Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God Never Stopping Chapter 1255

Chapter 1275 E Sports God: Nations Strongest Adcs Only Couple Part 43

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Chapter 1275: E-Sports god: Nations strongest ADCs only couple (Part 43)

Actually, they just let Team Q change their ADC, but they never thought that Team W would raise the issue of changing supports at the same time.

The competition staff had already agreed to Team Q, so if they rejected Team Ws request, wouldnt it seem a bit too shady?

Caesar unintentionally looked over at them and there were no emotions in his eyes.

It seemed like he had only gone to their team for information since the beginning, he didnt have any emotions towards their team at all.

When Luo Qing Chen sat down in the center position, she suddenly felt a bit excited.

This stage was the highest stage for them. As long as they could beat Team Q on this stage, countless people would remember their names.

They would be the stars of China!

Five minutes later, they entered the ban phase. Team Q clearly knew them well, banning all the champs that she and Ye Qian Hun normally played, not missing a single one.

Team Qs support was a rather unfamiliar person and the ADC was Caesar.

You Yu Lin who had been a part of the team had been swapped out since from the beginning, the core of Team Q was Caesar.

"Qing Chen, what do you want?" Sacrificing Gods slightly knit his brows as he spoke into his mic, "Lets pick the mid laner first and get some advantage. After all, Caesar is already very clear on how god Qian plays in the bot lane."

It was right when they thought about it, Team Qs ADC Caesar had been playing on their team for a long time, so naturally he understood how they all played.

Especially the ADC.

"It doesnt matter." Ye Qian Huns gentle and pleasant voice sounded. It seemed like he knew about Luo Qing Chens nervousness and said, "Choose what you are good at, I will follow up with DPS when its needed."

It had to be said, Ye Qian Huns words were like a pill for her.

After all, she was indeed a bit nervous.

Or perhaps it was excitement and nervousness.

Finally Luo Qing Chen took a more supportive mid laner called Taliyah.

Taliyahs ult could block off a lane. Not only could it separate the lane in half, it could also increase her move speed by walking near it.

Luo Qing Chen wasnt too clear on this champ, it could only be said to be a very skill heavy champ.

It was rather hard to play it well.

But as long as she could win, there wasnt a champ she didnt know.

Ye Qian Hun was as stable as a mountain as he chose Xayah. Feng Wu Yue chose the rather dazzling Janna she had played before in the group stage, Sacrificing Gods chose the very strong early game Sejuani, and fatty in the top lane played Rumble.

Their team was more geared towards early and mid game, but it wasnt a team that couldnt be played in late game.

"Fight, fight, fight." Sacrificing Gods cheered three times in the headphones.

It seemed like he really wanted to win this game more than any one of them.

Their rhythm was very good in the early game. Although Luo Qing Chens Taliyah wasnt a natural champ for her, she still relied on her advantage to quickly take the enemy mid laners life with a full combo when the enemy mid laner was in a bad situation.

First Blood!

This voice clip sounded in the game and Luo Qing Chen couldnt help revealing a confident smile.

It wasnt twenty minutes yet, but they already controlled the game.

Although the enemies played decently, because they couldnt cooperate properly, they lost several defensive towers in a row.

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