Quick Transmigration: Cannon Fodder Comes To Counterattack Chapter 2789

: Concluding Remarks

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End of speech

This book has been written all the way since the 18th year. For more than two years and countless moments of quiet codewords, it is inseparable from your support.

I did it without interruption and no request for leave.

This book, I admit, has many flaws, the writing, the story, the rhythm, and everything is not perfect.

This book is indeed the result of my hard work over the past two years.

I am very grateful for your company and tolerance since this journey. I am very grateful for your support and love. You are the powerful driving force that drives me forward.

In the past two years, I have devoted too much personal time to this book. It is false to say that I am not tired. Fortunately, in the past two years, my life has been stable and has supported my stable update.

The story about Meng Li, Shi Fanling, Wen Qing, and You Yun, that's it.

Meng Li eventually protected You Yunhe, who she wanted to protect, but ultimately failed to leave her favorite evening star, as well as the friends she first met in the domain.

I feel a little bit about Meng Li in my writing. As a soul body at the beginning, she understood the power of the vast creatures after contacting the vast creatures, and also realized her weakness, huge gap, and strong gap. In this process, She has experienced a lot in her heart.

In this hesitation, entanglement and painful experience, many readers also feel that she has become entangled in the later period, and her personality has changed a little.

Here I sincerely say sorry to you, maybe it really disappointed you.

But she faced this kind of environment, she had more than enough strength and lack of strength, and the long-term anxiety caused by the limitation of strength, but in the end she was brave, she could do it, she never escaped, she was brave, did not shrink, did not escape The problem is that she enjoys the preferential treatment of the environment and the people around her, and she repays the entire environment in her way.

It can be said that she has the same suffering and torture as Guzhuo, but she and Guzhuo chose a very different path, maybe she is luckier than Guzhuo.

Finally, after untold hardships and hardships, she succeeded in walking a path that no soul body could copy, reaching a height that no soul body could reach.

But the price paid is also huge, life is better than death, nine deaths a lifetime.

As for Shi Fanling, he is a gentle and powerful person. Everything he does is based on his happiness and willingness. Compared to most people, he is lucky. He can do whatever he wants. Things.

Fortunately, Meng Li thinks too much about her, and he can't bear to feel sorry for her, and would rather be a little bit tired by yourself.

In dealing with inquiries, Meng Li sometimes stays sensible, and of course hesitates and hesitates.

Qing Qing also treats Meng Li sincerely, and it is extremely lucky that Meng Li can have her.

You Yun is a good partner of Meng Li, a close friend of his life. He always supports Meng Li like that. In the long-term relationship, he knows Meng Li too much, and it is extremely lucky for both parties to get this close friend.

Finally, I am not going to write extra, maybe this is the best.

This book is written to this day. I am really grateful to every reader who has supported me, and even more grateful to the readers who have been supporting me. I hope you can always support me and I will try to become better.

I just, I just have a lot of things to say, but at this moment, there are so many things stuck in my heart.

The gratitude to the readers, as well as the emotion of not letting go of this book, all kinds of...

Finally, Im still here.

And the new book "The Host of Fast Crossing Forces A Every Day" has been released. I will work harder and work hard to write a wonderful book to return everyone, I am really working hard, please forgive me.

(End of this chapter)

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