Quick Transmigration: He Likes Being A Father Chapter 154

Chapter 124: 04: Care About Him

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After handling the matter, Mu Chenfeng rested at the contact point, and there was already a slight glow in the sky after he rested.

On the second day, I was busy for a meeting again. In addition, since Heming Villas eyeliner had been solved by Mu Chenfeng last night, he naturally had to find another eyeliner. In Mu Chenfengs view, Jane was everywhere. The loopholes seem to be decent and upright, but in fact they are not really one-sided, but a false prosperity.

This time, Mu Chenfeng ordered to let his subordinates develop a few more people, so that there would not be only one person. If the other party has two minds, the intelligence and political commissar given will not be able to identify it immediately.

A few more can be considered comprehensively.

With such a busy schedule, when it was noon, he did not stay to eat. Mu Chenfeng thought that there was still a young man with his child living in his other courtyard. Mu Chenfeng would not doubt whether the child was his own. Knowing that such a person must have his own pride, with him all night, the other party will hold swords, let alone other people.

People who are pregnant need to accompany them more. Although Mu Chenfeng unexpectedly had the baby in Xu Zes belly, he has always kept his promises. In addition, Xu Zedu is handsome and handsome. Mu Chenfeng wants to see what their baby will be. Look like.

Mu Chenfeng thought that there would be a small dumpling in the future, and felt inexplicably joyful. It made him more happy than when the leader handed over all non-teaching matters to him.

Mu Chenfeng walked into the hospital through the front entrance. He thought Xu Ze might have just arrived, and would stay in the house if he didn't adapt to this place. As a result, he just walked two steps inside and saw Xu Ze who had changed back to men's clothing standing there. Beside the flower bed, he was dressed in a moon-white shirt, and his figure was thin. Because he was standing sideways, Mu Chenfeng could only see the side face, that is, the side, which can make people look at the leopard and know his beautiful appearance.

Mu Chenfeng walked up, and the more he looked, the more he felt that this person was breezy and bright. Unlike those he had ever met, Mu Chenfeng's eyes sank again, and he landed on Xu Ze's abdomen, which was hidden by his clothes. child.

Mu Chenfeng stepped forward and embraced Xu Ze's waist from behind. He lightly placed his palm on Xu Ze's stomach. It seemed that it was still flat and there were no protruding marks.

"Heming Villa will hold a birthday banquet in a few days, and I will go there too, but you know who I am. If I go, few people in your family may survive." Mu Chenfeng's eyes Concentrated on Xu Ze's face, wondering how he would react.

Xu Ze's response was no response.

"Various traps will be set up in the villa to capture you alive, so be careful yourself." Xu Ze was not worried about his family, but instead worried about Mu Chenfeng, letting Mu Chenfeng be careful.

Mu Chenfeng squinted his eyes and said, "It seems that you really don't care about them."

"They are the first to be unkind, abolish my martial arts, imprison me, why should I be that great good person." In this world of martial arts everywhere, the distinction between black and white is not clear. The so-called righteous way, there is The things that people do are even more contemptible than evil demon outsiders, but because they look like a dog and are dressed in the right way, they turn their heads and throw dirty things on people.

"I'm relieved with your words. I am also worried that if I am too cruel, you will make trouble with me someday." Mu Chenfeng seemed to accept Xu Ze's arrival and the fact that he was about to have a child. It was quite fast, and he was not unsurprising, but after thinking about it, there was a beauty who brought him to the door and brought his children. He made money wherever such things were.

Mu Chenfeng has never done business at a loss. Beauty is a unique beauty, and children have no other family. Just imagine any other man who can conceive and have children like Xu Ze.

There won't be.

"I'm having trouble with you?" Xu Ze smiled, his smile was like a big sale, always smiling.

"If something happens to you, my baby and I won't be guarded."

Mu Chenfeng was stunned. He asked Xu Ze: "You regard me as a tool to protect you?"

"I feel like I'm wrong?" Xu Ze asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Where, it is the blessing of my three lives to protect you and the child." Mu Chenfeng looked at the majestic Lingran, but he acted like an ordinary person in front of Xu Ze.

"Since you hate your family members so much, I have something here. I don't know if you want to?" Mu Chenfeng had this idea just now.

"What's the matter?" Xu Ze asked curiously, seemingly interesting.

"You follow me into the villa." Mu Chenfeng's eyes were deep.

"I'm afraid I will be recognized before I step in." At any rate, he is the eldest son of the villa, and many people know him.

"You just say whether you want to go, as long as you want, I have a way to prevent people from recognizing you." Mu Chenfeng said very confidently.

This person can be promoted to the right guardian of the Demon Cult in a very short time, completely relying on his personal super strength, since Mu Chenfeng has said so, Xu Ze believes that the other party can do it.

"Of course." Xu Ze nodded.

"That's fine, leave it to me, and you can rest assured, I won't let anyone touch your hair." Mu Chenfeng has already put Xu Ze under his own wings, and he naturally wants to protect Xu Ze. .

Xu Ze smiled and nodded, the smile on the bottom of his eyes was brighter than the morning sun, and Mu Chenfeng was bewitched by the silk, so he leaned forward and kissed Xu Ze's lips.

