Quick Transmigration: Cannon Fodder Comes To Counterattack Chapter 2787

Chapter 2787: Finale

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Chapter 2787 Finale

"Patriarch, why do you always stare at this stone." A little vine came out of the soil and shook it a few times in front of the questioning.

Qingqing glanced, smiled and said, "Because there is the person I love the most."

"Favourite? Love? What is love?" Xiao Lingman's childish voice was full of puzzlement.

Qingqing lowered her head and smiled, with her eyes on her memories, she said: "There are many kinds of love, family affection is love, friendship is love, and love is also love."

"What kind of love is that patriarch?" Little Lingman asked.

"Except for love, there are all." The question at this moment has faded from the slightly green look of the year. She looked at the entire Lingman clan land. Many years ago, after the devastation was resolved, the Lingman clan land began to recover. , Slowly, many little vines were born.

Because A Li and Shi Fanling were cut off in the Supreme Void Realm, the bitterness in the patriarch's body also disappeared, and he also returned from the land of the eternal night, but the patriarch still insisted not to be the patriarch, so she asked for love. Became the patriarch who guards the clan land.

Listening to Po Luo said that after he was in a coma in the Taixu realm that year, Ali insisted on going on his own to take the sacred stone from Poluo, and then Ali made a desperate effort to save it in the Taixu realm with the power of his entire body. The consciousness of Shi Fanling.

Nowadays, Ali's ontology, Ali's consciousness, and Shifanling's consciousness all exist in this sacred stone.

They both fell into a long sleep.

The hand of interrogation can't help covering it. There is a mysterious space in this sacred stone, Ali's body, and the silver sword quietly erected in it. She really wants to go in and touch the sword and wipe it. Wipe that sword...

Unfortunately she...cannot do it.

Back then, Po Luo also said that it was the best situation. Although A Li suffered a serious injury, she also got the result she wanted.

Because Po Luo felt that under the circumstances at the time, they were very likely to have a bad result, and the bad result was that both disappeared.

Poluo said that everything about Meng Li was beyond her expectation, and she did something that Poluo did not expect.

After Po Luo gave this sacred stone to herself, Po Luo also said that the laws and order in the Supreme Void Realm had been supplemented with sufficient power due to the power of the World Brahma Order, and they had returned to normal. Devastation disappeared from then on, asking her to take care of it. Holding the sacred stone for a while, Po Luo disappeared with the sorceresses.

Never seen again.

Po Luo's final meaning is that probably this sacred stone can only be kept as a thought, although their dual consciousness is still there, it is difficult to recover.

At least many years have passed before Wenqing slowly accepted the fact that, well, Ali still has consciousness, at least it hasn't completely dissipated, and it can't be said that she will wake up someday.

Wuxiang walked out, he raised his eyes and looked at QinQing, he was still the same, he had a life limit, and he lived to this day.

"Is there no movement?" He asked.

Qingqing shook his head: "No."

"It will recover." Wuxiang comforted.

"Are you comforting me? Or do you really feel that way?" Qinqing looked at Wuxiang, is Wuxiang getting old, now he seems to sleep less than before, and can always speak with her.

Wuxiang said: "Intuition."

Qing Qing, he stopped talking.

Wen Qing looks at this **** stone every day, looking forward to the awakening of these sleeping consciousnesses.

Youyun came, and he asked, "Are you not awake yet?"

"Many years."

"It's been many years." Wenqing sighed.

You Yun touched the **** stone, eyes full of regret, and couldn't help crying: "Why is A Li so stupid."

"She put herself in for so many years."

"I have always supported her to do what she wants to do, as long as she doesn't regret it, can she just watch Shi Fanling die?"

"I always thought that it would be easy for you to solve the devastation. How could such a major event ever occur."

"I know the truth, but I feel sad every time I think about it." Wenqing said.

Youyun patted Wenqing's shoulder and sighed while looking at the **** stone.

"I had a lot of fantasies about the life after the devastation was resolved, and it was all about A Li. I always thought about what to do, but in fact, A Li has not participated in solving our lives after the devastation." Asking love always feels extremely sad.

Youyun said, "These are not important anymore."

"Shi Fanling has done so much for her. From the perspective of a friend, Ali should also sacrifice for him, and should pay back."

"It's all her own debts. She can't live a life."

Qingqing smiled bitterly: "Perhaps this is the charm of Ali, which makes me miss her so much."

"Don't always look sad at the **** stone, let me tell you something else." You Yun said again.

asked love, "You said."

"I went to the spirit world just now, and Gu Zhuo was still inside. I thought he would forget Meng Li. He was crazy and should forget everyone, but he kept talking about Meng Li."

"Talking about his master."

"As such, he is really pitiful." Qinqing said in silence for a moment.

For many years, I have been talking about A Li, and A Li is really his lifelong obsession.

"I also think that I wanted to solve him, but when I thought that A Li refused to kill him back then, I didn't kill him." You Yun said.

asked Qing and said: "Now that I have grown up, I have more things to think about. I probably understand what Guzhuo felt back then. I couldn't love it, and I was heartbroken."

"If he let go of his obsession with A Li as soon as possible, he might not be where he is today. His unhealthy obsessions and his despicable conduct are shameless, and later he is inhumane. It seems that he is all the same today. Retribution, he is very contradictory, capable, and planning. He is considered a leader in the human race, but there is no bottom line, there are many sensitive points that others do not understand, and the environment in which he is in can not provide him with better condition."

"Everything is fate."

You Yun said: "There are flowers of kaolin in the world, and there are insects and ants struggling in the mud."

Probably the difference between Gu Zhuo and Shi Fanling lies in this.

Although Guzhuo is crazy, he still suffers, because he still remembers Meng Li when he was crazy. He scratched his heart every day and looked forward to seeing Meng Li. Every day he was disappointed and frustrated. Day after day, he was suffering.

You Yun is going to leave, he is going to take a look outside the territory.

He didn't know what he was looking forward to, but now the outside world has returned to the calm and calm of the past, and there is no longer such a messy power.

"You will accompany me to the domain and outside the domain another day." You Yun said to Qinqing.

asked, "What are you looking at?"

"I have a little guess in my heart, and I'm not sure yet. When I think this matter is settled another day, I will trouble you to come with me again." You Yun said.

Q: "Yes, you can call me anytime."

"For me, outside the domain is something I miss."

You Yun went outside the domain again, and spent a long time in the domain.

Where did Zhuang Ran go, and Wei Yi? Are they all wandering in the vast world, are they still alive?

It's true, and even Yuanzi has been dead for many years.

(End of this chapter)

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