Pure Love Insult Complex Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206. Night Stopover Breaktime Sex With Megu

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Chapter 1206. Night Stopover / Breaktime (Sex with Megu)

Its been a while since we had ramen

Megu said.

After eating ramen with everyone, Kudou-papas treat

Not just Kuromiya Motoko-san and Mikuriya-san, but also their two butlers carrying their spear came with us.

It seems like its Kuromiya-sans first time eating ramen for real.

My, my, is it okay to slurp that much? Is it hot? Yes, Ill take some. Indeed, this is delicious

Then, she ate with her eyes opened wide.

Then, we parted with Kuromiya-san. Her mansion is indeed in the center of the city.

We rode Kudou-papas car and head back home.

Shou-neechan had asked him to do that from the beginning.

Megu, Michi, Arisu, Kinuka, and me.

Its already dark outside, but its still early night.

Ah, I got something I have to buy

Megu said as we approach the main station in front of the station.

Ah, Kudou-san, please stop. Megu and I will get off and buy something

I said.

Should we come too?

Arisu asks, but

No, Arisu just went to a crowded location after a while. You look tired so take a rest first. Kinuka, look after Arisu


Kinuka replied.

You sure that youre going to be alright by yourselves?

Kudou-papa said, but

Its okay. Its still early, there are buses, and if anything happens, well call the mansion for help

I replied.

I see. Okay then, Im stopping

Kudou-papa stops the car.

Thank you, Kudou-san


Megu and I got off the car, then

Michi also got off.

Ill accompany you as your bodyguard

Huh, no need, Michi-chan

Megu said, but

If I let Master walk the city without a bodyguard then Misuzu-oneesama will scold me

Yeah, youre right. Michi, go with them

Kudou-papa said from the drivers seat.

This boy is quite the VIP now

Yes, Father

Im just an ordinary high schoolboy. Geez.

By the way, thanks for today, about Haruka

Kudou-papa said bashfully.

Father, please do not mind itThe two of us are sisters

Michi said with her usual blank face.

Then, take care. Im sending them home

Yes, please. Kudou-san. Arisu, Kinuka, see you later


We will come home first

Well then

Kudou-papa drives the car.

The car went off the night street.


Michi sighed.

I knew it, you were fatigued thanks to Haruka-san, werent you?

I massaged Michis shoulders.

My real sister is tiring, and father too


It mustve been suffocating to be in the same car as your father

Megu said.

Yes. After what happened today, Fathers warm gaze is all the more suffocating

Kudou Haruka won in her class and she took her first step as a martial artist.

Michi cooperated with her sister and improved their relationship as sisters.

Seeing the two like that, Kudou-papas quite happy.

I wasnt able to improve Father and Sisters relationship

Kudou-papa thinks that his eldest daughter, Haruka hates him, and so he just watched from the spectator seats and didnt come close to her.

You just have to take your time in improving it

I said.

It hasnt been half a year since their mother left home with her cheating partner.

Its not a problem they can solve easily.


Michi smiles lonely.

Then, lets go, Michi

I held Michis right hand.

Then, Megu on my left.

What are you going to buy Megu?

Some sports supplies in the pharmacy, I thought that we dont have enough in the club

Oh yeah, Megu skipped out her track and field club training to cheer for Edie today.

Of course, captain Takeshiba gave her permission but still, she should go out shopping for the club or tomorrow, the scary seniors will keep eyeing her.

I think we can get them all in the shopping center over there.

We went shopping.

When were about to finish shopping


Megus phone rings.

Oh, its Tamayo-oneesan


A former prostitute of the Black Forest, now shes helping out Minaho-neesan in the brothel.

Hello, this is Megumi. Yes?

Megu answers the call.

Ah, well, Ill talk to Yoshi-kun

Megu lowered the phone and looked at me.

Whats wrong, what did Tamayo-san say?

Well, she heard from Katsuko-oneesan that were nearby

Oh, when Kudou-papa brought Arisu and the girls home.

He told them that were in the shopping district.

So, is Tamayo-san at Minaho-neesans place?

Were near the station so Minaho-neesans new brothel hotel is just close.

Is she asking us to come and have some tea since were close?

No, Tamayo-sans taking care of her business today

Tamayo-san post-retirement learned how to become a stylist, and also

She has a free room today so shes asking if were coming to drop by

Tamayo-sans love hotel business is near the shopping district.

This way

I cant remember Tamayo-sans hotel location so Megu looked it up on her phone.

Well, its a love hotel in the middle of the district, but

Its still early, so the rooms are still open.

Oh, now I remember

Its been a while.

