecture, elected by the local voters, thus, the people trust me. Therefore, the judgment of the people in the prefecture is equal to the judgment I and my allies make. You should know that since you learned the Japanese electoral system in your school, right? If you dont understand, then its your school teachers negligence!

He sure is good at derailing the conversation.

Governor Murata looked away from me and back to Yazawa-san.

Im now being directed by the people to reform the prefecture. As Yazawa-san knows, its making a tremendous effect! Our "Heisei Political Breakthrough reform," is highly praised by the media as well! Now, I want to convey this reform to the national government

Hes appealing with sparkling eyes.

Well, I sure am a man of honesty and passion, so I might not be able to speak well so Im sorry for that, but, I want you to understand my passion for reforming Japan! Please give me the chance to appeal our political party to Kouzuki-san directly! Right?!

Governor Murata bows his head.

Is that it?

Yazawa-san said coldly.


Murata looked up.

Its politicians job to bow their heads. Ive been working next to Kouzuki Kakkas side for some time now so Ive seen politicians bow so many times before

Yeah, a lot of politicians do come to Jii-chan.

Asking for funds, connection, or promotion.

They all bow their heads to Jii-chan.

Murata-san came from television work to politician, so you perhaps dont know. Hence, it cant be helped that you dont know how politicians act, but

Yazawa-san speaks to governor Murata, laughing scornfully.

Even if you treat us as your supporter and patron, then it wont work on us

Nono, thats not true! Im just trying to get you to understand my passion, see? Isnt that kind of speaking mocking me as a prefectural governor, a head of a local government

Oh, this time hes trying to reverse the situation.

Its up to you to decide what you want to believe with what I said. I have no idea why you felt that way though

Yazawa-sans blunt.

Sensei, please calm down

The secretary whos waiting at the door comes to governor Muratas side.

Yes, yes, I know. I know

Governor Murata told his secretary, then

So what is it? Does Yazawa-san want me to prostrate on my knees? To crawl on the floor and rub my forehead on the ground to gain Kouzuki-sans support in our activities? Is that what you want to say, right?!

Look, hes even angrier than before.

Whats with this guy?

What do you think?

Yazawa-san looked at me.

I dont even understand why it has come to that. Murata-san, whats the point in groveling to the ground?

I asked.

Yazawa-san didnt want you to prostrate yourself, and besides, if Murata-san were to kneel, will that solve anything? Thats what I dont understand

Im sorry to say but just because Murata-san kneeled doesnt mean that Jii-chan will meet you, or respond to your requests.

I mean, you said that because I didnt bow my head low enough, havent you?


The secretary desperately calms down the governor.

Then thats the same as demanding me, the governor who received the trust of the people in my prefecture, to bow with my hands on the floor?!

I dont think thats it

I said.

Murata-san, you cant just kneel on the ground. I mean, you have no intention of bowing your head for real, youre just doing it for the sake of it, dont you?

What did you say?

No, its kind of obvious. Theres no heart to it. After all, you have no intention of bowing down your head to the Kouzuki house, dont you? You think that youre lucky to use their money and connections, but the truth is, you hate the lumps of vested interests, like the Kouzuki house, dont you?

Governor Murata.

I-I didnt say anything like that! Its just your selfish speculations!

He says in a panic.

But, look. Im the one who will be telling Jii-chan whether Murata-sans trustworthy or not

So please stop making crazy reports based on speculation!

Wrong. Isnt it Murata-sans job to speak in a way that wont cause me to make such weird speculations?

I said.

I dont know much about politicians, but, lets be honest, Murata-san came here to borrow Jii-chans money, right? Oh wait, you said that you want support so its not borrowing, but instead, youre asking for money

Hey! You!

And its not just money, youre also asking for Jii-chanI mean, Kouzuki houses influence and authority to support you, right?

I summarize the conversation into something even I could understand.

I think thats whats Yazawa-sans talking about, "whats with the attitude of someone who came to ask for something"

Governor Murata.

Y-Youre rude! Youre extremely rude! Im the governor! And Im also the man wholl represent a political party, although it hasnt started yet

So what?

