Quick Transmigration: The Villains Sweet Wife Chapter 360

Chapter 360: Don't Make Trouble Son 2

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The original owner was a little girl, and she didn't know what to do with this sudden situation. She was crying while holding the quilt.

After Duan Liuyun was awakened by crying, there was no extra look on his face, and he put on his clothes and left without saying anything.

Later, Duan Liuyun stayed in the original master's house day after day like venting. After Zhu Jiuan discovered it, he even frantically wanted to accept the original master as a concubine.

The original owner was condemned by his conscience and had a mental breakdown, but he wanted to escape but was caught by Duan Liuyun and continued to torment.

The original owner lives on the verge of falling all day.

The fortunes were not good, the Duan family's business was not as good as day after day, and even relying on the Zhu family to manage it reluctantly. At that time, Duan Liuyun naturally knew the current affairs and didn't dare to say anything anymore.

After Zhu Jiuan gained power, he quickly solved the original owner with a sharp knife and chopped her into eight pieces and threw her to feed the wolf.

Duan Liuyun and Zhu Jiu'an can also be regarded as a double for life, and they have grown old.

[Your target is Mu Yishi, a distant relative of the Duan family.

Don't look at him now, he will be the imperial order officer in another year.

Kwon Nai sat at the table full of hot food and gobbled it up, "Related relatives far away? How far is it?"


I thought about it carefully.

[It's like Duan's family is in the North Pole, and he is in the South Pole.

Kwon Nai finally swallowed a mouthful of meat, as if choking, hurriedly poured a cup of tea to drink, "No wonder."

[No wonder what?

"No wonder he didn't take charge of Duan's family after that."

Kwonna patted himself and sighed, the makeup and hair accessories that had been removed were scattered on the table.

She has long black hair that reaches her waist, her figure is exquisite and elegant, her hands are soft and her skin is like fat.

The ruddy face was covered with a layer of laziness, quite a bit of a deep boudoir, soft and beautiful posture.

After eating and drinking, Kwon-na stretched out, red lips overflowing with a cat-like voice, and his wet eyes were so soft as to talk.


No one is there now, who is this woman acting for?

But it didn't notice that the tiles on the roof seemed to move.

A faint curve formed at the corner of Kwonna's mouth, and he turned over and hugged the quilt and continued to sleep.

"It's not good, it's not good, madam!"

The maid outside knocked on the door like a walker.

Listening to the voice seems to be quite anxious.

The voice of the girl caught the awkward circle after being awakened, "Come in."

"Madam, Master and Madam... They have something wrong..." The maid's voice became smaller and smaller.

"Newlywed Yaner, what happened?"

Kwon Na didn't seem to have the intention to get up, half-closed a pair of blurred eyes, looking at her as if he was out of the way.

"The young master refused to share the room with the young lady, and left... and left, the young lady was crying out of breath, and it seemed that... people were not feeling well.

Kwon Nae raised an eyebrow and waved his hand, "Go tell Duan..."

She didn't finish speaking, as if thinking of something, she rolled her eyes and her pupils unclearly, and then she said, "I'll be over."

It was already dark, and the two maids were carrying lanterns one after the other, so that the road could barely be seen clearly.

Unexpectedly, before the newlyweds were put in the house, the bridegroom officer ran into him with a hip flask.

Duan Liuyun tried to look at Quan Nai with his eyes wide open, then rolled his eyes to look at the two maids, and said to them, "Go down."

With a hoarse tone, drunk.

Kwon-na winked at them, and the two of them retreated.

Duan Liuyun: "A Ruan, I..."

Kwon Nai looks like a loving mother and caring for her child, keeping a distance from him all the time, "Liuyun, hurry back, leave the bride alone on the wedding night, how do you let others see her?"

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