Quick Transmigration: The Villains Sweet Wife Chapter 359

Chapter 359: Don't Make Trouble Son 1

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The scarlet figure seemed to have a low laugh, as if possessing the ability to control everything, "You can only make a mistake once, Kwon Nai, this time I will take it personally, but next time..."

"The memory of that idiot has been erased."

Before the words were over, Kwon-na seemed to hear the explosion of the entire world, and a faint blue light peeled from the world, blending with the blood.

I dont know how long it took, the white light disappeared, and the scene in front of me changed drastically. The beautiful and picturesque gardens were covered by red joy.

"Worship the world--"

"Second worship Gaotang"

"Husband and wife worship"

Kwon Na was biting his back teeth, and a dark aura was brewing in his deep eyes, as if he could see the blood of killing from inside, but the corners of his mouth were still cocked.

Want to imprison her forever?




Host! !

I don't know how many times Jie Jiao shouted before Kwon Nai heard it.

She regained her consciousness and looked at everything around her.

Kneeling in front of a pair of newlyweds in red wedding dresses, and a group of guests beside them.


It doesn't seem to be her knot.

Then she sits in this position...


Kwon Nai asked with disgust, "Am I the fuck?"

[Uh, uh.

"Why are they looking at me so surprised?" Kwon-na couldn't help wondering if there was something on her face. She touched her lips, "Could it be that I am too beautiful?"


[You know that the look in your eyes just now seemed to kill everyone present.

Irreversible hostility was glowing all over his body, and it dissipated in an instant.

Discipline: Co-authoring can also be retracted freely.

[You... know the plot?

Ever since Kwon Nai knew that he was the bridegroom official and his mother, even his smile was full of love.

It can be regarded as opening up a new professional smirk.

"do not know."

[Then you are inexplicable, so scared that I thought you were possessed.

The tone of morality, I feel that I have completely forgotten the things of the previous world.

Kwon Nae was like a okay person.

After all, that neuropathy extracting other people's memories is like playing around.

At this time, the bridegroom officer looked at her with complicated eyes, pursed his slightly dry lips, and looked away.

Kwonna: "..."

How do I feel cold behind my back.

After finally waiting for some tedious etiquette to end, Kwon Nai lay on the bed with his sore body on his back, "This time I am quite old and my physical fitness is not as good as when I was young."

[Your body is eighteen years old.

[Eighteen is like this, what can I do when I get old?

Shamelessly dismantled Kannaa.




Just when Jie Cao thought that Kwon Nai was going to ask something, she suddenly rolled around on the bed a few times, "So I am still eighteen and one flower?"


[You better shut up and accept the information.

The original owner was named Sheng Ruan. She was a rare infatuated little girl who was forced to marry the protagonist Duan Liuyun because of her poor family. His father became the second room.

I thought that this life would have passed, until Sheng Ruan saw Duan Liuyun, and the two quickly fell in love.

After discussing how to elope, the male protagonist his father and his mother disappeared inexplicably when they went out for business.

Duan Liuyun was desperate.

Sheng Ruan is also a person who doesn't understand customs, guarding courtesy, justice and shame, thinking that only after marriage can be intimacy, Duan Liuyun feels bored, and soon gets tired of it.

So he obeyed his father's order and married Zhu Jiu'an, the Zhu family's lady who had been ordered by the baby before.

That was their wedding just now.

Later, Sheng Ruan looked at the beloved person without himself in his heart every day, sad and drunk.

Once she was drunk, and when she woke up the next day, she saw her clothes fall to the ground with Duan Liuyun lying next to her.

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