Quick Transmigration: He Likes Being A Father Chapter 155

Chapter 125: 05: Take Medicine Quickly

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This night Xu Ze slept well. The man was warm in his arms and held by the other person, as if he was the other persons world. Although Xu Ze knew that the man at this time hadnt really fallen in love with him yet, he believed it was only time. The problem of a man can see his relationship and taking care of Xu Ze. What he can do for the other is to raise the baby quietly.

Just a few days later, the two of them realized that now, the time together is actually very small, but I dont know why, Mu Chenfeng has a feeling that he and Xu Ze are like old couples. The mode of getting along between people is inexplicably harmonious. Mu Chenfeng used to think that the place he lived was just living, but now its different. There is a person pregnant with his child, and that place seems to have added some special features. Meaning, a meaning called home.

Mu Chenfeng used to think that he was a cold-hearted and cold-blooded person. Now he knows it. It's just because he didn't meet that person. The feelings seem to have come like this. There is no sign. If there was someone with Mu Chen half a month ago Feng said that someone would come into his heart. At that time, Mu Chenfeng would only treat him as a joke, but fate was such a miraculous thing.

Time flies, and soon Xu Zes father, the owner of Heming Villas birthday, arrived. Mu Chenfeng received the invitation. He had another fake identity outside, that is, a businessman. It was not normal to be silent. In the past, Mu Chenfeng thought that the other party did not know his identity, because the arrival of Xu Ze made Mu Chenfeng clear that the information network in his father's hands seemed a bit powerful.

At the same time, Mu Chenfeng knew that if he went alone without Xu Ze, as long as he walked away with his front foot, someone would break in and take Xu Ze abducted by his back foot, as a bargaining chip to threaten him. People, Mu Shenfeng will not be threatened, but if the opponent is Xu Ze, Xu Ze is still pregnant with his own child. For the baby who was born, Mu Shenfeng is full of expectations, and he will definitely not let go. hand.

So the best thing to do is, Mu Chenfeng still feels that it is safer to take Xu Ze with him. Everyone is by his side, so he still can't protect Xu Ze.

On the other side of the villa, Mu Chenfengs subordinates are very efficient. They have bought many people inside, and everyone has desires, and the desire for money is the strongest. Those who are subordinates and servants cant get much more money. The money Mu Chenfeng gave was basically enough for ordinary people to stay stable for a few years, and if they wanted to change jobs in recent years, it would have been able to support it.

Also, Mu Chenfeng has always liked everything. Since he knows that Xu Ze and his father Xu Qiang is prepared and intends to catch him alive, he certainly can't let the other party do what he wants. Mu Chenfeng transferred a group of elites to the magic teaching team. Lurking around the villa, as long as Mu Chenfeng gives a signal, the elite team will rush in.

This is the case. When Mu Chenfeng took Xu Ze with him on the day of his birthday, he didn't just take people with him. Instead, he asked Xu Ze to make some changes in appearance.

Looking at the set of women's clothes in front of him, Xu Ze thought he was wrong, so he pulled his eyes up to look at Mu Chenfeng and asked Mu Chenfeng what he meant.

"Put on him, and then wear a veil, no one will recognize you." The people in the villa would only think that Xu Ze is Mu Chenfeng's favorite girl.

Xu Ze stepped back a bit, looking at Mu Chenfeng with strange eyes.

The expression seemed to say, do you like to see other people's women's clothing.

Mu Chenfeng and Xu Ze didn't spend much time together, but sometimes he could really guess what the other party thought.

"If I say I like it, will you wear it often in the future?" Mu Chenfeng put the person in his arms and asked Xu Ze by holding his chin.

Xu Ze squinted, looking at Mu Chenfeng with the fool's eyes.

How could his cuteness be so happy all the time? Mu Chenfeng laughed out loud, there was a small servant passing by, he glanced inward when he heard the laughter, the door was closed, I dont know what happened inside, but Xiao Si knows that they both sleep in the same room these days. No matter how dull they are, they know what their relationship is. Xiao Si just smacks his tongue. Unexpected, totally unimaginable.

"Baby, you really make me like it so much." This is the truth.

Xu Ze pushed Mu Chenfeng away. In fact, he could not guess why Mu Chenfeng asked him to wear women's clothing. It was just that he personally didn't have any women's wear, but this was indeed a better choice. Wearing clothes was nothing.

Xu Ze took off his body and put on a purple dress. His face was cool and handsome when wearing men's clothing, but it did not appear abrupt when wearing women's clothing. On the contrary, there was a kind of cold beauty in the cold. He held a purple hairpin in his hand. He hadn't pulled the hair for anyone. Xu Ze was the only one. For the rest of his life, Mu Chenfeng had a hunch that there would be no other people.

Oh, if their child is a girl, then he will pull the hair for their daughter.

Mu Chenfeng pulled Xu Ze's hair up, Xu Ze didn't use pink and white, his face was naturally bright and moving, and a simple haircut made his face even more attractive.

Mu Chenfeng couldn't hold back, he put his arms around the person and kissed fiercely. He kissed Xu Ze's lips as **** red, and the soft lips glowed with water, and Mu Chenfeng suddenly had a thought I went to the villa, but stayed with the beautiful woman in his arms and lived up to the good time.