If its Kouzuki-san, the representative of the Kouzuki house, then he has a much higher status than me, a power that I cannot match, so if Kouzuki-san says something, Ill do anything, even if it means going down to my knees or eating spaghetti out of my nose! But youre just a student! Even Yazawa-san is just a subordinate of Kouzuki-san, hes not Kouzuki-san himself!!


Normally, youre just a citizen, youre not even allowed to talk to a governor like me! Whats with this?! I dont care if youre a relative of the Kouzuki house or not but youre just a student, youre too rude to me!

Apologize to Murata-sensei. Its for the better

The secretary told me.


Yazawa-san. It seems like Murata-san doesnt want Jii-chans assistance

I told Yazawa-san.

Seems like that. Well then, if youd excuse us, Murata-sensei

Yazawa-san stood up right away.

Wait a second!!!

Governor Murata shouted.

Hey! Wait!! Where are you going in this narrow country!

Were not going anywhere. Theres no need to talk any further, and so well have to ask Murata-san to leave

Yazawa-san said.

Me too.

After all, from everything I heard from Murata-sans talk, I dont think Jii-chan should meet him. Not likely

I said it flatly.

Why did you decide so?

Yazawa-san asks me.

This is the test.

I have to verbalize what my impressions are clearly and comprehensively.

Murata-san wants to destroy the vested interests, to scrap and build the current Japan social system, but he never talked about anything specific that he wants to do


T-Thats because I was about to!

Governor Murata said, but

Look, sorry but Jii-chan and the Kouzuki house isnt a moneylender nor a charity man

I said.

If you want something done, then you should first say that "I have this goal, and to achieve this, I need this, and so I want your support," right? Taking such an incomprehensible attitude and putting on such an air of importance will only bring poor impressions on the other party


Murata-san said that Japan will collapse if things continue, but you dont even understand whats going on or why Japan would be destroyed, nor Murata-san did plan anything to prevent that destruction

I said Im just about to explain it! I mean, dont you also think that Japans in jeopardy if things continue as they are, dont you? If you dont think so, then you dont understand anything about society at all!

Governor Murata said.

You should be more interested in politics! All conscious young people should be aware of the current crisis!


No thanks. Im already busy with things I have to do every day

This is what Im talking about! People like you who have no sense of urgency will destroy Japan!!

Oh, what do I do with this guy?

I cant even talk normally to him.

Its young people like you who dont know whats going on should listen to our political arguments, you dont know anything!

Yazawa-san smiled wryly.

But, as it stands, you look like a politician who lacks explanatory skills to explain his philosophy to high school students


Our conversations been recorded by the cameras. If Kouzuki Kakka were to see this, then I dont think he would support Murata-san personally, or politically

R-Recording? This was recorded?

Is there a problem?

Yazawa-san looked at the clock.

Ill give you five more minutes, explain to this high school student in simple terms what kind of politics do you want to pursue

Oh, so thats why Jii-chan brought me here.

If a politician cant make me understand his views, hes not worth helping.

Then, Ill listen for five minutes. Whats the selling point of the political party youre about to launch, Murata-san?

Selling point?

What I mean is; what makes you think that youre better than the existing ones?

Governor Murata;

Well, we have a sense of urgency about a dying Japan

I dont need those non-specific answers


What sense us apart from the existing parties is that we have a business sense!

The secretary opens his mouth on behalf of governor Murata.

Before running for governor, Murata-sensei was an international political commentator who appeared on TV and in magazines. Hes the representative of Murata politics and economics private school, and is a businessman who holds paid email newsletters, lectures, and seminars all over Japan

Oh, I see.

More than half of the members of Diet who are going to launch a new party together with Murata-sensei has experience in business management

T-Thats right. Hayashi-kuns started a major yakiniku chain. Kaneda-kun started a successful pachinko parlor. Hirabayashi-kun who hit the jackpot with his mobile game company

Governor Murata said.

Its mostly entrepreneurs who started a company on their own and succeeded in developing their business, and managers who inherited and advanced their parents business

So, what good can come from a political party with such people?

I asked.