After blinking slightly, Xu Ze didn't hide, and stood there to let Mu Chenfeng kiss him.

After kissing for a while, Mu Chenfeng retreated. He took the palm of his palm and stroked Xu Ze's delicate and handsome face: "You are like this, making me suspect that you actually like me in your heart."

Xu Ze didn't say a word, and looked at Mu Chenfeng with a smile.

Mu Chenfeng suddenly laughed boldly. The loudness of the voice attracted the little servant. Seeing the intimate attitude of the guardian You and Xu Ze, the little servant was surprised again. Yesterday he thought the two were a cooperative relationship. , How come this morning has passed, it seems that there is a relationship between the two.

It's just that no matter what the relationship is, Xiao Si will never forget his responsibilities.

"Guardian right, lunch is ready." Xiao Si lowered his eyes and stepped forward respectfully after a certain distance.

Mu Chenfeng glanced at Xiao Si obliquely, but with an indifferent look, Xiao Si felt a lot of pressure.

Mu Chenfeng and Xu Ze went into the house to eat. Xu Ze came in with a normal appetite. Because of pregnancy, he ate less. Mu Chenfeng saw Xu Ze like a cat, and only ate a little bit, and asked Xu Ze if his food was not good for his appetite. .

Xu Ze shook his head, saying that it was because of pregnancy.

Mu Chenfeng had never contacted the pregnant husband before, but he had not contacted him, which does not prevent him, a poisonous person, from knowing what food is suitable.

Called the young man, Mu Chenfeng instructed to go down and let the kitchen re-fry some vegetables. When the kitchen over heard the dishes to be fried, I wondered in my heart that these dishes seemed to be tonic, but the right guardian seemed to be healthy recently. Nothing is wrong. Although they are all curious, no one will slack off what has been ordered.

Mu Chenfeng didn't rush to eat, so he waited with Xu Ze. In the eyes of Zhengdao, the demon demon who killed people like hemp, but privately seemed to take care of people. This contrast is really big.

Xu Ze therefore had a hunch that this person, no matter how he treats others, maybe he will be a good cohabitation partner and a responsible father.

Xu Ze couldn't control other lives. He came to these worlds to complete the task of having children. Someone could protect him. No matter who that person was, Xu Ze had no opinion.

The new dishes were brought to the table, and Xu Ze's appetite opened up with the smell of the scent. He seemed to have more appetite than the previous dishes. Xu Ze hadn't eaten much just now, so he ate a bowl of rice. Mu Chenfeng used to Because of his identity, he eats by himself. There is an extra person at the dinner table this day. Mu Chenfeng is actually a very personal person, but the intrusion of Xu Ze, an outsider, did not make Mu Chenfeng feel Any discomfort, even a kind of as if it should be like this, this recognition should be by your side.

With Xu Ze here, Mu Chenfeng ate more than usual this day, seeing what he was eating.

As the right guardian, Mu Chenfeng needs to deal with many things, not to mention that he has to go to Heming Mountain Villa recently. Just this matter requires a lot of preparation.

Originally, Mu Chenfeng was really worried. If he shot too hard, Xu Ze would have an opinion. Now that Xu Ze made it clear that he would not care about those people, then Mu Chenfeng would have no scruples, and he would poison him that he had planned to poison. Changed to another kind. Since those people are not good to Xu Ze who is pregnant with his child, it should be more tortured.

There were a lot of people in the villa, and the amount of poison needed naturally had to be larger. Mu Chenfeng went elsewhere to prepare the poison and left in the afternoon.

Xu Ze did not ask about what Mu Chenfeng had done out, as long as he and his children were safe, it was Mu Chenfeng's business that Mu Chenfeng killed and set fire.

As soon as he went down, Mu Chenfeng did not come back. Xu Ze was alone for dinner. Mu Chenfeng specifically instructed the people in the other courtyard to take care of Xu Ze. If there is a little difference, just ask them, everyone. They all treated Xu Ze as a guest, and the excessive enthusiasm scared Xu Ze.

Xu Ze asked them not to do this. He was not so expensive, but no one listened. Xu Ze didn't go out at all. There was a mountain behind the courtyard, and the windows opened. Xu Ze looked at the green mountain, seeming to have traveled through a lot of worlds. This world is over. Later, he looked for an opportunity to ask the system how many worlds will be drawn before the rest will be drawn. The baby is really cute, but it seems to be a simple thing to get pregnant in October, but Xu Ze, who has experienced it in every world, knows nothing. Easy, giving birth is really a great thing. Without pregnancy and giving birth, human civilization would not be able to continue.

It's just that Xu Ze is a man after all. He likes babies, but about getting pregnant, it's not that he is numb, but he doesn't want to.

It was dark and sleepy, Xu Ze took a bath and lay down on the couch. I dont know how long he slept. There seemed to be a rustling sound around him in the confusion. Xu Ze opened his sleepy eyes in the dark. , The next moment he fell into the arms of someone.

He couldn't see the other party's face, but the familiar breath rushing over his face let Xu Ze know who was coming. Xu Ze didn't struggle, and snuggled into the man's arms, and then Xu Ze was kissed on the forehead.

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