Xu Ze felt that Mu Chenfengs eyes were changing when he watched him. After walking through so many worlds, he wouldnt even be aware of this. He didnt say a word. He just looked at Mu Chenfeng with a faint look. It doesnt matter if he goes to the villa. Anyway, his task is to raise the fetus, unlike Mu Chenfeng, as the right protector of the Demon Cult, he has his burdens and responsibilities.

Fortunately, Mu Chenfeng is not a complete worm, knowing when to do something, and stabilizing in time.

The young man outside came and knocked on the door, indicating that the carriage was ready. Mu Chenfeng grabbed Xu Ze who was about to turn around and walked out. Following Xu Ze's feet off the ground, he asked Mu Chenfeng to hug him.

Mu Chenfeng just hugged Xu Ze and walked from the dormitory to the outside of the courtyard. The young man was already waiting by the carriage. Mu Chenfeng carried Xu Ze into the carriage, and then he went up too. The curtains fell down and the carriage moved. After getting up, the road seemed flat and bumpy. Before Xu Ze could say anything, he let Mu Chenfeng hug him.

"Sit comfortably in my arms." Mu Chenfeng was really thinking about it, even thinking about it.

Seeing Xu Ze's bright and transparent eyes staring at him, Mu Chenfeng was very happy. He kissed Xu Ze's nose and said, "Are you surprised?"

Xu Zehui: "A little bit."

"Do you think I should be indifferent and cruel?" Mu Chenfeng's eyebrows were smiling.

Xu Ze was amused by Mu Chenfeng's words, and the line of sight staring at him suddenly became lingering. Xu Ze was puzzled how a man changed his face like the sky. The next moment Mu Chenfeng put his finger on the corner of Xu Ze's mouth.

"In the future, you are only allowed to laugh in front of me like this, and you are not allowed to laugh at other people." Xu Ze was already good-looking, and now he smiled. Mu Chenfeng felt that there was light in this dimly lit carriage, Mu Chenfeng Xu Ze's desire for exclusivity came up and ordered Xu Ze not to laugh at others.

This person was too domineering, Xu Ze became silent, and when Mu Chenfeng thought Xu Ze was going to go against him, Xu Ze nodded.

"Okay, it's up to you."

Then Mu Chenfeng was surprised, and after Mu Chenfeng knew this person's heart, even if he couldn't get it now, he would always get it in the future.

The carriage was walking slowly, and Mu Chenfeng specifically exhorted, so that it would not be so bumpy.

Xu Ze was a little sleepy. After pregnancy, he was more sleepy and swayed all the way. He leaned in Mu Chenfeng's arms and closed his eyes to rest. Mu Chenfeng held the Wenxiang Nephrite in his arms, and he had been sitting in his arms so far. After such a person, this person and the child in his stomach will be the treasure of his life.

The carriage stopped at the entrance of the villa shortly afterwards. There was a staircase at the entrance. The carriage could no longer move forward. The people in the carriage got off. The first person who came out was Mu Chenfeng. Mu Chenfeng was dressed in black and gold-rimmed robes. The lingering breath that came out caused everyone around him to turn their heads to wonder who he was, and saw that he was tall and handsome, without knowing his specific identity, and that majestic aura made many people knees a little soft and wanted to kneel down.

However, after Mu Chenfeng got out of the carriage, he didn't immediately walk into the villa. He turned around, and it was obvious that there were still people in the carriage.

Everyone can't help but wonder what role the person who can make such an imposing man care about.

The curtain was lifted up by a slender white hand, followed by light purple sleeves, followed by a woman in a purple shirt walking out of the car. Everyone craned their necks to see if the beautiful woman looked like, but saw The beautiful woman wore a veil on her face, covering half of her face, but the bright eyes that appeared seemed to be twinkling in the sky, and some people with average concentration, just looking at such a pair of eyes, they were all hooked. , And then the man looked at Mu Chenfeng jealously.

Mu Chenfeng took Xu Ze's hand. Xu Ze knew that many people around him were watching him. Xu Zemei glared at Mu Chenfeng and asked Mu Chenfeng to pay attention to him. Mu Chenfeng didn't see it and turned around. When Xu Ze's feet were about to fall to the ground, he directly hugged the person.

Then there are many strange sounds around.

Xu Ze frowned and let Mu Chenfeng let go. Mu Chenfeng pressed his ears and breathed out the damp heat: "No, the people here are also stolen. I'm afraid you might get some disease, baby."

"I think it's time for you to take medicine." Why hadn't he discovered that a man was like this before, he was very sick.

"If it's the medicine you gave me baby, even if it is intestinal poison. I will take the medicine." Mu Chenfeng showed evil spirits in his eyes.

Xu Ze turned his head, too lazy to care about this person.

"Go in." Many people inside were waiting for them.

Mu Chenfeng raised his head, his expression changed instantly, becoming solemn and cold, as if it were not warm with fire.

Mu Chenfeng hugged Xu Ze and stepped into Heming Mountain Villa. Someone had waited long ago. Seeing the two came, when he found that Mu Chenfeng was not alone, he was still holding one in his hand, and his face was shocked. Then he reduced his expression.

The two were then led into the villa.

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