Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God Never Stopping Chapter 1254

Chapter 1274 E Sports God: Nations Strongest Adcs Only Couple Part 42

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Chapter 1274: E-Sports god: Nations strongest ADCs only couple (Part 42)

Everyone turned to the door. Feng Wu Yue had taken off the Team Q uniform and was wearing a large red sweater with a big bow on her chest.

Luo Qing Chen felt she was pretty when she first saw her, but now she felt that her beauty was even more dazzling.

"Youre not talking, is it because you dont welcome me?" Her lips curled slightly to reveal a sweet smile.

"Youre certain?" Sacrificing Gods eyes had a faint glow in them, as if they were filled with memories of the past.

"Un." She pursed her lips and a mist came over her eyes. She looked at him and said, "I want to compete with you.all."

From before to now, it was impossible for her to join their team.

But now when they needed her the most, she wanted to stand by their side and fight the battle that belonged to them together.

"Can you really leave a team like this?" Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes which had a trace of worry in them.

After all, changing jobs wasnt the same in the e-sports industry. There were many contracts and funds that had all kinds of problems.

"Caesar can leave to become Qs ADC, why cant I?" Feng Wu Yue looked up at them with her beautiful eyes, "Relax! Its just a contract, its not like I cant afford it."

"You dont need to pay." There was a firm voice that sounded. Sacrificing Gods took off his uniform and gave it to her, "Its good that youre here."

It was like the air around them froze at that moment.

Feng Wu Yue pursed her lips and raised her white hand to take Sacrificing Gods coat, "Thank you."

The sound effects on stage sounded and the fans who loved e-sports were ready to go.

This was a game that would determine if they could stand firm at the provincial level, no longer just being the champions of internet cafe tournaments.

It was a recognized reward, so they had to take the championship.

When both sides came onto the stage, Team Qs mid laner tightly clenched his fists as he watched Feng Wu Yue become their support.

He thought that Caesars undercover operation would deal a heavy blow to them, but he never thought that she would choose to stand with Sacrificing Gods at the last minute.

No matter how good he had been to her over the years, she had never responded.

He never had anything, but he felt the taste of something called..losing.

And the support Forever had become the enemys ADC Caesar.

There were sounds of doubt from under the stage and many people why there was suddenly a chance in members.

Team Qs support and Team Ws support had completely changed, were they just in the wrong place?

"What is this situation? Is this a joke!"

"The officials arent explaining anything? This really is the weirdest transfer Ive ever seen!"

"That…As far as I know, Xiao Wu used to be Team Ws support and Caesar used to be Team Qs ADC. It cant be that they were undercover agents sent to the other team, right!"

"Ah, ah, ha! Xiao Wu was a couple with Sacrificing Gods! Although they never admitted it before, there must be quite the sweetness!"

The voice of the host on stage sounded. His face looked a bit awkward, but he roughly explained the situation.

"Because the transfer of both teams are rather similar, the tournament officials says that they will continue the tournament with these rosters."

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