Megu, Mana, and I stayed over for a night during the golden week.

I feel like we had sex all night long as Manas punishment.

Err, she asked us to come from the backside

Were still high schoolers, and Michis wearing her middle school uniform, so I dont think we can go through the front of the love hotel.

We knocked on the back door, and then

Ive been waiting

Was she watching from the surveillance cameras? Tamayo-san opened the door from the management room and welcomed us.

Oh, theres three of you today

Michi bows her head.

Excuse us

Oh well, through here and out that way

Then, we left the management room to the lobby.

The photo of a hotel room is lined up with a "vacant" sign glowing.

There sure is a lot of empty rooms.

So, which do you prefer, a western or Japanese room?

Tamayo-san points at the available rooms from inside the lobby window.

Err, which do you prefer Megu?

Well take the Western

Megu looked at the price and picked the cheaper ones.

If its Western-style rooms, then this is better. Its spacious and three people can enjoy together

Tamayo-san smiled and handed us keys to the room with a slightly higher price.

Its just for a small break, right?

Yes, we still have stuff to do tomorrow so were not staying over and were returning home right after

Megu replied.

Is Katsuko-chan going to pick you up?

No, I feel sorry for her so well just ride a bus home

I said.

Even if we take two or three hours, there should be busses around the school.

Well then, have fun

Thank you

I took the key and then went to the elevator with Megu and Michi.

Master, this is a lodging facility for sex, isnt it?

Michi asks while the elevator door opens up.

Yes, do you not like it?


No, rather, its arousing

I hugged Michi and kissed her.

Then, Megu too.

Hmm, geez!~

Megu smiled at me.

Theres always someone watching in the mansion so this feels fresh to me

There are cameras all around the mansion.

When its Megus turn, even if she wishes for just the two of us, theres a high chance that someones watching in secret.

Im sorry for being the third party

Michi told Megu, but

Thats not true. Im happy that Michi-sans with us

Speaking of which, this is a rare combination.

The elevator reached the designated floor and opens the door.

Ahead of the narrow corridor of the love hotelOh, our rooms lit up.

Lets go

We entered the locked room.

Yep, this sure is spacious.

A red wallpaper and a dim obscene mood room.

The ceilings got a mirror.

I took off my shoes and went up to the carpeted room.


I took off my socks and now in bare feet.

Michi and Megu also took off their shoes and went up too.

What do you want to drink, Yoshi-kun?

Megu goes to the fridge but I hugged her from behind.

Whats wrong?

I just wanted to do it

I answered honestly.

Geez, youre so hopeless

Megu hugs me upfront.

We kissed each other.

Oh, I can feel Megus soft breasts wrapped in her bra.

My erect penis also presses against Megus hips.

Geez, Yoshi-kun

Megus thin fingers stroke my abdomen

Its already this hard?


Im also wet now

Megus breath is also getting hot.

You know, Yoshi-kun, it was my first time watching a live martial arts match and such


But, it was exciting. Now Im feeling lewd

She looks at me with wet eyes.

Me too, I want to do it

This time, Megu kisses me.

She slurps on my tongue passionately.

Then, Michi.

Hey, Michi-san, can I go ahead?


Of course. Megumi-oneesama

Megus the big sister here.

Although, uhm, Master

Whats wrong Michi?

Can Michi wait in naked?

Michi touched her abdomen and said.

I cant control myself when wearing clothes

Michis also much more aroused than usual due to the martial arts tournament today

Of course. Take your clothes off, Michi

I said with a smile.

Yes, thank you very much, Master

Michi undresses.

Megu and I took off each others clothes.

We want to have sex fully naked, not half.

It sure is big now

Megu lowers my brief and my erect penis jumped right in front of Megus eyes.

Yoshi-kuns thing is so cute

Megu kisses my glans.

She crawls her tongue around it.


I made Megu stand up and unhook her bra from behind.

Megus cute breasts pop out.

Ooh, her nipples are already erect.

I sucked on Megus nipples.

Geez, you sure are a breast lover

Megu gently hugs my head sucking on her breasts.

I also love when you suck it but

Megus nipples are getting stiffer inside my mouth.

Aaahn, kuun, aaah, it feels good Yoshi-kun

I lick her other nipple too.

I groped her other breast with my hand.

Oh, shes a little tense.

Yoshi-kun, letslets go to bed


I let go of her nipples and took off Megus panties that are starting to stain from love nectar.

I brought her to bed fully naked.

Michis also naked already.


Megu lied down on the bed, spread her legs wide, and waits for me.

I hang over Megus body.

Michi, lie down next to her

I call Michi to the bed.

