Quick Transmigration: Cannon Fodder Comes To Counterattack Chapter 2788

Chapter 2788: Under The Finale

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Chapter 2788-The Finale

Zhi girl is also dead, what about Zhen Huang and others?

You Yun sighed, but it was his insignificant soul body who was still alive.

He enjoys the peaceful life brought by his best friend, and is no longer troubled by the nightmare thing that eats away.

You Yun felt that he had stayed outside the domain long enough before he slowly got up and went to the domain. The domain was no longer in the ruins. When there was nothing to do for these years, he relied on his own power to slowly start. Reconstruction work on the domain has been completed.

He doesnt know what the reconstruction will do and what is the use. Nowadays, no one will come to this place, but he just wants to find something for himself.

After thinking about it, treat it as a surprise for Meng Li.

If Meng Li can wake up one day, then take her here. She should be happy to see the former domain restored to its original state. This is the only thing she can do for her.

I cant say exactly the same. The memory in the domain is too long. He doesnt remember exactly what it looks like, so he can only say roughly.

You Yun is busy alone in the domain, moving bricks, building walls, and putting tiles on...

You Yun has been doing these things for many years and is very skilled. He always expects that Meng Li will be able to wake up and see after the work is completed, but he feels that there is still a long time before the work is completed. Meng Li can wake up first, and he will hide it first. She is fine.

You Yun had a lot of expectations from the bottom of her heart, but after the completion of the reconstruction of the domain, he felt that his whole heart was empty. In the huge domain, he was rebuilt with his own strength, and Meng Lidu still did not wake up.


Yoon felt troubled.

He tried his best to find something energetic in the vast world to send to Wenqing, and said to Wenqing: "Try it."

"It's useless." Inquiry smiled bitterly.

Over the years, she has found a lot of good things with energy, including the old patriarch, including Grandpa Jufeng. They find a lot of things from time to time, hoping that this sacred stone can absorb the energy of these things, and then supply it to Shi Fanling and Meng Li. To fix them.

Unfortunately, the sacred stone rejected everything, no matter what it is brought, the sacred stone will not be absorbed.

He even refused to enter the power **** stone into Wenqing.

"Try it, don't try it, how do you know this is useless." You Yun is really deceiving himself and he knows it's useless, but he wants to try it, and a miracle will happen if he doesn't try it. You have no right to expect if you don't try it. miracle.

Qingqing reluctantly put the thing he handed over next to the sacred stone, and then she also had illusions and began to look forward to a miracle.

Unfortunately, it didn't happen in the end.

"Forget it, it's boring." You Yun really couldn't bear it. He has wonderful labor results that need to be shared. He said to Wenqing: "I'll take you to the domain."


came to the domain with You Yun, and she thought that her eyes were blurred, she wiped them, and there were no flowers.

"Did you rebuild it?" He looked at You Yun in surprise.

You Yun gave a hum, and he asked: "How do you feel about the restoration?"

Its been too long, and its the matter of Qinqing when I was a child. I couldnt remember the question, but it felt like this. She said, "Very good."

"At least I thought my eyes were dazzled just now." Wenqing smiled, and her reaction proved that the degree of reduction was very high.

Youyun: "That's good." Youyun was a little happy, this was an approval for him.

"I have come to the domain, so let's go and take a look outside the domain." Qinqing looked at You Yun: "Didn't you say you wanted to take me outside to see something?"

"I'm not sure yet." You Yun said.

asked the love for a moment: "I can be sure about the things you are not sure about. Why, do bad uncles still need to save face? It was not like that when you bullied me when I was young?"

"Don't even talk about when I was a kid, I can bully you as well now, as long as I don't do anything, I can use IQ to bully you to death." You Yun snorted.

Qingqing squinted her eyes: "Thinking I am afraid of you."

"Make a gesture another day?" Youyun laughed.

Inquiry and heartily responded: "Okay!"

He thought to himself, Meng Li, wake up, you will be truly happy when you are there. The short-term happiness is false, and after the happiness, you will feel very empty in your heart.

When arrived outside the territory, Wenqing stayed outside the territory for a while, and then she looked at You Yun and said, "So you expect this?"

"It's probably all born when you can be sure." Wenqing laughed at You Yun ruthlessly.

Youyun: "Then am I not good? I felt it was there before it was born."

Qingqing nodded: "I think you are blind."

Youyun: "..."

"There are signs of the birth of a small world, I feel the unique vitality and power of the small world, but I don't know if the first small world can be born smoothly." Wenqing said.

You Yun gave a hum, and Qinqing said that, then this matter may be appropriate, he looks forward to...

Then something flashed in his mind, and he said: "Since the vast will has extra power to give birth to the small world, isn't it the Brahma Order?"

"Huh?" Wenqing's eyes lit up: "The World Brahma Ling's consciousness is still there. As long as the laws and order of the Void Realm return to normal, after the normal operation, there will be the same excess power as before. It is all excess. The power of is the power dispensable to the vast will. Although dispensable to the vast will, it is the foundation of the World Brahma Order, which means that once excess power is generated to replenish the World Brahma Order, he will be able to go smoothly. wake?"

"I feel the same way." You Yunhe Wenqing suddenly became excited.

"And as long as the vast realm no longer has the problem that affects the operation of the emptiness realm, the order of the World Brahma will always be safe and worry-free."

In fact, where is the way of heaven so easy to go wrong, it is not seen once in thousands of years, and the same problem is not seen, so why not worry about these things.

"But where is Ali?" Qinqing asked suddenly.

Like a basin of cold water, the two excited people were poured.

A few years later...

You Yun finally waited for the birth of the first small world outside the territory, and hurriedly went in to see, it was deserted, but full of vitality, You Yun felt that she was alive again...

In the land of the Lingman tribe, a little Lingman came out of the soil, still having such a childish voice, and said to the interrogation: "Patriarch, the stone is moving..."

Qingqing was shocked, and then her blood boiled and her body trembled. She was flustered not knowing that, so she didn't dare to see it by herself, and ran out of the field to pull You Yun out of the only small world.

The two of them stood in front of the sacred stone, asking for love to have the courage to put their hands on it, and then she took away her hands stiffly, her voice was extremely sharp, she said: "You Yun! Both consciousnesses are slowly recovering, they Awakening is just around the corner!"

"Thank God for your pity." You Yun fell to her knees with a plop, lowered her head, and raised her head again, her face was full of tears, and she watched Wenqing fainted excitedly in front of him.

You Yun cried and laughed...

End of this book!

(End of this chapter)

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