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  • Quick Transmigration: Cannon Fodder Comes To Counterattack

  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Fantasy -  Martial Arts -  Xianxia -  Comedy -  Psychological -  Cultivation -  Transmigration -  Calm Protagonist -  Female Protagonist -  Modern Day -  Mature Protagonist -  Multiple Realms -  Hard-Working Protagonist -  Fantasy World -  Proactive Protagonist -  Wuxia -  Previous Life Talent -  System Administrator -  Transplanted Memories -  Cold Protagonist -  World Hopping -  Loner Protagonist -  Appearance Different from Actual Age -  Saving the World -  Multiple Identities -  Stubborn Protagonist
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Quick Transmigration: Cannon Fodder Comes To Counterattack summary:

Meng Li wouldn’t tell others that she would join the big plane when she was dead.She becomes a tasker who shuttles through various planes to complete tasks.Counter-attack, abuse of scum, etc… After every task, she will get rewards. If she fails to complete any task, she will be sanded to death. For completing the task she must travel various worlds.Yes, Meng Li said she likes it very much and agreed to do the work.However, why are there so many wonders in the mission? Are they want to save the world?- Description from Novelupdates

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Quick Transmigration: Cannon Fodder Comes To Counterattack Chapters

Time uploaded
: Concluding Remarks23 minutes ago
Chapter 2787: Finale23 minutes ago
Chapter 2783: Return23 minutes ago
Chapter 2781: Ask23 minutes ago
Chapter 2767: Build23 minutes ago
Chapter 2763: Will23 minutes ago
Chapter 2762: Lie23 minutes ago
Chapter 2750: Happy23 minutes ago
Chapter 2746: Regret23 minutes ago
Chapter 2745: Bestow23 minutes ago
Chapter 2741: Leave23 minutes ago
Chapter 2740: Two23 minutes ago
Chapter 2737: Cruel23 minutes ago
Chapter 2736: Accept23 minutes ago
Chapter 2734: Go23 minutes ago
Chapter 2729: Rescue23 minutes ago
Chapter 2728: Locked23 minutes ago
Chapter 2726: Slap23 minutes ago
Chapter 2724: Bias23 minutes ago
Chapter 2720: Sin23 minutes ago
Chapter 2713: Simple23 minutes ago
Chapter 2710: Purely23 minutes ago
Chapter 2706: Parent23 minutes ago
Chapter 2688: Vip23 minutes ago
Chapter 2687: Intend23 minutes ago
Chapter 2685: Sensor23 minutes ago
Chapter 2684: Untie23 minutes ago
Chapter 2678: Refuse23 minutes ago
Chapter 2677: Zero23 minutes ago
Chapter 2676: Relief23 minutes ago
Chapter 2672: Defeat23 minutes ago
Chapter 2669: Ruins23 minutes ago
Chapter 2667: Burst23 minutes ago
Chapter 2663: Verify23 minutes ago
Chapter 2656: Deny23 minutes ago
Chapter 2654: Witch23 minutes ago
Chapter 2649: Dog23 minutes ago
Chapter 2647: Relic23 minutes ago
Chapter 2645: Plead23 minutes ago
Chapter 2644: Food23 minutes ago
Chapter 2642: Accept23 minutes ago
Chapter 2636: Hiring23 minutes ago
Chapter 2590: Voting23 minutes ago
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