You should know that right? Entrepreneurs are insightful and quick-witted. You see, if you let the bureaucrats in the office take care of things, they decide too slow! Politics without a sense of speed will not be able to cope with the 21st century! In my opinion, the future of Japanese politics should be run by those who have experience in private management. I mean, thats how everyone thinks

Oh look, hes gone back to being talkative.

Governor Murata sure talks a lot when he gets carried away.

In the 20th century, private Japanese businessmen traveled around the world to sell Japanese products, which helped develop post-war Japan. The politicians and bureaucrats did nothing but drag the private sector down. Therefore, in the 21st century, capable people who have experience in managing companies in the private sector, and have developed their own companies to a great extent should become politicians and take control of the nation! Thats the obvious answer for anyone who thinks!

I wonder about that?

But you see, in the private sector, a single decision from the top management can bring down the whole company! Its not a lukewarm world like the bureaucracy where you can waste hundreds of millions of yen and not lose your job. People who have fought and won in the tough economic world can be trusted to run the countrys politics with more confidence! Successful entrepreneurs are heroes! All of them! If people like them dont rise to the world of politics, then Japan will be destroyed!!

Does this guy want to save Japan or crash it down?

Its getting harder to understand.

In fact, in my prefecture. Well, you should already know this since its all over the news, but more and more people from the private sector are brought to the city hall. To rebuild the sodden government officials, more managers from top facilities are recruited to the public, and some facilities outsourced their operations to the private sector. Yes, of course, weve had reports of improvements in all of the operations!

Governor Murata said.

Dont you mean the report you produced?

Yazawa-san said.

I know that its been reported to the press that some of the facilities that were headed by private groups had problems and some of them already left

No, some of them just happened to be from the private sector, and most of them have been successful in improving the services of the facilities, changing the mindset of the workers there! Its been a great success! Media and professors from various universities have already supported my reform and acknowledged my success!

Governor Murata rebutted.

As expected, it cant be always bureaucrats all the time. People who know the intensity of the private sector has to be the ones guiding on top


Thats why I want to spread the reforms Im doing in the prefecture to the national! Aggressive recruitment of the private department! Rather, I want all the department heads and above in the ministries to be people with proven track records in the private sector! Its the bureaucracy thats undermining this country! We want to aggressively introduce the blood of the private sector into the nation!!


I get it. So its completely broken

Yep, no good.

Yes, thats right! We cant leave it to the bureaucrats at all!

Thats not what I meant. I was talking about your way of thinking, Murata-san

I said.


Murata looked at me with a surprised face.

No, I think that your reform is only working because its only in one local province, but

No, its not as successful as Governor Murata says it is. The public thinks its working because governor Murata repeatedly called the media to show that its succeeding, that its improving. But if you check the minor details, youll see that his debt is increasing, and the policy plans have failed and are in debt. Its already criticized by media and researchers everywhere

Yazawa-san told me.

No, thats not it! Wait! Why are you insisting that its bad! Im still in the middle of the reform! Even if you evaluate it halfway

Arent you evaluating yourself as successful halfway?

I said.

Yes! My reforms are highly appreciated!

Meaning, theres a certain amount of media and researchers who trust what governor Muratas saying.

On the other hand, theres also what Yazawa-san said, that there are critical media and researchers.

Either way, it isnt as successful as governor Murata says it is.

Thats obvious.

I guess the part where they talk about the bureaucracy routine has become relaxed

Yazawa-san said.

That doesnt mean that private companies are all strict and decent places to work either

I think its too much to assume that people with more experience in the private sector are more competent than government officials.

Well, it cant be helped, Murata-sans a former cultural entertainer after all

Yazawa-san said with a sigh.

Oh, governor Murata says that he runs his own company, but

The truth is, he doesnt have any experience working in the private sector.



Private companies vary greatly in size, and type of business dont they?

Yes, some huge companies have departments that are even more lukewarm and unproductive than the bureaucrats

Also, private companies and government offices are fundamentally different things

Can you explain?

Yazawa-san tells me.

Yes. In private companies, they can do as many drastic things as they want at the discretion of the management. Thats what Murata-sans explaining as speed. But on the other hand, when they fail, they turn bankrupt

Im already starting to study management to open the bakery with Katsuko-nee.