Yes, Master

Michi also lies next to Megu.

Two beautiful bodies lie down within my arms reach.

Michis body has no bump on her chest, but she has that lovely beauty that can be called a Japanese treasure.

On the other hand, Megus body is a healthy body with beautiful athletically toned light brown colored skin.

Yoshi-kun, hurry

Megu spreads her legs to an M shape and waits for me.

Megus lower lips are overflowing with hot liquid.

Megus lewd

I mean, I want Yoshi-kun after all

I caress Megus skin with my palm.

From her armpits, her toned belly, her cute belly button, her thin waist, and her small ass.

I scooped some of her love nectar dripping below her ass and smear it on my glans.

Im putting it in

Yes, come

My glans go to Megus slit.

Auu, its coming in

I push through Megus narrow entrance.

Aaaah, Yoshi-kun! More! Deeper! Come in deeper!!


My penis goes inside Megus hot and tight pussy.

Aaaah, Yoshi-kun! Aaaaah!


We had a lot of sex for half a year already but Megus pussy is still nice and tight.

Id say that her tightness has become better after learning Katsuko-nees techniques.

Shes getting better at sex.

Aaahn! Yoshi-kun, its all inside of me

Megu embraces me from below.

I love you Yoshi-kun

Megu looked at me and said while our lower halves are connected.

Me too, I love you Megu

Yes, Yoshi-kun

Then, I slowly move my hips back and forth

Ah, ah, haa, hmm, kuun!

Megu makes cute moans along with my rhythm.

Aaaah, kuuu, hafuu, aaah, it feels good, it feels good! Yoshi-kun!!

Me too, it feels good

U-Uhm, the mirror on the ceiling. Ahn! I can see Yoshi-kun making love with me in the mirror

I cant see it since were in a missionary position.

My face in pleasure in the mirror, a happy face

I can see Megus face too.

Yeah, Megus cute

I speed up my hips.

I thought that I should go with my first shot.

Haa, Yoshi-kun! Aaaahn! Yoshi-kun!!!

Megus breathing is becoming rough.

Each thrust of my hips makes Megus breast sway.


Megus hand held mine tightly.

I also returned the favor.

Yoshi-kun! together! lets do it together!!

Yeah, I know!!!

Megus flushed skin starts to sweat.

I thrust inside Megu vigorously.

Bichu, bicho, buchu.

Each time I plug and unplug intensely, Megus love nectar sprays on the bedsheets.

Aaaaah! Yoshi-kun! I, I!!

Megus eyes plead to me.

M-Me too! Megu!!!

I can feel the lump of lust coming up from deep inside my body as well.

Sweat flows down Megus cleavage.

Megus face shows signs of pleasure.

Haaaa, Yoshi-kun! Its coming! Coming! Its coming! Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Im going for the last spurt.

I thrust deep and wide.

Megus vagina trembles.

Yoshi-kun! Cumming! Im cumming!!!!

Megu! Megu!! Aaaaaah!!

Confirming that Megus reached her climax, I also gave my shot.

Aaah, its so hot! Its reaching so deep inside me!!


Megus insides pulsate my erect penis.

The tip of my glans rubbing on her uterus blows out the white liquid.

Aaaaa, Im so happy! Im blessed! Yoshi-kun!!!

Megus body shouts my name while her body trembles.

More, let out more inside!



I tightened up my anus and continue ejaculating inside Megu.

Haa, haa, haa, haa

I fell exhausted on Megus body.

Yoshi-kun, that was amazing

This beauty, classmate of the same age, and officially my fiance, speaks with a face melting in pleasure.

I love sex with Yoshi-kun

Megu hugs me with her sweating body.

I-I dont think I couldve loved sex this much if it wasnt with Yoshi-kun


Im glad that it was Yoshi-kun. I can dedicate my whole life to Yoshi-kun, Im no good without Yoshi-kun. Yoshi-kun!!

Megu speaks to me in tears, drowning in the afterglow.

I love you! Yoshi-kun! Yoshi-kun!!

Megu embraces me tightly while still connected.

The woman whos born in the brothel, whose mother was murdered, who grew up in an adopted family with a narrow perspective.

Megu also came from an overly complicated life.

Ill be with you forever, Megu

Yes, dont let me go, Yoshi-kun

A different environment. Having sex outside the mansion

I think that made the emotions accumulating inside Megu come out all at once.

Megus the type who is considerate of those surrounding her.


I embraced Megu until she calmed down.

I looked at Michis face and her eyes say that she understands.

(Give us a moment, Ill do it with you later)

I told Michi in my mind.

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