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  • Quick Transmigration: He Likes Being A Father

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Quick Transmigration: He Likes Being A Father summary:

He transmigrates into each world as a cannon fodder. The original cannon fodder would always be pregnant when he transmigrates over. He was forced to be a father in every world.It’s impossible for him to have the child unless…The former campus king: I will give you 10 million yuan if you have the child.Xu Ze: Okay.Rich man: I will give you 100 million yuan if you leave immediately after giving birth.Xu Ze: No problem.The slag film emperor: I will give you 200 million, so give me the child.Xu Ze: Okay.CEO: I will give you one billion yuan. You worked hard.Xu Ze: Deal.…After the deal was sealed, the slag men would chase after him with their child.Xu Ze: This has nothing to do with me.- Description from Novelupdates

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Quick Transmigration: He Likes Being A Father Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 156: End6 months ago
Chapter 58: 26 months ago
Chapter 58: 16 months ago
Chapter 51: : Dad6 months ago
Chapter 51: : Dad6 months ago
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