Its bankruptcy. A managers miscalculation risks the company collapsing. Nobody will help them


But thats not how the government works. If you make a bold decision that ends up with huge debt as a result. The government wont be the one under, but the citizens

There are already cities thatve gone bankrupt as a result of loose management. The results are awful, higher taxes while the resident services are declining

Yazawa-san said.

Thats why bureaucracy is not a place to make mistakes in decisions. Therefore, theyre careful, taking time before they make a decision

Thats how the government works so its inevitable, its different from the private sector

In bureaucracy, people with the same mindset as those in the private sector are sent in through open recruitment and the higher-ups order them to do this, do that, at the same speed in the private sectorthatll cause confusion in place

Just like whats happening in your prefecture, putting into action whenever you come up with a plan on the spur of the moment can fail, and cause tens of millions of debt in just one case

Governor Muratas listening to our conversation with a mouth opened wide.

But because of the size of the prefecture, I dont think it has reached the point of collapse yet. However, if Murata-san expands that to a national scale

Since the size of the budget will be different. It will be terrible

I dont think that bureaucracy is great either, but

I just had a war with some bureaucrats recently.

But, I dont think that theyre people you can make fun of

Theyre familiar with running the nation as a business.

And so, Murata-sans starting a political party with entrepreneurs, but


Does running a chain of food stores, or a pachinko parlor, or making mobile games add anything to being a politician?

No, its because they made their companies and succeeded! Theyve trained their employees and gone through the trials and tribulations of running a business

I stopped governor Murata from speaking.

Thats amazing, yes. But, their company succeeded in that type of industry. Right?

I looked at governor Murata in the eye and said.

Theres no overlap in what they need to do as a politician, is there?



What I mean is, a person who succeeded in bakery business cant just start a shipbuilding company next

I said.

It has the same significance in company management, but the substance is different, see?


Governor Muratas dumbfounded.

Bakeries have daily income. Daily production, daily profit. However, if you keep selling only cheap food, your daily profit will be lacking. Your employees will be limited. You dont need that many experts in bread baking. Youll have to hire some part-time workers just to sell the products, but

I said.

But in the shipbuilding business, money doesnt come in every day, see? It takes months to build a ship, and thats when the money comes in one big payment. And so, you need enough money in your budget to pay the wage and materials for the workers for the months until you get paid. Your employees are all professionals and require a high level of technical skills

The scopes of the companies are different. Their connection to banks too

Yazawa-san said.

Well then, lets say Murata-san, that youre a man who owned a small bakery, and you became successful because the pastries are delicious. Since youre a successful manager, do you think that you can run a shipbuilding company as well?

Theres no way I can

Governor Murata said. Then I;

Yes, if you understand that running a bakery is different from running a shipbuilding company, then youll be able to learn from scratch and do well

Giving instructions to the part-time bakery ladies, and

Dealing with the engineers at the shipyard should be completely different.

If I manage the shipbuilding company, with the same know-how on the bakery, far from that, if I were to aggressively apply what I know and gained from the bakery to the shipbuilding company, the company would be a mess

I said.

Its the same with food chains and national politics. Even the most amazing chain store is on a different scale than a national operation. The way you instruct part-time workers in a store cant be useful in giving instructions to the bureaucrats of the state. The scale and industry are different

While at it, the success of running a business has a strong element of luck


It could be that the company you run just happens to fit the needs of the era. Then, times change. Your current success may not last forever


Some companies that were strong in the 80s, like consumer electronics manufacturers, and major distributors such as supermarkets are all swallowed up by others and are no longer around. Theyre a company whose founder family was hailed as the darlings of the times

Yazawa-san said.

It could be a food chain, pachinko parlor, or mobile game company. They can start their own business, or inherit a business from their parents and become successful. Congratulations to them. But, that success is already in the past. A person who succeeds once is not necessarily going to succeed again. And its shallow to think that you can move the politics of a country in the future based on past success

Governor Murata looked down.

If youre serious about being a politician, then show more enthusiasm. Realize that youre only half of a politician. If you keep dragging your past success, youll be forever in your food chain, pachinko chain, or mobile game business. Youll never become a politician

Then, he told governor Murata;

How long are you going to stay as a cultural entertainer?

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